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Forgoit to mention that with my cuppa i will be partaking in a rather large potion of carrot cake that i purchased today ? i know i should nt have but here you go it was on the shelf one min and in my basket the next how could i put it back?

mind you i have hasd a thought i wonder if that is why i am not sleeping/ as carrots are supposed to be good for your eyesight so it makes sense to see your eyes must be open and voila that is the answer too muchcarrot cake keeps you awake

well i will conduct an experiment as cant waste this cake so will jus eat this one and see what happens love to you all diddle xxxxx

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chocolate marshmallow for me just opened the packet, I know Ill eat them all, o well


lol how funny i love them too halvies lol


Ill send send some around for you right away, just thinking how much Id love a nice glass of red wine


well alot of people, would like to answer that lol what you do without me ??? mmmmm quite a few options ther me think !!! anyway thankyou for being so kind and jus give me a quick kick if i step out of line lol we all need that at times love to you and hope that you are better now diddle x


Well Diddle thats the best I have heard yet!!. Carrot cake keeps you awake, hahahaha.

I know things do jump off supermarket shelves into your basket though cos it happens to me all the time with chocolate lol.

Went out with a friend this afternoon and had a slice of coffee and walnut cake and a coffee then called in to see the triplets and they gave me a bag of easter goodies. So far I have only eaten a thorntons rabbit and a packet of thorntons milk dark and white chocolates. Got a few more bits to eat together with a buttons egg and a mini eggs egg but will keep them for another day.

Love Angela x


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