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pre op assessment

had my pre op assessment today at got up at 4.30 to walk my dogs before I had to leave to catch the 6.30 bus.this got me to hospital at 8.30am,such a long journey and leg so stiff from sitting for so long,

had blood tests ECG etc done ,saw a dr and anaesthetist and endured another two hour journey just waiting for a date.said it is at present a day case if keyhole surgery is successful and they don't have to open me up to do the op which will involve a 5 day stay in feeling slightly apprehensive re having the op.i wont be able to do anything fro 6 weeks .how do I get my dogs to understand I cant walk them for 6 weeks

have drs appt tomorrow pm -re tightening of throat and lumps(dr at hospital felt neck and I think he said glands were ok,)and for hands .aslo to see if he has scan results and to ask about my stomach. if not a cyst then why is stomach so hard and lumpy?they didnt detect gallstones so whats to say I don't have a cyst.has never told me its "bloating"or given any dietary etc advice on treatment etc.same as didint tell me he had tested fro bit apprehensive about seeing him only to have to say the same things again

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I can understand you feeling apprehensive and worried about your dogs but you have to put yourself first and you need your gallbladder out for comfort and its one less thing to worry about health wise. Can you use this time now before your op to sort out dog walker , minder while you recover... my oh had keyhole surgery and even with his lung condition they only keep him in overnight as a precaution and he was back at work after 6 weeks he wanted to go back after 4 but I am afraid I caused a scene as he does do lifting

Good luck with GP tomorrow

VG x


saw gp this pm after thinking should I cancel my appt.he hadn't had scan results of ct scan I had a couple of weeks ago.did talk over things but with my poor fibromalgic(!!!)memory forgot to say if I hadn't "gone private" would never had gallstones discovered.he did say that he hoped gallbladder removal will sort my stomach probs.will;ahve to wait and see.he went back thru my records and said I d has probs fro 18 months.he said I also had osteoarthritis in my fingers.


hello VG

I have put my dogs into kennels fro a couple of days in the past when I had appts and a day op,my only concern is the kennels will be fully booked as its summer time and wot be able to take them at short notice.i cant book them until I have received a date fro op.i could leave one of them at my brothers at a last resort he ahs 3 dogs and my eldest dog has never got on with them so he couldn't stay there

there is possibly a friend who could have him overnight as she is someone he knows and likes to visit.she has recently lost her dog and its probably unfair to ask her and the other friend I have has cats so that's a no no.


Hopefully you will only need the keyhole procedure, then you will be OK in a day or two to walk your dogs.

I am sure that your friend who has recently lost her dog would be glad to help you out - she knows how precious pets are to their owners, and it might help her to get over her grief.

I hope you can get this done soon and then your mind will be at rest.

Take care,

Moffy x


my brother said he will take my Annie if need be and if I cant get them into kennels.buster is more of a problem as he is insecure and hates me leaving him ,doesn't like cats so that only leaves this friend to have him .will have to wait til op date comes thru and see if kennels have vacancies


hospital op date confirmed and dogs booked into kennels.


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