dla appeal, 27 to 31 week wait!!!

got letters back from DLA, and copies of appeal papers, i have the right to appeal and it will be 27 to 31 weeks before they get in touch regarding an hearing date, not bad to say i started this process in Feb,

on looking through the papers, i amused at the hand written bit at the end that the decision maker states ""that although she can have pains and fatigue this is unlikely to have a servere functional restriction"" she obviously doesnt suffer from fribro!!!! she also mentions about swelling of joints, of which is not mentioned anywhere in my orginal dla forms, nothing mentioned about the pain clinc or the orthopaedic clinic i attend with a view to surgery, oh yes, appealing this til the end, whatever the outcome, also letter regarding esa saying i on it indefinite, interesting reading this lot , :)

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  • hi jue2829,iv read that so many people have different or wrong things written about them!glad your appealing&hope you win hugs x

  • Hi jue2829 dont surprise me length of time you have to wait!! did you copy all your dla papers? I copy everything now!! good luck with it all xx

  • Hi just been turned down appeal for dla,I have fibro ,me ,and hypo mobility,so where do I go next,I just don't know.x

  • yes, copied everything and so have them and sent all back nice and neatly clipped together, and jasper i get help with welfare rights and he told me that people just need to appeal against everything, so write back and say you wish to appeal against their decision and want a answer to why they turned down your appeal, good luck,

  • Hi i had DIAL come ome on wed and fill in my DLA forms so i dont know how long i will have to wait to hear this ios the 1st time i have applied for it love to you Diddle x ps i hope that you are successful and they back date youyr money to the original date you applied that is the least they can do xxxxx

  • Hi Jue2829.....Call the CAB, see if you can get them to go over your claim with you, they will help you appeal. or if you have DIAL in your area, they will actually come to you if you cannot get out. Good luck.

    My DLA claim has just come back saying they need more information form my GP. I just think that they are being over cautious with new claims, I know this doesn't help us!!. but we live in blame culture, so even those who work in the DLA office are at risk from those above them.

    But do get the CAB to help you XXXX gentle hugs

  • Hi,

    Mine is still dragging on from last November. I had my ATOS medical Thursday, but before he started - get this - I had to prove that I was who I said I was and prove that I lived at my house !!! He did apologise - it is because of the large numbers they have trying to con the DWP. Makes things harder still for those of us just trying to get something. Good luck. xx

  • hi, had atos last july when at the time rhuemy thought i had psoriatic arthritis,was told would get wra part with a review in january, in november, the dreaded form came thro again and i filled it in again with the change to fibro (as was told in november that what i had been suffering was in fact fibro), never heard anything til february when letter came from DWP saying i still on esa (wra) due to change of illness, not had to have another atos medical, also as my 12 months was up in april, i got another letter stating i was been moved to income based esa for indefinite period, think on the atos front i been one of the lucky ones, got a welfare rights man helping me with the DLA, and he will attend the hearing with me and speak on my behalf, thanks all and good luck to everyone xx

  • also was told that they do back date monies if successful to date you asked for the form , nothing to lose but the price of stamps and if win anything then its a bonus, altho we shouldnt have to fight for this benefit with a chronic illness as fibro, xx

  • Hi

    My DLA appeal took two years amd I lost. I've just sent in my change of circumstance to see if that works. They want more things from my doctor and I might as well ask my cat for it as its too much trouble for the doctors and in teh 8 mins we have with them everything needs to be in bullet points and if you dont get to the end well... another 8 mins appointment is needed.

    anyway good luck. x

  • hi, i not holding out much hope of getting any DLA, 5 of the 6 drs at my surgery dont believe or are totally ignorant of fibro, just trying the last dr in the surgery now to see what her intake on it is, fibro is a illness/condition that not alot of medical people have a clue about, hope you have good luck on your new claim x

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