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Scratch scratch no no

Suffering from itching today seems to be general as soon as I have scratched my arms it moves to my chest and back. \that sorted it starts on my tummy then back to my hands . I wash every where cool and it stops. then it is off again my eyes- This is a stupid side effect we could do with out and yet there seems to be no answer antihistamines still dont touch it. Right so now I shall occupie my hands by typing ! Be positive mind over matter - I mind and it matters lol The rain has gone now but it is as grey as night ! Has anyone found a remedy for the itching? Do let me know even if it is temporary I have tried calamine lotion and anthisan to name but a few. Think I will chop my nails of next and file them down ! It will keep me occupied. :) itchy gin

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Put some rubber gums on lol

Its awful when its there. And very true matter and mind hehe everyone will think errr

Just start shaking your head and acting nutty gins lol.

Well if you already tried things what can i day ?!?

Sudocrem or eurax, E45

I use Sudocrem since its a brand name for babies some relief is better than none, failing that your pharmacy for help atleast you can just walk in without making appointments and waiting in Dr surgery and pharmacies now have private rooms too.

Nothing worse in a pharmacy when you want to question something that may not need a Dr and you hid in a corner trying to whisper!.

I did pharmacy for 8yrs and its a great idea now for the personal things!

You will have to lay in damp cloths :-/

Bless hope it relieves itself sooon xxxxxx


can you do any crafty hobby ?

i have chunky crochet hooks for my hands you can try taking your mind off things ..

i would check out with gp as well just in case its not a side effect ..but the phamist is is also a good place to ask what cream would work for you x

gentle dyslexic hugs


You need to check with your GP, Gins, as itching can be a symptom of liver problems - common enough amongst people who have to take a lot of medication!

In the mean time. Eurax is the best cream I know of to stop itching, and gently sponging with cool water will help also.

Scratching, as I'm sure you know, just makes it worse, so if you have a really bad spot, apply an ice-pack for a few minutes - works wonders!

Soothing hugs .... Moffy x


I find that eating chocolate makes me itch so maybe you have an allergy, try some tests, I still eat chocolate occasionally but with the knowledge that the itching will follow. Belgium choc causes me less itching. Good luck


Thanks every one I believe the arthritis med may be the culprit will be good and check with Doc next time I go in . Your suggestions are most welcome hugs x gins


if all medically checks out try this - I get very itchy back where I cannot reach. I have one of those £1 hairbrushes that have rubber/plastic tipped brush bits [foggy head]. It has a long handle and is perfect as it eases the itch but doesn't harm my skin - bliss!


Thanks sandra99b brilliant idea ! x gins


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