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Weight loss so difficult

Since been unwell the past 22mths, I have gained 2 stone. :-( Not happy..Tried so hard to lose it, but its like a catch 22.I do some excerise then I am worn out for days. Just in the middle of a sleep study, and I have just been back to hospital for appointment. Dr's think its Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, another thinks its Fibromyalgia...I am so confused. Because my weight is an issue, they are saying all this pain and fatigue could be just down to my weight!!!

Some days are better than others, I know I should lose the weight, I dont drink alcohol, eat lots of fruit and veg. Drink loads of water, but it is the excerise that I find hard......I am going to go swimming, seen how that goes.I really want to be my old self again.

Jan x

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awww I am exactly same I used to be a size 10 now 14 - 12. I have started swimming with a friend who supports me in the water helps me in/out pool etc.. but if you can get there and do it go 4 it because I have lost a little since doing it only been 3 weeks its not masses but its some. and clearly your eating well right foods etc so it should slowly go. it will take time but I know what you mean its horrid that feeling of not yourself...... I feel like a frump at times. I try my best tho. chocolates my downfall.

I hope I may have helped but please ensure you don't over do it little and often with swimming is better so your in less pain otherwise you may struggle.

kindest thoughts and regards

Kerryx xxxx

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I have the same problem - have put on close to 4 stone in 2 years..... Some of it is down to the medication - certain meds like pregabalin cause weight gain, and they make it 10x harder to lose any weight. Then of course there's the reduced activity, the depressed chocolate eating and the boredom snacking....!

I found that swimming was not good for me - it pulled on my back whenever I swam more than a length. I felt like I couldnt really exercise without causing pain. But recently I have done a 3 week residential pain management programme - focusing on coping with pain. We started with gentle stretches on day 1 and by the end day were doing more strengthening exercises and aerobic exercises - of course at a lower intensity level than a non-fibro sufferer would do. (They even videoed us doing activities on Day 1 and Day 15 to show a clear improvement in mobility). I still cant do the swimming, but instead I do all my stretching exercises in the water at the side of the pool, the buoyancy feels lovely and helps with the stretching. Anyway, it helped me so I thought i'd share.

Good luck :)


ive put on a stone i got a treadmill and started walking fast rather than running was doing well now my back and hip are so painful i cant use it anymore, wasnt to go swimming but the local pools are way too cold for me i seem to seize up in the cold and private pools too expensive , i dont seem to have the exhaution that i used to get since being diagnosed with obs sleep apnea and wear a mask while sleeping its so frustrating head wants to get up and do stuff but body wont let me


Over the last couple of years my weight increased as I cannot exercise (well not and do anything for about a week). Comfort eating didn't help. Finally at the end of May I realised if I was going to lose weight I would have to do it by food alone and not exercise. I was in a good place mentally, which is important I think.

I started doing the well known diet that uses points, using the online app as I won't go to meetings and I can do it on my iPad on the sofa and not need to turn my computer on. I even added things like a cup of tea, a milk coffee or regular dinners I have so I don't have to find each ingredient. Being tired all the time, this means less work to keep track (eg a few less presses on the screen and not too much concentration required).

What I've learned is that even when I was eating healthily before, my portion sizes were far too big. What you get is a daily allowance of points and a weekly allowance. I use all of my daily ones and none of my weekly ones. Since the end of May I have lost 22lbs and I am feeling better in myself.

Please note, my fibromyalgia remains the same, but my clothes aren't so tight and it's been nice seeing my chin again :)

It is difficult to lose weight and I realise the above may not work for everyone. I think with fibromyalgia though, to lose weight through exercise alone would be difficult if not impossible as we have flare ups and can't keep it doing it week after week as our bodies won't let us.

I hope I don't sound as if I'm preaching. This comment is really just to say how I have begun to lose weight. I still have a long way to go...

Pip xx


Hi All

Must agree, my weight has gone from 11. 7 up to nearly 15 stone, all due to lack of exercise and medication, am unable to exercise due to pain and getting so frustrated at the weight gain.

We are trying a new food regime with lots of things that are good for you but hopefully not so fattening. lots of all natural vitamins and iron etc. so hope it works.

Take care and kindest regards



Thank you all for your replies, I am going to go swimming and cut out snacking.....this is difficult and it wont be easy, however I really want to be more healthy. Just finished a sleep study, been like this now for 22mths. Saw Register yesterday said it may be chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.However because my BMI is 41......this is just because of the weight gain....He said it could just be my weight that has caused this.....I was not happy when he just seamed to blame my weight, 22mths ago I did not weigh what I am now.

Thanks again to you all for help and understanding.

Jan xx


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