Benefits & Work 'Self Tests' for ESA & PIP

Hello fellow FibroAction community members ! :)

I wondered if the following links to the Benefits & Work site, where you can use a 'self test' for ESA & PIP might be of help.

Here's the links;

If you need to email me about benefits please do,

Sending you all the strength possible to keep fighting for the positive result from your claim that we ALL deserve due to the impact of our debilitating condition Fibro

Best Wishes

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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  • hi Emma I can't get on to the site x

  • Hi Mdaisy

    Thank you so much for this it will really come in useful.

    Hope that you are having a wonderful pain free day?

    Ken x

  • Hi ther a went on lastnite and tryd it the thing is most of the questions score a high score and qualifie most of the question more or unless mean u cannot do anything unaided ..witch I think is going to. Very hard for people who live alone and don't have a Good family support network or help from enyone els ..I live alone with my son with fibro I don't have a chose but to get up take him to skool or make a dinner ..and am in pain everyday and every in els that comes with fibro .....I have to struggle on xx

  • Something else that has been valuable to me, in my time of being a disibilty rights advocate, is the Disability Rights Handbook 38th addition 2013 2014, It can be purchased from Disability Rights UK.

    It's quite expensive but if your in receipt of certain benefits, you can get it half price. It outlines all benefits and show's you how many points awarded for each activity.

  • Hi, got to say I fully agree with Karma. The disability rights handbook is a book we all should have at hand. This book has helped us win arguments with housing and council tax problems.


  • i scored 63 points in total! but i done my form in december, it was the limited capability for work as my husband had been getting income support for me. my daughter filled it in for me. also i done the pip test & scored highest rate on both care & mobility but i can't apply for pip as im waiting for a date for tribunal for dla both components x

  • i filled an esa 50 form in before xmas asking for them to look at it regarding my health changing they said they had lost it when i fooned on jan in feb i rang again as i had recieved another esa50 form i rang atos 3 times only to be told i didnt need to fill it in as i had already filled one in and they were sending me for a medical so i didnt fill forms in as i rang then 3 times to confirm as to whether i should fill in or not being told no each time this morning i got a letter saying i only had till 7th to send back i panicked and rang atos help line they said i had been told wrong and that i do need to fill in again as im trying to get onto the support group i need help now filling it in as writing is my problem as holding pen and my arms have got soooooo bad dont know who to turn to now for help and im feeling so sick wondering what to do also my work programme as told me my esa money will stop in sept what do i do for money im on my own with no savings

    please help thanks xxx

  • Hello Basketcase54,

    Please do not panic as it could impact on your symptoms of Fibro. You can complete your form online so you can type the answers in and then print the form out. This will help as you find it difficult writing due to pain, however you must remember to date & sign the declaration.

    Here's the link to download the ESA50;

    Please email us at FibroAction as we can provide you with information which may help, Please see link below;

    I look forward to your email

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Been turned down for DLA after asked to be looked into again so now I'm going for appeal got my form ready I'm not sure what else to send? Got Harc and soical services involed now cos I'm in pain finding it hard to even get up in the mornings they sent me a letter but made me feel like a lier and everything been twisted I have lumber spondotsis osteoarthritis osteitis pubis and fibromyalgia how can people have to be made to feel like nothing

  • I was surprised how I sort of fell into getting ESA. I went to my Dr and said my FM symptoms were really not good and he signed me off. I had stopped being self employed 6 months before. I thought it amusing he had signed me off, for what? I rang the number on the sick note he gave me and they filled in a form over the phone and I was surprised to start getting £70 odd a week (contributions based) after 6 months I was automatically put into the support group and now receive over £100 pw this will continue until 26th Jan 15 or unless a miracle happens. I have to go to my Dr every 3 months to get a certificate. But ALWAYS send it signed for. Don't know what happens after this but will wait and see. Just remember, negative thoughts will worsen your symptoms. X

  • Hi Ken,

    Is it true that all the sickness benefits are 'means-tested'??

    I have not claimed any, but had hoped to. I understand if you have savings of more than £16k you have to live , is this true?

    What is the difference between ESA and PIP please?

  • Hi Mdaisy, just noted this thread from the Fibro link,,,,,,,,,,I have not worked for years as a result of my Fibro,,,,,,,,I have to say my GP never mentioned I could claim any benifits,

    I will look into the links you have supplied, thanks !

  • Must add, like JeannieMc I thought sickness bendfit was means tested,,,,,,,,,,,,,I see no one has answered her post,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Hello Cheesedoff,

    Welcome to the FibroAction Community!

    Please can I provide you with these links to further information which will answer help answer all your questions. For advice into what you can apply for please make an appointment with your local Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) as they can discuss your personal information in more detail and advise which benefits you are eligible for.

    PIP stands for Personal Independence Payment and is not means tested, please see link;

    ESA stands for Employment & Support Allowance and is income related, please see links;

    I hope this helps, please see our website for other useful information about benefits & Fibro.

    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Good morning Mdaisy, thank you for such a quick response :-)

  • Hi, I've got my assessment on 14th after it got cancelled . The people who are coming are from Capita not Atos I applied for PIP back in Feb 14, has anyone had assessment for pip, n how did you get on. Its so frustrating I'm on my own so I have to do things for myself but the pain doing everyday tasks is horrendous, xx gentle hugs xx

  • i won my case yesterday at the tribunal hearing and i got a letter back this morning that my esa was allowed from 08/07/2013 and i will get all my money backdated from that date from dwp.

  • Our mdaisy ty ty ty a really helpful tool for us all x

  • Hi Emma you must think me daft but what is pip?

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