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fm and driving?

further to reading a few questions on here in regards to having you need to inform DVLA that you have fm? i only passed my driving test in may 2011 and have only been driving since 31oct 2011 its my freedom and one of the few things that i have control over. i feel that i make myself alert when driving and i have no problems with driving even when im not well and in pain and when its in my this wrong of me? i would never drive when really bad i did once but only because i was at work and had to get home and didnt have anyone to get me and i would hate to repeat it???????!!!!

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What I did was call the DVLA. My doctor was happy with me driving, so the DVLA were happy with me driving! It's not a cut-and-dried condition as far as they're concerned, like seizures are for example. So if your Fibro does not affect your ability to drive, then it does not mean you can't drive.

Legally, I believe you are supposed to inform the DVLA and your insurance company of any health conditions. In practice, if your doctor doesn't say no driving, my experience is that they don't care!


yeah i feel like i bang my head of a brick wall with the doctors in my surgery...i will ask though and i will also call DVLA and ask them what they would advise :O( i really hope i am allowed to drive but for tomorrow at least i dont have to worry as i wont be driving :P thanks lindsey :)


Sometimes you have to tell them if your meds may make you unsafe to drive. I find that as GP's are useless at helping you they are often the best person to sit in front of and say "I feel fine to drive, but given my diagnosis is that acceptable for me to do so"? I have not yet met a GP who will discourage you. Thats of course unless meds have adverse effect on you and you have told them previously. I have not notified the DVLA as my GP's have put in writing to the DLA that there is nothing wrong with me! whats sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Nothing wrong= I can drive !!!

You should do what you feel best and of course only drive when you feel able to.

All the best NN :)


thanks NN,

thats shocking that the doc has written to the dla and said that! unbelievable!! i havent driven at all today and i wouldnt as i feel that i am a good driver and a safe one! i wouldnt be able to live with myself if something happened to anyone else because i got in to a car and drove when i wasnt fit to do so!!! have you changed docs? what are you doing about this treatment that you have recieved from your gp?

All the best to you too :D x


Hi Tinkerbell

Am waiting for the barristers report from my DLA refusal, 2 months so far and chased 3 times! When I get it I will be able to consult a specialist solicitor on the rights and ethics of the case. If they can overturn on a point of law then I may be backdated for elements not awarded (sept 2011!). The Gp had not seen me for many months when he commented he didnt know about my care needs in one question, and later on the last part of the form he stated i didnt need any DLA. If I challenge the GP without a solicitor I will get the standard "its his clinical judgement" get out of jail free reply. So I wil send in the solicitor to sort it out and possibly pay for the battle depending on callibre of free help. Ive yet to ascertain that as am waiting for the DLA tribunal judges notes. I have another GP but same surgery as we are rural here theres not much choice! My current GP was treating me when the last one filled in the DLA form, the practice manager lets anyone there fill them in whether they have seen you or not!

Keep trusting your judgements and keep driving when you can, I do and I also encourage my mother to do the same. So far we have both had some real strange driving tales, but the one thing in all of them is clear, dont automatically think its your fault if anything happens whilst you are behind the wheel.

I can safely say if your judgement is sound then its probably not. I can say this because its a miracle im still driving after it was a RTA that gave me fibro over 5 years ago. A dirt truck reversed at speed into my car crushing its front and giving me severe whiplash. I was stationary at the time! The driver of truck bumper carred me 4 or 5 times before he stopped. He then drove off and had to be pursued! It all got sorted out in court last year. I ended up with fibro and post traumatic stress disorder due to experienceing THAT driver. He walked away free to abuse another victim of his unroadworthyness.

Since then I have driven a 20ft campervan, 4 sports cars and a family saloon. It was my determined effort to beat my conditions that I had been legacied by that bad driver.

Nowadays despite being often too sick to drive if you could label me then the label would say "I love my convertible" lol. You keep on the road young lady and please know that its not necessarily going to be our fault if something bad happens, its just life!

Warmest thoughts NN :)


so far my opinion is that My Dr(s) with either say i advise you not to drive (whether you do or do not is up to you) but technically your Dr if certain conditions or if they KNOW you drive should be the ones to tell you!! YOu are not an expert you feel ok so you drive.. YOu would NOT get in your vehicle if not on top form alertness, assertive etc etc or if you drank alcholol with the affects it can cause.

My Dr told me 3 wk ago well when my neck was bad again and she examined me personally and checked me over told me NOT to drive and to claim and would help me with whatever.

