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any suggestions?

Worsening symptoms of FMS and Rheum. Arthritis, but what is worrying me is the weakness, trembling, feeling as if my bones/joints are about to give way at any moment. I've been housebound for a while now and I use a frame to get around my bungalow. Joint pain is getting me down too. Paranoia is creeping in. Is it about FMS/RA getting worse, or something new?

This shaking/shivering, I'm not cold, anybody relate? Tulip xx

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Hi there, I also have RA and fibro and. Get this too, legs feel so weak that I have to sit down, if I have something to eat. Feel better so I think with me its low blood sugar, could that be your problem too?


i didn't think of that. i have diabetes, which feels similar but i usually perspire with it. perhaps i'll mention when i talk to gp next week, thank you.

re. Magnesium spray, my daughter bought it for me, i've run out & i cant remember the name. actually, i have nothing to do, i'll see what i can find out and message you again. it really helps with cramp type pain. Tulip :)


That was quick! Amazon- 'Better You Magnesium Oil Goodnight Spray', quite a few options, 100mls around £8 or so. Worth a try I think. Next payday I intend to stock up ahead of next cramp-flair Wish you well. :) xx


It could well be the diabetes it's worth asking the Dr, Thanks for that, I get restless legs syndrome so going to give this oil a go, best wishes.


I am so very sorry to read that, and I would definitely discuss this with your GP just to make sure that there is nothing new there? It is most likely a mixture of your current conditions but it never hurts to seek GP guidance.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Many thanks Ken. Tulip x


Hi Tulips :)

Things sound quite rough for you at the moment and I was wondering if you had spoken to your GP about the trembling and shaking that you are experiencing. I am fairly immobile and housebound a lot too and began to notice deterioration in my legs last year.

I know that particular types of physio may help with it... if that is what it is!?!

I was sent for Hydrotherapy and felt many benefits from it but my HMS didn't like it and I had to stop. It could be worth considering as an option but remember I'm not a medical professional though and your problems could be something completely different :)

Healing fluffies for you {{{{{{ Tulips }}}}}

xxx sian :)


Thank you Sian. Talking to GP tomorrow. (hopefully) Not meaning to be nosey, but wondering what HMS stands for?

:) Tulip xx


Hi Tulips :)

Not being nosey at all my friend it stands for Hypermobility Syndrome I'm double-jointed and have over-stretched my ligaments etc., over the years by being very athletic as a child and into many sports including long distance running and Hockey not knowing that I would be affected like this when I got older :)

I didn't realise until diagnosis 2 years ago that double jointed was Hypermobility until my Rheumy consultant discussed with me and my OH and explained, very well, how a lot of my health problems probably come from the HMS including IBS and what not because it is a connective tissue disease which affects collagen :( He didn't mention fibro in the list

The damage to my ligaments etc is 'what I think' caused my fibro due to the constant trauma to them when younger and then not at all through sport but very hands-and knees-on manual labour work when I got older. My body didn't take to kindly to not being used in the same way anymore. Eventually the pain I was feeling because of it and the slack knees made things very difficult for me until now where walking is possible but very painful and not able to manage any without my sticks when outside. :o

I was experiencing trembling and violent spasms after rectal surgery 2 years ago and was ignored for over a week, when in hospital, before being prescribed Pregabalin for it. When I forget to take it the trembles and spasms don't take long to kick in. I was told that it was my bodies way of dealing with my pain receptors being over-loaded which I accepted at the time but now wish it do be checked out properly.

Like you a chat to the doc :D

and to explain......

The Hydro was making my knees and hips slide about which was quite a scary feeling as I fear the pain of dislocations very much. No matter how many years I've endured knees popping I still fear it as much today as I did 20 years ago :o I feel nauseous at the thought actually LOL

I feel great empathy for all HMS sufferers with Fibro because we're stuck in a catch 22 regarding treatments as they seem to oppose each other, which is what I've found anyway!! and it happened to my friend too regarding hydro for the same/similar reasons :(

:) I must say though please don't let it put you off giving it a try because it may work for you and help to ease your symptoms so they are more manageable again. :)

Hope you don't mind me sharing some of my history with you and wishing you get some help from the doc :) xxx sian :)


OUCH! Not the same. Sharing info. is always helpful I think. Dont want to pry, but I think we all get to a point where every day it's a question over what's going on, anything new, old stuff changing etc. etc. GP back tomorrow. She had sent 'urgent' (HA!) referral for Physio to visit (some weeks ago-should've been within 2 weeks.) She was wondering whether a fall some months ago had left me with tendon trouble in the left knee, but it's spreading to more joints and of course aggravating the muscles too and I'm scared I'm going to fall again. weak & shaky. I dont think it's RA, joints aren't hot just weak and VERY sore. Thank you Sian :) Tulip xx


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