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Has anyone had a diagnosis of first cervical arthritis then Hypermobility and depression. Also severe arthritis thumb fingers both hands,

Cervical Arthritis left nerve damage in arms+ carpal tunnel syndrome. Osteo arthritis in hands have 'degenerative changes' in spine top middle and lower, problems with knee caps and feet, especially toes. Muscle spasms in ribs , Recently had an ECG, again after bad feeling as if losing consciousness, Does anyone ever admit to feel almost suicidal on really really bad days. Has taken 15 years to get this far, but now I have a list of diagnoses but not a lot else apart from different shaped tablets.

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I have some similar symptoms. you are not alone.

I'm sure people will have replies for you soon, we are all on at .different times.

keep in touch,



I have fibro osteo arthritis in my neck ankles knees and thumb joints. The muscle spasms in your ribs sounds like chostochondritis. Which i have had for 23 years. It goes along with fibro quite often and can mimic a heart attack , once you have have had that eliminated the diagnosis of chostochondritis is often given ... It's inflammation of the ligaments which join the ribs to the sternum and spine and of course you breathe they have to stretch so its so hard a pain to deal with....

I have to say I don't feel suicidal but I have had councelling during my time with fibro when things just started being diagnosed one after the other...

My life is limited but I still enjoy it .. When something goes wrong I just set myself to finding a way round it.....

Have you explained to your GP how you feel they should be able to offer councelling

Hopefully others will pop on with suggestions

VG x


I try to talk to G.P but he has decided i'm just depressed despite MRI findings etc. It has taken a year for the pain thru back and ribs to be taken seriously, rang 999 one day as I felt as if I was losing cosciousness. There seems to be no co- ordination btween hospital findings, possibly because they say they dont receive letters from consultants. I was asked at one point to try paracetemol and given an anti depressant. First symptoms appeared 15 years ago and its been a long uphill struggle, now I dont know where I am



yes to the hyper mobility, osteoarthritis through out body , etc and to depression and feeling that low at one point:-( . Fortunately my lovely GP I had at that time spotted what I wasn't telling her and took action by opening the conversation on it.. Please talk with your GP about it. If you don't tell them then they can't help you. Not all GPs do pick things up so be brave and talk with them.

Gentle hugs



Hi Jilly , I was first with a doctor who when i had problems in my neck, which got so bad I was fallind and after falling felt so strange for weeks after.. headaches, couldn't keep my balance very well, or lift arms properly, he said it was B12 deficiency even tho blood tests were fine. After a particularly bad fall when I felt as if I'd had a stroke or something was in bed on and off for three days, he agreed to send me for treatment, referral was mixed up I ended up at wrong hospital but insisited I was seen, A Physiotherapist referred me to a Neuro Surgeon, for MRI etc. Was confirmed disc narrowing 3 places, confirmed nerve damage in arms carpal tunnel etc Suggested I take diclofenac again. Changed docs when thumb started to disappear towards pakm of hand and he asked me had I mentioned this before. New docs did refer me to see a Rheumatologist who is lovely have seen physio O.T and pain clinic, who diagnosed Hypermobilty, I just thought elbows bending backwards was normal. Tried acupuncture couldn't take pain into my arms. Every letter btween hospital and G.P seems to go missing so have had to ask for copies to take.Won't go into G.P visits but needless to say reccomended meds from pain clinic are ignored, go round and round trying to talk to them. G.P latest was I was depressed which is why I feel 'aches and pains have an anti- depressant. Had to insist on re-referral as an ultra sound last July the results weren't followed up. Consultant confirmed JHS syndrome, osteo in hands mainly finger joints and Fibro, referral again to pain management and O.T. Still feel as if G.P thinks I'm nuts. So sorry to rabbit but I feel so tired of trying to talk to G.P and feel as if I get nowhere. I am depressed dont expect miracles but am getting to the point where I dont know what to do. It has taken nearly 15 years to get here and I feel as I'm being told its all in my mind. I wish it was. excuse splelling not a good day.


Hugs. It's frustrating when we can't get the medical bods to listen. I have Anti depressants for depression and also for pain as low dose Ads can help reduce pain. We do feel pain more when we are depressed . The FM management team explained why but my brain isn't too great today to remember :-( . I saw a neurologistwho told me it was all down to anxiety and became very dismissive and rude when he found out I was on anti depressants for the depression part. Three days later the Pain Management doctor told me no, it was FM on top of HMS.

Is there another GP at your practice you might be able to talk with? Might be worth a try as they all seem to have their own areas of interest.




I can understand that sometimes symptoms of one illness can be like another and it must be difficult to make a diagnosis. With a diagnosis of these taking so long I feel worse with every year that passes. I would like some straight forward advice at times, but go round and round. I have an appointment at the end of this month with senior G.P finally as not easy to see him. I think I will write down my concerns and queries before I go. I might have a Lennon style sit-in until I feel as if I am happy with the answers i'm given, so sorry to rant but I have had enough. I am tired of attitudes from medical staff that seem either very rude offhand uninterested or downright patronising. The funny thing is I was brought up to speak and treat people with respect, some who should know better are very, very arrogant in their dealings with people who usually are anxious enough and are at bottom asking for help. Thanks Jilly it sometimes helps to get this off my chest. Very grateful Janxx