I then said that is a little impossible considering i run my own business and chauffeur house to house, so i said unless you are telling me because of illness i am no longer aloud to drive please retract what you just said and give me something that will help as i was desperate as i am a very determined person and independant...(my health should come 1st) but...yes but

we need a roof over our heads too .

My Dr only said Do not drive because of what it was causing but my abilities etc were fine!!!

They know i do not listen really and am very strong and carry on no matter what unless it puts me in my bed and cannot get up (there are days) ohh and if i feel i am not in a condition to drive i will NOT drive!

BELEIVE me if i had or in a position to give up and relax i most certainly would do!

You do what you believe you are capable of unless you have been told to stop and Dr saying DVLA must be told.

there is quite a lot of stuff i know but unfortunately do not want to put on view as some may agree and some may disagree to my opinions . I do not ever want upset either...

I hope you do what you think is best and just chat with Dr. xxxxxxcazziexxxxx


thanks cassie, i will chaat with my mum also as im sure she still drives when she can i will have to ask her if she has informed the dvla but im sure she will have as she always does things by the book.

i would never get in a car and drive if i felt i wasnt able too ie if i was feeling dizzy or if i was unable to be as altert and responsvie as per normal as i wouldnt dream of getting in a car and driving if i had and alcohol even a little drink. you are entitled to your opinion and i thought this site was on here to give advise and support does this not also include your opinions (freedom of speech) i think its life that not everyone will agree but that doesnt make your opinion wrong or right its advise is it not and this is why were are all on here? to get advise be listened too and to be understood by people who are in the same boat. i can talk to people about fm and i feel that although they try to understand they will never fully appreciate/umderstand how i feel coz they havent been in my shoes for the last year plus! i hope this makes sense as i feel as if my head is in another place ( and thats without tablets as been like that all day and tablets worn off so i have just taken some more) sorry i have gone on n on thanks again for your advise i will speak to the doc when i call on friday for a telephone consoltation xx


sorry cazzie i spelt your name wrong realised that when i had pressed the reply button :( i hate doing that pet hate of mine llol :D xx


Hia Tinkerbel,

Of course that is what this site is all about as it is talking

To others who understand and can relate to anything you need advise, support or some sort of reassurance too that its not just you feeling like

You going mad with something.

The only way i can deal with my job is driving to and from all day long and as for what you said that if you fit enough to drive you fit enough to wrk is not really what i believe as its some ppls only way of getting about.

Yes i have relatives with car on mobility and wrk, i have customers that drive to keep indepance too.

There will be many opinions.

If for instance like my Dr says to stop driving i say if thats permanent or even on the length of time i could not then i would expect full back ip support to say i am fully unable to do everything and would want full help with all disability living allowance and carers allowance too.

My job entails me to do a full package ! Physical, office and driving etc.

I said you take one of them away that means i have to pay for help to keep it going. I had a big dispute with an insurance company as they said 'well your still wrking'! I said yes in a sense to train, organise etc but i could not afford both finance on a previous vehicle aswell as paying for help as i do not know my true illness or problem.. I WON!! As it cost me more for staff than it did the cost of my little luxury that i worked has self-employed, so i became an employer!

I have gradually got worse so now i asked for blue badge as i will keep going until i am forced to give up !

So it does not matter whether you drive or not this does not mean you fit to wrk. It annoys me as so many cheats and that cannot be bothered when there are true sufferers like ourselves!

It is more about giving us the support and help what we need to get along in life.

You drive if you feel fine enough as i do!

I am on Lyrica, pain relief, gastric meds, beta blockers, Diazepam and i still drive bBUT... Only if i feel both confident, safe and assertive enough as i have passengers too.

I am all ears and very gentle shoulders to lean on and help if i can, so inbox too if you want any more help i would love to be as helpful as possibly can to you and any one else!!

I get different responses from family friends, customers etc on what i can and cannot do. Some good and some just have no understanding and say 'well you cannot be that bad or you will get better'!

Its hard and we have to put up with so much.

