Virtual Trips - Are you on board?

Please comment below those who would like to be involved in the virtual trips here in the FibroAction community. As due to a notification problem not all members knew about the last thread 'panto' ...apologies

Ermmmm nobody asked me to be an ugly sister phew!!!

If you could comment below then I will pin this question to the side and when we have a full list we will endeavour to let everyone know a few days before.

Many Thanks

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  • Oooh, yes, a nice virtual trip. I want to visit Santa !



  • you are welcome to come to visit me - oh! oops! you said santa! :D hehehe

  • Yes I've enjoyed the one I was able to go on, although I ont say a great deal, I love to read what people are saying they make me laugh, I never know quite what to say lol, but yes keep them coming they are great and thank you, hope you are feeling a lot better Emma ...gentle hugs...Dee xx

  • you don't have to be bonkers to join in - but it helps! just have fun :)

  • Bonkers? Moi? you bet!!!!!!!

  • Meee three. :D :D

  • Hi Emma

    Please include me, I had a lovely time on the "cruise" :)

    Reading others posts and thinking about making my own makes me smile, long may it continue!

  • hi please count me in i need a holiday

  • You will b very welcome :-) :-)

    Foggy x


    OKAY :O ;) :D :p :D :O

    urm.............................. boing! boing! as one of the cheif organisers of such events It would be rude to leave me out!

    Foggy and I are actually busy discussing and planning the next trip, well researching for it :) so please let me know what is occurring about notifications................. by the way I don't always get them either I just come everyday to check out what's happening :) its either that or I don't know who's replied :o ;) :o

    Due to holidays and ill health of myself and partner in crime Foggy the trips have been put on hold of late so there hasn't been a virtual day trip since the last one I planned which was weeks and weeks ago.................. so no-one has missed one of ours recently :p :D :p

    The next trip which shall be to the Tower of London and the London Eye shall be happening one day this week ........................... to be announced but probably Friday because that is when I'm definitely available all day to conduct a trip!!!!. Due to hospital and doc appointments etc,. it is not always possible to set specific times and dates as we require time to research before hand and appointments are usually 'higgledy piggledy' :o ;) :o

    These trips do involve a lot of behind the scenes activity and depending on how many, if any, assistants that Foggy and I have the trips will sometimes occur randomly but well planned and mentioned frequently on the board during posts etc :p :p :p and notices, nearly, always go up the day before.

    Apologies for the lengthy reply everyone but its no minor feat putting on one of these shows and having only 24 / 48 hours is not long enough for me, Foggy and our minimal team to plan and orchestrate a virtual trip It's very tiring...................... not one of ours anyhoo!!!

    I think 'Farsical Fun Fridays' is a very good idea, well I should do it was mine :) so that's, possibly, a start to the organisational issue at hand.

    Cheers awfully for listening and I'm glad I've had the chance to explain all that as I felt it needed to be made clear from my perspective........... these trips take a lot of energy and are very exhausting :O. BUT ALWAYS GOOD FUN :D


    :) XXXZEBXXX :) Gins you are one of us too xxx

  • Hey you two I thought I was one of the organisers two still very pleased not to be but I will still join in :)

  • You are Gins very much so :p

    I thought you were in charge of theatrics and I was your assistant :o

    I know the day trips were our idea from the onset which is why I said us two........ no offence intended :)

    Help is always required !!! I don't want you feeling left out so I've updated my reply

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Okay Thanks you daft bat boing :)

  • whooooooooosh! boing whoooooooooosh! boing I'm spinning heheheh :D

  • So sorry. I have to miss this trip on Friday. I am having a bone

    marrow draw..I would so much rather be on this trip with..can

    you let me see what it is sometime? =))

  • Emma please put me on the lit thanks :) xxgins

  • Oooooh yes,me too! Most definitely :) I love the trips as I love being silly............rolls on the floor giggling,hehehehehehahahaha, :D They have helped me sooooooo much and I always look forward to them.I can be one of your assistants zeb and foggy,as chief fluffmeister assistant I take my duties very seriously in the fluffie department so would love to be a "virtual trip assistant" as well :)

  • huhuum! already there H heheheheh! LOLOL now I'm whooooooooosh boing whooooooooooosh boining spinning again! heheheh :D xxx

  • Sorry to hear that your pain has been bad,hope your g.p can help you unlike mine :( I really hope you get some relief soon.Can you tell me what the gel is that you use?xxx

  • HELLO everyone I love reading them please put me down gentle hugs all

    love beth xx

  • Thanks Emma, sounds like fun! Something much needed here with me atm!

    Julie xxx

  • Oh me too please! x

  • Great, if we know who wants to be involved maybe we can our best to involve everyone.

    However it may be hard to please all of the people all of the time , there may need to be two teams or something maybe ? I will discuss with everyone as Zeb as said herself & Foggy are planing a London eye trip. I wondered afterwards may suggest a stress free Christmas shopping trip around the Austrian Christkindlmarkt (Christmas Markets) with hot mulled wine in a mug warming our hands.

    If we can before Christmas maybe, just a suggestion. Has anyone been? It is beautiful :)

  • Hi Emma

    I'd like to go there for real :) I've always wanted to go but never got :o Just one of those things :)

    I'm a mulled wine kinda gal too

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • I have been it is amazing... makes some of our decorations that we have in towns look like one bit of tinsel. Oh I do hope you get there one day ... You get to keep your mug too !!

