An updated - A to Z Fibromylagia

An updated - A to Z Fibromylagia

Hi Members

I have re-written the A to Z of Fibromyalgia and thought I'd share ....

Due to the links and just in case the links have advertising which may not be allowed here, please visit the post within the Andover Fibromyalgia & ME Community Group HealthUnlocked link;

Hope you find it helpful

Emma :)

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  • Thank you for your time and trouble Emma. There is a lot of information which is certainly very helpful and interesting.

    I recommend fibro members to click on the link for very useful advice.


  • Thank You :) It was something I re wrote for the Andover group to update the one here for 2 years ago as I noticed it all linked to FibroAction links (from before the merger) that are redundant - Hope it can be helpful and please use if you need to at any point for any members or in FAQ

  • Will have a read :)

  • Emma, i hope that you dont mind if I PIN this. Sue :)

  • Of course not - share pin whatever as long as it is of some help to people :) Feel free Thank You Sue .... glad it might help someone

  • I should really go through the fibro board and have a sort out some of it is now out of date. :O

    A Nervous System at Odds: Dysautonomia and Fibromyalgia

    Here is one for you that i had to look up earlier. :)

    I wish i could work out why sometimes my links work and others dont. Grrrrrrrrr

  • Thanks for sharing my friend x :)

  • Shadows-walker This might be of interest, maybe? x

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