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FM or another additional condition?

I am a brand new member and would love to get your thoughts on some of my symptoms. I do suffer from FM diagnosed in Dec 2009 after I started suffering completely numb feet and shin splints during my usual long runs I had long standing problems in my neck/shoulders and right elbow, shoulder blade and wrists.

Anyway on top of this I now have incredible pain in my hips and particularly my knees which plagues me late afternoon and then worsens into the evening and keeps me awake at night. My GP says this cant be FM ( it feels like I have shin splints and my right foot feels cold and hot at the same time and tingles) but it is the overwhelming ache in my knees and back that I probably agree doesn't sound like FM.

I have my first job in 2 years and really worry that my medication is just not good enough for a working and that I will lose this job. I feel shattered all the time and like I have a hangover every morning. On average I get 3 hours sleep and I am in work for 8am until 5.30, 5 days a week. I take duloxetine 60mg od. Then naproxen, paracetamol, codeine and omeprazole (last one is unrelated to FM) at night and any other painkiller during the day or zolmitriptan if my nerves get so bad in my neck that I get a migraine type headache.

I am seeing my GP tomorrow night so want to go with a clearer idea of what I might expect to acheive with possibly other treatments. I can't take pre-gabelin or gabapentin as it wipes me out. I cat have amitryptiline as she wont let me take that and duloxetine at the same time. I did try to come off the duloxetine but the buzzing and nerve pain came back after two days of 30mg. Help!!!

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I have really bad hip pain in fact it's where most of my pain is, the hips can't lie on them somedays and knee pain sometimesI was told the pain is from my spondylosis in my spine . The back can give pain in other places you wouldn't, think


Hi Suzy, one of the main pain in fibro I was told and have read that we suffer very bad lower back pain, I also have bad pains in my shins it really catches me sometimes I was told its caused thru exercise running on. Treadmill, well for one I'm 72 and don't go on a treadmill or run.. So I put it down to fibro..I also have terribl hip pains, but like goldwing I have spondylosis of my lower spine plus osteoarthritis every where else gentle hugs to you Dee x


Thanks for your replies so far. I will need to look up spondylosis - but I have had MRIs which showed nothing. I did run unfortunately but only for 2 years from 2008 to 2009 and it was outside - but nothing I can do about that now. I certainly cant run anymore and sometimes it painful to walk. Off I go to look up other things now. Gentle hugs back to all who suffer.


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