Fantastic alcohol replacement

For 7 years now no alcohol has passed my lips. However, a couple of weeks ago I tried a non-alcoholic drink called 'Bavaria' 0% beer/lager. It tastes just like continental bottles of beer/lager and I add just a drop of lime.

It's so refreshing to be able to go out with friends and not be drinking orange juice or tonic all night. As you know there's only so much of these soft drinks you can take in a night, aren't there?.

So if you miss the occasional tipple because of the effects alcohol has on your condition or you can't mix it with your medication or even if you just fancy a change from soft drinks why not try this? You're guaranteed a lovely taste and no hangover! Bavaria also make a shandy by that is 0.1% alcohol. I haven't tried it but I hope it lives up to the standard of its bottled beer/lager.

Hope this helps.

S x

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  • Mmmm, I love a shandy, so I will try this!

    I do have an occasional tipple, tho' I know I shouldn't, as I take mega-doses of tramadol.

    I've never noticed any ill effects from one or two measures of alcohol, but I couldn't drink all night, even if i wasn't taking anything - I should be uncontrollable! :O

  • Mmm, these drinks sound very nice.

    Must try them sometime.

    Bibi x

  • Looks at moffy and you would be different how???

    I have given up trying to control moffy


  • Sorry if I appear rude Very-Grumpy, but please translate your post as I have no idea at all what this means.

    S x

  • Moffy said she would be uncontrolable if she drank alcohol all night ... I said how would that be different she is uncontrolable now.... It's humour... Sorry if you didnt get it... Moffy did..

    VG :D

  • Thank you. It's just as I couldn't see the name 'Moffy' anywhere I thought it was slang for something. Never mind. C'est la vie. S x

  • VG and I are rude to each other each and every day - we love it - it's all that keeps us going, and I'm the 'Moffy' in question!

    Moffy x :D

  • I'm glad you found this and shared it.I've known this beer for some years and it is available at most supermarkets,I just never thought to share it.

    My husband drinks it as he needs more fluids than normal due to cancer.It really is so useful for many people.Good luck to you all with your alcohol free lives.

  • 7 years - really well done.At least now you wont feel 'the odd one out'. x

  • Nice one, might try this. Becks Blue is another good one by the way :)

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