Arthritis as well as FM?

I've recently developed some kind of inflammatory arthritis (on top of everything else) and my hands in particular are quite swollen , not to mention all my toes hurting too. This has further limited my mobility. Apart from prescribing some gel which was absolutely no use, my GP hasn't offered any help at all. My question is - should I be seeking a referral to a rheumatologist, or is it just something (else) I have to put up with?

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  • Wouldn't be a bad idea to ask for a referral as research shows that on the whole rheumatologists are better at diagnosis than GPs. These two conditions are often found together,I have both and find that anti inflammatory drugs help if the arthristis flares up although I don't take them all of the time. There doesn't appear to be a cure for either unless you have it where they can do a joint replacement i.e. knees so it's a question of managing it all.

  • Hi, when i was going through all of the tests to find out what was wrong with me they gave me a xray on my knees as they were very sore, they found i have ostioarteritis as well as fibromyalgia, the ostio is just general wear and tear on my joints and there isnt alot they can do with it apart from me take anti inflameteris, if you are worried do as you say, go and seak advise from a rheumatiologist, I AM NOT A DOCTOR , i have only told you what i know.

    Hope you get it sorted :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • OK so if I'm understanding this right, it might be important to diagnose what kind of arthritis it is - and if its osteo there's not much can be done? It had already occurred to me that if its rheumatoid (testing negative so far) my joints could be damaged if I just leave it? Does that sound about right?

  • Yes, sounds about right. A rheumy referral is definitely warranted.

  • There are over 100 different types of athritis, no way of knowing which one is which unless your a doctor, if it was me id ask to be reffered to rheumatology x

  • I too arthritis which was firstly diagnosed as psoriatic arthritis but now it's just polyarthralgia. Very painful, just as if someone is hitting parts of my body with a rubber hammer.

  • I was diagnosed with seronegative arthritis 29 years ago. It started while I was on night duty, I went on duty in size 4 shoes got sent home by taxi in size 7 slippers we found, was seen by a consultant at home the following afternoon and spent the next 2 weeks in hospital with every joint swollen, until I bribed a young house doctor I knew into giving me a discharge, with a pack of 20 Marlboro! Until I was diagnosed with FM in 2008 it only recurred 3 times and has another 3 times since. If it is sero-negative and it sounds like it may be, it won't damage your joints. However, you need to know which 'arthritis' you are dealing with and a referral is a definite must. Until then, any anti inflammatory you can lay your hands on that is safe for you to take, should ease both the pain and the swelling. Good luck

  • I have inlammatory osteoarthritis in my hands, knees ankles and feet. This was diagnosed by a rheumatologist. My GP wouldn't refer me on the NHS, so I was really lucky to be able to go privately. I hope your GP is a bit more understanding. The rheumy also ran blood tests to make sure I wasn't suffering from some thing else - lupus for example. I also had an isotopic bone scan. I believe his report also helped me to get DLA.

  • hi i first came down with arthitis of the spine before fibro. as when i woke up in april in 2008 i could not walk at all. of to the dr i went for months blood test after blood test for everything they could thing of all came back ok then to the hospital for pshyo but svreamed in pain with the lights touch on my back, next came the pool which didnt help much so finally mir scan in dec same year to find out in jan 2009 that ive got advanced aging of the spine arthitis in my lower L5. which i have feeling it moved in hips and knees.

    but meds they gave wasnt helping pain much and then came hearing lost, rest legs. lack of sleep etc etc till i manged to get the dr to send me for test fibro with a rheumy in sept 2009 to be told yes your right you have got fibro.

    but the last couple of weeks i have waking up in the night screaming in pain when i try and moved my leg out straight from the pain in my hips and knees because they have got stiff and fix in posion from when i was sleeping.

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