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Can fibro cause numbness down your legs

I have had 2 opps on my back, got 3 diseased dics & spondylosis of the spine as well as FM but the last couple of months I have been getting numbness spreading down my legs when I have been walking around. It's comes and goes. I've been to the dr's & been given more meds and asked to give it a month to see if it settles down again before they reffer me to get another MRI scan done. I dont know what to do? I certainly dont want anymore opps but if it is the fibro then nothing would show up and I would feel like I'm wasting nhs time and money :( xx

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Yes I have fibro and I get numbness , however that doesn't mean to say it is. I would still get it checked and hey u r not wasting time and money there is obviously something going on whether it's fibro or something else . It's always best to be sure

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Yes i get that as well as other day cramp in my left carf muscle


Lol it's crazy the stuff that happens to us isn't it . Everyday is different


Dont know about fibro but I have numbness regularly in my leg but I put it down to sciatica but is that the same as spondylosis


Sciatica is just nerve pain down the legs, spondylosis is a form of arthritis which causes eneven wear & tear to the base of your spine, causing a lot of pain and stiffness. I suffer with both cos Im greedy lol xx

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thanks for the clarification


I have had a back surgery for herniated disks and the numbness and sciatica stopped for 6 months and i developed fibro and it started again they did mri's but it didn't show any reason for back pain, numbness and sciatica to return I have had every injection and PT, and a neurostimulator Implant which worked well during the 5 day trial and 5 days after implantation when stop She when back in and repaired it but it never helped after that and in December 5 months later it failed again and now it has to be removed. I still have the pain, numbness and sciatica off and on to the point where I have to use a power chair. So my new Pain Dr. told me it is a part of the fibro. xxx


Hi glassback

I am so sorry to read that you are feeling so poorly at the moment, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the problem. I genuinely hope that you do not need more operations, but please do not worry about wasting NHS funds, as you have an equal right to fair treatment(s) just as much as anybody else does!

I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

Ken x


Morning Glassback,

My goodness you have been through the mill havent you. I ealise how agrating it is after ops etc to find something else is not working properly. I am sending you a bucket full of gentle hugs to help.

The numbness could be fibro or something else and you know it is better to be checked out and the we at least know what it is. That can make you feel so much better just acknowledgeing it instead of wondering what is it. So the Docs are where you go ! Remember we are only Fibro sufferers we do not have medical back grounds just our own experiances !

Take care my friend rest and elevate your leg



Yes i get it most of the time and a few days ago cramp in my left carf muscle boy that hurt



I'd say go with the Doc.. If nothing shows on the MRI (if needed after the next few weeks) then at least you have peace of mind re your back.

I have some damaged discs and slight spinal stenosis along with Fibro & CFS/ME diagnosis and sometimes I find myself questioning which and what, or overlap causes my pain, numbness, weakness etc. Each Consultants blames the other condition so fab yours doc is taking things separately .

Fingers crossed your tingling settles hun xx


Gosh you sound to be in a worse state than me hun, sending gentle hugs to you too. I am actually going to the dr's tomorrow, I have discovered today some loss of control of my bladder, very scary!!

But I know what you mean about the questioning which and what and also about being passed from one proffession to the next because no one knows what to do with us :(

Hope things settle for you too hun xx


Hi Glassback,

Good to hear back from you and thanks for the hugs.

Sometimes do us peeps alot of unwanted upset not always taking the bull by the horns (so to speak) and passing us around.

You must discuss bladder issues with the Dr. hun as can be affected by spinal probes (sure you know).

Just curious if anyone has referred you for a head MRI also as some conditions have such alot of similar symptoms. Hope you don't mind me mentioning.

For me one of the biggest self benefits was my acceptance of my condition and the lifestyle changes.

Lots of luck at the Dr's xx


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