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As with all communities there are guidelines that all members show be aware of and should be mindful when posting to ensure the content is suitable. I thought I would post as they have been a few newcomers to the community which are most welcome indeed. However, this a quick reminder to ask if you could please all take time to familiarise yourselves with the guidelines, it would be appreciated.

Here is the link to the FibroAction guidelines,


Recent discussions on the forum have contained links which are not allowed as stated in guideline 10. If you need to relay information such as website links to products & services please use the private message facility, as it otherwise could be see as promotion.

To use the private message (PM) facility you can click on the members name for instance 'mdaisy' in my case and under the avatar (picture) you will find a yellow button saying 'send a message'.

For you reference here is the HealthUnlocked Guidelines link is below


If you ever need to look at these guidelines the links can be found to the right of the screen

Thank You for reading & for participating in the community taking into account all the guidelines to make it a pleasant place to talk to others about all aspects we all face when living with Fibromyalgia.

Best Wishes


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  • Thank you mdaisy, for the information I will take that into account when I next post on here, I hope I haven't said things that I shoudnt have but if I have I do apologise, aisha x

  • But I think the new research about fibro link was relavant and really useful. Didn't you?. I think some give or take needed at times so others can pass on important info about new research. Even if people have to send it through first to be OK'd before its posted. Just an idea. Thanks... Stressedok.

  • Umm we are not commenting on that link .... Guideline 10 is about people posting weblinks for commercial products for their own gain or others posting for them ..any advertising for profit for someone on here is against HU guidelines....

    Hope that helps

    VG x

  • Aww, that's awful innit?? Why would anyone want to do that?? We're just simple souls who like to chat to fellow fibromites! I hope I haven't misguidedly done this before? I know I've mentioned a few brand names, is that OK?? XXXX

  • That's fine unless you happen to own the brand :).. I have mentioned brands and books etc that have been of help but I didnt gain anything from it ... Guideline 10 is specifically aimed at people who come on here and advertise their own product and make money from it ...we have had a few in the last couple of months .. Some useful... some not so... But we have to treat all the same and say you can't advertise your own product as its against HU rules

    Hope that helps

    VG x

  • Dear All,

    Please accept this message in the way it was intended, to be a general message to all and to kindly mention exactly what VG has explained. This post is to ask the community to please refresh their memory of the guidelines and a post is the easiest way.

    I would like to kindly ask you to understand that any blogs written by any FibroAction volunteer would never be referring to an individual or individuals. It was merely to mention to all that some of the guidelines, for instance guideline 10 may need to be read again to be fresh in your minds.

    By the way the guidelines do get updated regularly, so this is another reason for you all to please read them every so often.

    I look forward to reading more blogs today maybe as the weekend was quiet here in our community

    Best Wishes

    Emma x

  • Many thanks for this. I am familiarising myself with rules and regs as being new I am probably making mistakes. If I ma please let me know and I will address issues immediately. Thank you.

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