    Have you seen pictures of the tree. lights etc at Rathaus , just outstanding. Sending you a large mug of mulled wine and a trinket for your tree this Christmas x

  • how wonderful to have been - love to come virtually should be brilliant

  • Only experienced the German markets here and we've collected the different mugs :)

    yummy :D

    I did spend six weeks in Germany once on an art in the environment programme (not tv) but it was too early for the christmas markets as Oktoberfest was on so we were at all the little village fetes eating and drinkinig all the local produces from mulled wine, beer, cheeses and hams yummy heaven for me hehehh! The best one had a huge wild boar on a spit that you cut your own hunks off......sorry I am a tad obsessed :O

    thank you for the festive treats I can hear the bells ringing in the distance.......... no thats just the tinnitus ahahha!

    I'm going now :D

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Ich habe einen kugelschriber !!......... :D :D which no doubt will help no end :D

    Foggy x

  • Oooooo yes please, I'm all up for it :-) ....... Well there's a surprise :D :D Zeb and I hopefully will get things in order and have a wonderful day out, of course the sun will be shining on our virtual journey, so don't worry about wrapping up for the colder weather.....and we should all have a huge amount of fun...... Roll up. Roll up, do let us know if you would like to come, though that's not obligatory, you can just pop in at any point so let's look forward to Friday :D :D :D

    Foggy x

  • Great so can I send a group message to all members who have said about group trips on this question including you guys that it is Friday. They will be sure not to miss the London trip, as the notifications are a bit hit and miss me thinks ;)

  • sorry I did not get you to be an ugly sister!

  • Glue vine or red wine yummy yummy hot ANd spicey very nicey only hopes there no micey- squeak squeak clean my whiskers!

  • Hi all love reading about your antics they have kept me sane, the last few weeks I have been suffering from yet more sists, my chest it a myriad of scars and I will have a doozy on my lower back a good 8-10 inches long it has finally stopped weeping, but I still have a lump about 2 inches hopefully antibiotics will take care of the rest, I usually have my grandson for the weekend every fortnight but have not been able to sit in a chair so have not been able to have him, i lived my life in bed laying on my side, not fun as I get a lot of pain in my hips and shoulders, but as I say your antics have cheared me up and kept me sane thankyou all. Sithy

  • Hi, virtual trips sound fun !! As a newbie am not really sure what they entail, could you give me some more info please ?? :)

  • Certainly NOT! Superfluous in my opinion!

  • Oh dear della, sorry we won't see you. :-( Could I ask why you think they are superfluous though, just out of curiosity, (which of course killed the cat :o )

    Hope you're ok della, haven't seen you about for ages. :-)

  • I find them infantile and seem to have more input than when others are reaching out and feeling extremely unwell,i have no objection to those of you that partake i just think it should not be the highlight of this support group,after all it is a support group for fibromyalgia not a group of pre schoolers ,going on a bearhunt!

  • That is such a shame Della as I have just written an apology to you on your post and I shall echo that apology here and stress again the importance of relaxation which is good not bad no matter what form it comes in. It is such a shame that after I wrote an apology to you that I find this reply from you on here :(

    Nevermind.........boinging off to somewhere else :o

    zebxxx :)

  • Please don't be offended I am just not comfortable with virtual reality etc, as i said i have no objection to those of you that do x

  • Hi della, I just typed out a long reply which was swallowed by iPad - greedy thing ;-) !! You are of course entitled to your opinion, but I would assure you that I for one and others too always keep a good eye on what is going on on the boards whist fun posts are taking place, so no one looses out as a result of the fun posts. You say you think it should not be the highlight of this support group and I would assure you that pro-rata, the supportive and helpful responses to posts and questions far outweigh the number of people involved in the fun posts.

    Everyone is different della, and some people get a lot from something light to think about rather than focusing on their pain, and your remark about a group of pre-schoolers on a bear hunt does a great injustice to all those who take part, but yet through the many many more posts they respond to give huge amounts of support and good, well thought out responses, time and time again.

    In no way am I trying to change your mind, as you are allowed to hold your own views, but likewise others are too and if they find a break from their suffering through our "infantile" fun posts, then I think they deserve that choice.

    Really hope you are starting to feel less fatigued, I know all too well how horrid that is and how badly it affects your

    life !

    Take care :-)

    Foggy x

  • An angry outburst from a frustrated and angry upset me! I was a nursery teacher and loved it but had to give it up as i could no longer cope,perhaps that is where my problem lies as it reminds me of a life much missed,the energy i once had is gone,i grieve for it! No excuse i know,please don't take it personally,i know how hard you ladies work to keep this group going,your commitment is to be admired ,i guess i have looked at it all wrong,i so understand the need to escape from what for most is a 24 hour 7 day a week battle, xxx

  • What could we do for the HIGHlight. Because there is no fun in fibro

  • They make me laugh. Most of us cant go out at all last time I never took part but sat n read it and it tickled me. I understand that you dont want to take part and thats fine but if all we spoke about was fibro symptoms and how down we feel ppl dont want to read that all the time. It my be childish but hay whats to loose. ??

  • Sounds amazing - please can I join one of your virtual trips?

    I have just spent christmas via skype - my husband nd sons going out whilst I had to stay at home because of the pain, and that was much better than just being at home alone. My husband skyped me from the family christmas do's, so I could say hello to everyone, even if briefly - which helped no end with the lonelynesss of being cooped up at home not being able to do anything.

    A virtual holiday sounds amazing, I am not sure what is involved but would love to give it a go!

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