Having a pre Christmas Dinner party with friends? Or organising a Christmas work do ?

Having a pre Christmas Dinner party with friends? Or organising a Christmas work do ?

Would you and your friends consider fundraising for FibroAction by having a dinner party and using Dinner4good?

Or would your work colleagues give a little bit extra to a charitable cause at their Christmas do? Or the restaurant you are dining at may give you a discount on your meals which you could use to donate to FibroAction ! Or the boss may be able to donate some funds from the company itself in this giving season ?!

HINT - What a easy way to organise the event too ! whether at home or a work do !

It is all there is an easy format to invite everyone you would like to and they can RSVP easily too !

Take the stress out of organising the Christmas get together this year !

Here's how it works;


You're guests can donate the amount they can afford and if they click for Gift Aid this will be added too !

Have a dinner party or a Christmas party and have a giggle whilst knowing you've raised funds for a good cause in the process ! :)

Or we could even organise a Virtual Christmas Dinner where we could all give a £1 or £2, if we have a large enough group we could raise a bit between the over 8,500 members we have!


What an amazing Christmas Gift this would be to FibroAction from our community! Plus it might be a very funny post ! :D No pressure just an idea :)

Any help to Fundraise is gratefully received. Thank You :)

Message from Lindsey Middlemiss, Founder of FibroAction.



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  • Hi Emma,

    The Virtual Dinner party is a brilliant idea we could try and get all the members to join in! I think it would be marvelous :) You can count me in :) xgins

  • Hi Gins would you like to be in charge of decorating the trees and table centres after all you are marvelous at it ;)

    Yes I'm grovelling :) :D

    HO HO HO!!!

    Foggy's on the menus and cooking

    I'm not sure about myself though, promotions maybe or part of conference and banquetting making sure the tables are laid straight and the waiting staff all neat and tidy :)

    Open for suggestions ;)


  • Wow, what a great idea, I will be staying in a friend's house over Christmas and New Year, so I could take the advantage of having more room and throw a dinner party......... Oooooooowww I'm getting excited already. :D :D :D

    Foggy x

  • Virtual eh!

    I don't mind taking part but it depends when its organised for ;)

    I can't organise that and, Xmas markets and do LONDON part 2

    I haven't organised anything for real yet!!!

    However, I'm open to discussion Emma how would the donating work? maybe we could discuss this tomorrow ? :D I'm all for raising money for FA

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Don't worry someone else may like to organise it maybe? :) as i say no pressure, some people may not want to or have the time yet.... it may have to be a belated News years Bash yet.... just something we could think about. Like you say raising money for FibroAction would be great. :)

  • I was just about to say that with our good ole team work we can acheive anything and Foggy's already asked to do the menu and cooking :D

    See we're off already :D

    HO HO HO!!!


  • Please can I organise the menu and do the cooking please :D :D ?

    Foggy x

  • Yep fine by me :D xx

  • If there are curly wurlies I'm in!

  • I would be delighted to organize the finery and the dressing of the tables when we do it would be good how about 12th night that is the 6th of January

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