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Deck the halls with boughs of Holly!

Get your decs ready make lit its Christmas. If you fancy make a fuss it is the only time of the year you can go over the top.

Dont forget to have a wreath on your front door - I used to teach florists how to make them or a few twigs of holy and a lovely bow look equally good.

One thing about not being a florist for 14 years now my hands stay clean ! They used to be furrowed and grooved from the water and the work / dirt. Very dirty job. Very cold.

I have a gorgeous bunch of teasels infront of me they are covered in glitter and interspersed with holy and silver bows. Pretty and sparkly.

I gave up floristry as my hands became worse and worse.

have fun xgins

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As I have mentioned before I live on a small estate of bungalows surrounded mainly by pensioners who are really lovely but boy are they active... We put our tree in the front window on dec 1st ... First person in the road to do so , so I felt very superior being so organised. yesterday it stopped raining suddenly every pensioner was out of their bungalows with step ladders ..... Jaw drops nearly every house has a tree in the window , garden Christmas ornaments and tons of lights hanging form the roof, merry Christmas signs flashing, I swear our tree nearly cried... I know I nearly did to see these active people 20 years at least older than me, this is when the fibro me always gets a pang of jealousy of what I should be doing .... Ah well I least I can look out of the window at night and see a lovely festive road

VG x :)


You have a lovely bunch of Teasels? Are they like decorated weasels, measles, easels,

What is this word of which you speak..... I am totally floristry illiterate,


Or are you trying to sing to us in fibrese in which case it shold be,

I,ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts , La la la la la la la la la,

VG x


I must be soooo prety how lovely all sparkly luv it xgins


are they like thistles or sticky-bobs?



Yes teasel is a thistle looking thinga me bob -they used to tease the wool out with them they are usually found on the side of the roads. It is now illegal to pick them but I grow my own in the garden they are like small spicky hedgehogs!

:) xgins


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