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Hi need information ref esa appeals, and fibro

Hi all, I have been on incapacity benefit for some years due to depression, anxiety and stress, I was recently transferred to ESA WRAG for year, sent a letter in to the decision maker to reconsider decision, was turned down, sent in appeal and awaiting date for appeal. It only came to my attention that my doctor had put I had fibromyalgia on my medical notes from last year. I had been going to him over the years with one pain and another sometimes in strange places, also sciatica a few years ago, now constant pain in back of head, back of neck running down my left shoulder, and chest pains (had got checked for heart/angina in hospital a couple of years ago and got all clear). My doctor seems to be unsympathetic regarding fibro and had made comments about it being psychosymatic (in my head) am I making it up! (excuse spelling), he also told me that it doesn't hold much standing regarding the esa medicals, and he and the doctors surgery will not, or do not get involved in writing letters for esa appeals, (because they are inundated with requests) but if they write to him he will reply (wonder how much he gets for that). I cant change doctors whilst waiting for appeal, does other people have this problem? Also does anyone know if changing their diet or eating specific types of food help with the pains or fatigue? Thanks

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Hi there well what I do know you would do well to seek support form CAB citizen's Advice and not do this all alone. ATOS is severe now and you'll need to represent yourself well and these will help you to do this. Secondly your diet question I haven't a clue but if you feel better for it then where's the problem as far as I know its an individual thing for some it works and others it doesn't. Big hug and seek that help that s what im doing and I don't feel so despairing now x


Hi all this Atos stuff is a blinkin' nightmare and very unfair. I have filled mine in and it was sent 4 wks ago so waiting to hear what they have to say and dreading it. I did speak to my GP about it and she said I can have a copy of my medical history any time but it will just be a list of my history and medications with no reference as to whether I can work. The GP's say this is not their job but the job of an occupational physician. I did see one when I was working who signed me off from work and I sent his report to Atos with my claim. I sent a lot of supporting evidence with my form but some say they do not read any of it. I did however copy the whole lot that was sent and I made it very clear that if they did not believe the report of a highly qualified occupational physician I would have no choice except to appeal. I doubt their assessors are as highly qualified as the physician I saw. I have no idea what they will come back with or when and wait with anticipation daily for my mail. I do not know about any foods that affect Fibro, I suppose like most things it is best to eat as healthily as you can and avoid foods that you think are making matters worse. I hope you get on well with your appeal.



Hi, try getting a letter from your doctor stating you can not work due to your constellation of symptoms . Good luck! That how i finally won!


Hi thanks to all that answered my questions I really appreciate your help. I have decided not to worry myself any more because it's all making me so Ill I'm going o leave it in gods hands. Good luck and love to you all. God bless x


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