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Could you help FibroAction fundraise this Christmas ?

Could you help FibroAction fundraise this Christmas ?

Now the Festive Season is upon us and you are all preparing for a family Christmas please can you consider using the Every Click link to search the web and/or use the Give as you Live link/app when purchasing your Christmas gifts !

With Everyclick Search you can raise money for FibroAction with every web search, please take a look at this link;

Planning to do most of your Christmas shopping online, why not Give as you Live to FibroAction at the same time !

With Give as you Live thousands of your favourite online stores will donate a percentage of whatever you spend online - all at no cost to you, please take a look at this link;

FibroAction is the only UK charity who are making up-to-date, reputable and evidence-based information about Fibro more readily accessible and this is at the heart of what it we do. Any small amount from just one supporter all adds up and can make a big difference !

We appreciate all your efforts and support ! THANK YOU :)

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Hi M,

What a great idea, I don't do a huge amount of online shopping and I will ask two friends who are particularly understanding of. fibro to use the link which I will email to them......any little helps doesn't it !! Btw, love the Chistmas outfit, it suits you very well :D :D

Foggy x


Thank You , yes please do pass on to coin a certain supermarket phrase 'Every Little helps' !! :) Thank You for the compliment, a Daisy duck (to link with Mdaisy) in a Christmas outfit ! How very Santa Chic ! :D


I shall certainly do my best to help our cause Emma thankyou for the links :)

As Foggy says I shall also pass it on too :)

:) xxxzebxxx :)


Thank You , we really do value the support to FibroAction ! Please do share with friends and all helps ! :)


I ditto that Mdaisy, and will also pass it on, hope you have all had reasonably good weekend....Dee x


Thank You Dee, it's good that you can shop and help FibroAction without any cost to you.

Many people are using the internet to shop nowadays, so being able to help your favourite charity in the process, is FAB !!. Hope you're doing OK Emma :)


Good idea. I shall also email the links to my friends.




Thank you, yes lets get Santa busy !!


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