LOts of love and fluffy sift huggles ;-) xxcazziexx


my doctor has aslo told me that i'm ok to drive, but ATOS have said because I drive I am fit for work.. (I drive because I find it really painful to walk any distance, it not only effects my feet/legs but also my back, which I told them and stated in medical form) has anybody else had this problem?? x


i also work and my work is referring me to atos also althou i may be fit for work i drive to work because its way to far to walk and even when i do walk at times it can be very painfull and thats just walking short distances. getting on buses is painful also this will prob sound silly but because of where the pain is the jiggling bus journey (50 mins) exacburates (i think thats what i mean this mind block at spelling words that i know gets to me too it infurating) the pain so by the time i get to the bus stop and walk the short walk to my work and then to my seaat im knackered and then i have my shift to do!!! god sakesi rthink atos needs to have an update on these conditions and treat each person as an idividual as it effects us all differently and on different levels or so i am lead to believe! hope your ok tiger74 and get this sorted sooner rather than later as the worry and stress wont be helping you either

take care n gentle hugs x


Hi Tiger i not dealt with Atos, but in my opinion and like you its painful on the feet and walking and using public transport is difficult too incase standing and long rides. In my own car at my pace to stop as and when need be is what matters.

There is always some one to put an obstacle in the way!

Cxxcazziexx huggles


I was concerned when I read about informing the DVLA about Fibro. So I went onto their site and looked up all ailments that required you to notify them. Fibro definately NOT one of them. The way I see it is. If your medication warns you that you may experience drowseiness as a side effect and not to drive or operate machinery then if you DO experience that then obviously don't drive. If like 75% of us we don't get these side effects then I guess it is up to us if we feel able to drive. Like drink driving. I never drive if I have had a drink. I would not drive if my medication made me doppy(well more than usual!!!!) So again it is an idividual thing, but as far as I can see you are NOT legally obliged to inform DVLA that you have Fibro unless of course it is causing you significant impairment. Hope I've understood that right. But for one, I will continue to drive untill and unless I have an impairment. XX


I spoke to my GP and my Consultant about me driving and they said I was fine to carry on. However, I think we ourselves are the best judges as to whether we should be driving or not. I judge how I am feeling when I am about to drive, if I am having a "foggy" day, then it's no way!

However, if I am feeling competent, that my perspective and senses are fine then I will drive. If there is the slightest doubt, I don't drive, Also if I have taken more than I normally do regarding painkillers etc., I wouldn't drive on that day.


thanks LibertyZ

i agree with you we are the best judges of how we are and what we do including if we are fit to drive or not. for the last 2 days i have not felt well enough to drive as i have been feeling exceptionally tired and have been sleeping mostly! just not feeling that great at all but im just assuming that this is how you can feel with fm! i have also been taking more painkillers than normal so thats another reason why i may be feeling a bit less with it :D

When i next speak with my GP i will mention this but will also take all of your and the other advise on my question on board and if i am able to drive then i will and if not then i wont!

thanks x


Tinkerbell: I don't think it sounds silly, you are right about jiggling bus journeys (from what i can remember about them anyway, no been on public transport for about 7 years now) & ATOS should be treating us as individuals, they need to know & understand more on the condition and how it affects us all differently x

Fairycazzie: I agree with what you say about being able to stop and start your journey if needs be.x

Suejayjay: I also only drive if I feel able to. Its mainly to do the school run (or a friend will take them) and because we live close to my abusive ex, I wouldnt be able to get away from him if I saw him in the street, my gp & atos are fully aware of this and i'm patiently waiting a house move x

LibertyZ: I also agree with what you say, we ourselves are the best judges if we're able to drive. I wouldnt dream of driving my car if having a foggy day or feel drowsy off painkillers.

Hugs to u all and sorry if i have waffled on



you havent waffled on its always nice to hear from you and knowing that im not the only one who feels that i waffle on but its a good thing :D

i do hope that you dont have to wait much longer for getting what seems to be a long awaited move but i do hope that you will have plenty help with packing and moving and then unpacking......i recently moved i packed nearly the whole house up apart from the loft and some other small part of the house (so 8 rooms all in all) helped moved the stuff and also unpacked it all so 8 months later im still not fully unpacked yet but its out of site and i just dont have the energy to finish it :(

gentle hugs xx


I've been slowly sorting through stuff and packing things up for the last year! My daughter has been helping me with this and when the time eventually comes to move I will be getting help from my brother and nephews.. I've still got boxes I've not unpacked when I moved 3years ago, lol

take care xx


thanks to everyone for your sound advise!

i have taken on board all your advise and comments and i agree that we are the best judges to how we feel.

i will speak with my GP the next time and will ask whaat he would recommend just so thaat it is on record that i have asked if needed.

i hope you are all having a good as it gets day today and sending you all gentile hugs xx :D


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