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Does anyone suffer with bad allergies since having fibro?


Last night i had a microwave curry. Ive been in bed all week with a bad flare up asit is but half an hour after eating my tea my face and toungue were swelling up. In the last 2 years my allergies have been out of control, ive never had them before. Now its food, makeup, animals, plants, shampoo, the sun...sometimes i dont even know what has caused them. Thanx for reading... becky x

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Hi miss boo, yes, I think my allergies have increased. I only used to have mild asthma, but that has worsened too & loads more things aggravate it too. Sorry to hear you're suffering becky, I'm beginning to wonder if fibro is causing the allergies, or if the allergies are upsetting the fibro?

Gentle Hugs, Julie xxx

Thanx for replying julie..ive just been on the google site, there arevalot of pages on fibro and allergies, so yes looks like they are connected. asthma isalso alot worse. Especially at night time. Oh dear..what a heap we are...xx

Hi miss_boo

I am so sorry to read that you are having allergy problems and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

I have lots of allergies since having Fibro, my latest is lactose intolerance which started just before Christmas. I often feel like I have something sticking in my throat and breathing problems after eating. I have been given medications for this from my GP.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hiya ken..good grief im glad i dont have that. I would be so frifrightened. Its one thing after another isnt it. Hope ur medication helps. My gp makes me take one lorretadine a day, its not enough sometimes though, but im going back to the pain clinic again soon, so hoping they will be able to help more. Thanx for the reply ken x

Morning Miss Boo with fibro/cfs I am sure we get more ,

I have found I have a wheat allergy that I did not have before Fibro. My daughter has CFS very similar and she started with parika allergy and it is in everything now she has wheat and lactose intolerant so as our immune systems weaken we are more open to infections and intolerance of substances.

Take care keep smiling at least you can still eat chocolate :)


miss_boo in reply to Ginsing

Its crazy....fibro seems to affect everything. Just wish they could help us more. It gets really frustrating.

Ur right though....chocolate!!! Good job, ive got a box waiting for me to greet it for mothers day lol...take care. HavHave a lovely day tomorrow xx

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