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Is it Fibro or is it CO2 Poisoning?

Hi All,

Just back from a few days holiday at the seaside. Not the best holiday but I did notice my pains subsided during the course of the week. This has led me to question things.

I looked up CO2 Poisoning from household appliances and from car fumes. Guess what? The symptoms are very similar to Fibro. I am not saying we are all suffering from CO2 poisoning but thought it may be a good idea to suggest we all get Carbon Monoxide detectors in the home and you could even test the car (internally) for levels of CO2

Just a suggestion. Take care everyone.

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Would be a good thing to get we have one in the room where the boiler is in its cupboard it beeps for fire and shouts when there's carbon monoxide present and we have fire alarms in other places too... Yes I am paranoid about being in a fire..... Fortunately the nearest we have got to them being heard apart from weekly testing is when I set the hall one off with my awful cooking.... Which explains why OH does almost all cooking. We don't have a car or I am sure I would fit one in their too

VG x


I think you make a good point and now the weather is getting so much colder it is something to be aware of. We have a chemical sticker near the boiler, it changes colour if it detects C02 in the air. Like VG I have a habit of setting off the smoke alarms...they seem to get tested whenever I make toast! All best wishes to you. Jane x


The stuff I have been reading about is low levels that are not always detected by some of these monitors because they are set to an high level of around 200ppm when it only takes about 35ppm to cause nerve and brain damage over long term exposure.

I am going to ask for a blood test I think. This is what one of the sites recommended.


Please let us know the results



It sound quite feasible for some people but as I live near the sea I cant say that I have noticed the difference in pain levels when visiting a town, I do agree that the symptoms are far worse in the cold winter months, will be interested in the results of your test, gentle (((((hugs))))) Kim


Great Idea, thanks my Fybro friend.


Got a great deal on detectors today from Argos. A pack of two for £26.95


I actually live in a seaside town and must say that my symptoms are much better in the summer. Good luck, any trials are positive.


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