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has anyone else got psoriatic arthritis as well as fibromyalgia?

As well as the fms I also have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Is anyone else being bumped between the Rhuematologist and Dermatologist. Rhuemo wants now to go down physio, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and pain management. Dermo says now Psoriasis is under control the Psoriatic arthritis is down to the rheumo. Rheumo says symptoms are more fibro than the PSA. They are reducing the Methotrexate dosage slowly but I feel that the arthritis side is as bad as the FMS. GP is stuck in the middle and I am getting nowhere. Am just getting over what seems to be a bad bout of Shingles (almost 2 months now) is this common with FMS and PSa?

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Yes, I have RA and psoriasis. My rheumatologist deals with both. I flatly refuse to take methotrexate, as I have already lost quite a lot of hair, so I have steroid injections and am possibly starting Plaquenil, which is less aggressive.

I am never sure which pain is fibro and which is arthritis, but I can't say I'm bothered - it still hurts, whatever I call it! :)

Physio, hydrotherapy and pain management are all good, but beware of overdoing things - my physio would have had me running a marathon every day, so I took absolutely no notice of her!

Shingles isn't anything to do with fibro or Psa - it's caused by the Herpes Zoster virus, which is similar to chickenpox. Most people only get one attack, but some have a recurrence, so it's important to get anti-viral treatment (Acyclovir) as soon as possible if you get symptoms.

I hope you improve soon.

Moffy x


thanks Moffy, I am keeping the physio from giving me too much, although she can see my range of movement is not great. I wanted the hydrotherapy for my sept hols in the sun sos I can excercise in the pool without doing myself any damage. Accupuncture will be one of the last things I get but I'm hoping this will help the Arthritis.

The Shingles are almost gone although some nasty scarring as I wasn't diagnosed quickly enough so scratched like crazy, but hopefully they will fade and fortunately the nerve endings have settled down quite a lot.

I was glad to get off the steroid jabs as I ballooned on them and they were only lasting a month in he end. I'm on a low dose of methotrexate and haven't lost any hair since starting 6 months ago. It has helped the pustular psoriasis on my feet and hands, mostly cleared now and stopped the arthritis in my feet although the heel pain is still there. Is Plaquenil a DMARD?

Bring back the sunshine and high pressure, it helpps us all feel better.




Yes - plaquenil is a DMARD - it used to be used as an anti-malarial, but has recently proved effective in both Rheumatoid and Osteo-Arthritis.

It has quite a few side-effects, but I'm willing to give it a bash, as steroids do tend to favour weight gain. I have to watch my diet very, very carefully to stay slim, but I do manage it. Drugs don't MAKE you put on weight - or at least very little - they just make you very hungry, and it's always tempting to eat snacks and sweet things.

It would certainly be very nice to see a bit more sunshine!

Moffy x



thanks for the info. I do hope you get the Plaquenil and that it works for you,nothing worse than 3-6 months of trying something and getting nowhere with either pain or symptom relief. You are right about wanting sweet things, but too much fruit plays havoc with the IBS so will just have to curb the evening nibbles.

Lynn x


I am in the exact same boat and feeling so confused. What eventually happened to u and did u Psa and P get worse after reducing or stopping the mtx?


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