I'm having a virtual party all welcome!

I'm having a virtual party all welcome!

the theme is pantomime fancy dress - where anything is possible!

I've been learning to fly all week with magical oofle dust that sooty gave me.

it's not as easy as it looks being weightless - but I'm getting the hang of it! :D

I'm in my pink sparkly frock with gossamer wings and I'm Tinkerbell - but you can call me tink! :)

so pick out your outfit and bring a bottle and some nibbles - I've made pimms and my famous cucumber sarnies :P

we've got the jacuzzi warming up and the christmas music ready.

The party is virtual so you can be there for hours but really only minutes pass in the real world. Everyone is pain-free and as young, fit and good looking as they want to be -excuse me a second [ - noI'm not julia roberts brad pitt! stop it!] - right I'm back, you don't get drunk or fat here so fill your boots" :P

see you soon,

Enjoy :)

tink x

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  • Oooh Tink how marvelous I shall go and look through my enormouse cupboards to find a outfit that will grace your pantomime party I shall return oh

    I didnt say Iam Madam Twanky from the Glorioso restaurant in town of course I am a widow but I am voluptuous and available hhhe ee chuckles of stage right .

  • Ooohh I should have said call me Gloria well call me anytime if you like!

  • hi glo welcome :)

  • Thanks Sandra :)

    Very funny gins :)

    LOL okay I make a good elf ;)

    ...............well santa thought so! heheheheh! :D :D :D

  • just what I need right now actually, excellent distraction :D

    where are all our playmates?

    ................ boing boing boing ..................... looking...................


    quick before san's sarnies all go :O

  • a boinging elf, how wonderful!

  • Just picking up my friend .. She is peter pans sister Wendy .. I am the Queen of hearts not panto but I really like to be different and in command !!!!! See you all soon ,bring lots of fairy dust Tink , we sure all could do with some xx

    Question .... How do I put a photo on here

  • Hi Aura, it seems that we can only put pictures in when we are composing a post, you put in title, then write what you want and then there's a box saying image, which you can use to add a picture. I wish we were able to put them in the body of our posts but it doesn't seem possible at the moment :-(

    Hope this helps a bit :-)

    Foggy x

  • excellent :)

  • I think my role would have to be Daisy, the pantomime cow :-) Mooooooooo Mooooooooooo :o

  • anyone seen my beans?

  • I make a good back end of a cow - my destined path in life!

  • Exactly my thought about me Glenys ;-)

  • Thanks fibrofoggiest .. I have tried to put it on ..

  • You are welcome, I do wish they could make it possible to include pictures in the body of the text, it would be so handy :-)

    Foggy x

  • me too

  • I think I missed the party :-( . I couldn't find my fairy wings and I have searched everywhere for them.



  • never too late! come on in :D

  • H ithere sorry im late im coming as widow twanky, then I can come in my jim jams dressing gown and slippers.Must not forget my rolling pin.Trouble I cant remember who Im surposed to hit with it so evrey one had better watchout.By the way Im bringing half a gallon of mead. So we could all end up slightly tipsy see you soon sue

  • can i be missus spanky, widow twankys even more voluptuous sister, fighting for prince charmings hand in marriage!

  • only if you tell your sister it should be a comedy rolling pin! she's clonking everyone with a marble one :D

    I'm not tellinghr she says she's bringing Lee Mead from "Joseph" !! oh mead to drink! come on in...

  • Its the mead thats doing it - gone to her head again.. I didn't get any, had ran out by the time she got on stage. But you do realize its only a wooden rolling pin she has. It feels like marble cos of the Fibro!

  • wow! did you all see the winnie the pooh and tigger joining in the pin the tail on captain hook's crocodile?

    it was micheal buble and jonny depp! that's where I've been all day - under the mistletoe :P


  • I've gone off you! poor Micheal :(

  • me too Foggy................ though he was good as the Phantom :)

  • he was lovely with my Mum.

  • not offended at all. as the old saying goes "if we all liked the same things we'd all eat cheese."

  • Aspects, les mis; passion; or woman in white?

  • anyone know who tweedledum and tweedledee are?

    they keep bombing in the jacuzzi and I've had to re-fill it twice!

    daisy the cow won pin the tail on the crocodile and wendy won best cake - her tutunkamen cake with the hidden motion sensor setting off " I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus" was inspired! although the queen of hearts wants her head! :D

    the cheshire cat seems to have disappeared with a bouncing elf...

    just found out - it's not the tweedles dum & dee; it's widow gloria twanky and her bosums - naughty girl! ;)

  • Pin the tail on the crocodile, now there's a novel idea................ I hope he'd paid a visit to the dentist prior to the entertainment

    :o :o :o. Or was that the penance I had to pay ??? ;-) ;-)

    Foggy x

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