that dreaded envelope

today got off to a good start .had a lovely walk with my dogs on the beach.went into town to pick up my prescription .pop round to see a friend and got home to find amongst my post that dreaded envelope from Atos containing the form.i glanced thru the form and thought I cannot deal with this and burst into dr did say he would support me should I go and see him again or speak to him.i fhe dismisses that I have thyroid problems and lupus then is he really going to support me.

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  • Hi anbuna, I'm with you, I also received mine only a month ago and I was feeling pretty much like you, how else...? I filled the questionnaire which should be enough but I'm waiting now for the Atos invitation letter to be assesses again. I was told by CAB, they helped me last year with everything and I think they did all they could, if I have the assessment before not sure now if now september or october it'll be the same as last year regarding getting the same amount in case of having to appeal until the appeal is done. But after this date if you appeal you are giving whatever they give you until it's resolved. You also need to be approved for teh appeal you can't just appeal straight away. I guess it's all done in order to help the sick and disable so don't worry we should get the support that is available for people in our great and privileged situation. Sorry for the ironic and sarcastic comment!!!!!!!! I get so upset when I think about it and I am having an extra awful time at the moment. Get help, don't doubt it, and all the best.

  • hello Smily,i don't think i can fill out the questionnaire on my own and am intending to go to the CAB.the questions seem pretty basic without scope to add much else.?.i cannot do anything with my confused slightly,did the CAB help you this time?cant get an appt to see my DR so have made one to see another .(try and get thyroid tests).

  • Never just fill in the boxes and tick boxes, and play their game. Get someone to type out the answers to each question, then staple that to the form. Give loads of detail for each question, and if nothing has changed, say so. Send the answers from the last time you filled it in too. Send a letter of support from your doctor saying you are still ill, nothing has changed, get letters from friends who know you well and anyone who helps you.

    Good luck.

  • If you have time the cab should be able to help you, but call them as soon as possible

  • I guess I am not alone in this but in 2005 I was declared unfit to well as my hands being bad my mnetal state leaves a lot to be desired.when I get th equestionaire completed should type anything extra with all thes emistake si make sothey can see m y hands don't wortk.??or stoick to pen which can thold very long either.

  • I would have got the cab to help me with the questionnaire if it wasn't because I got the wrong information over the phone and an adviser told me to ignore the questionnaire. I didn't know how long they had given me since last year so when I got the quesationnaire i called them to ask what was about. The adviser could have seen in my records that i was due for assessment after a year as I was later explained but instead she said if i was you I would ignore it - And so I did. Then, I received another letter from DWP telling me I have two days to fill up the questionnaire or they will cut my ESA. I had to do it online straight away and under so much stress, so, now, I didn't have the time to have help fom the cab. This year, anyways, teh government has drastically cut funding for cabs so they work differently and do not seem to have the specialised lawyers they used to have. The other volunteers are unfortunately not so good, indeed I got only low care dla because of initially filling the form wrong with one of them. yet, I am sure it's better than nothing, hopefully some will have more experience and won't make at least important mistakes. These questionnaires are all but straightforward, in reailty you need to know so much about what they mean and what to know about every single question.Benefits and work website and info really help, I think, I used their help to do it but you need to concentrate in it and with the fibro fog is such a mission, and there's never guaranty you are doing it right. I highly recommend you become a member if you are not yet.

  • don tmean to appear thick but is that become a member of benefits and work website?

  • Post here and ask for a mod to send you the descriptors from Benefit and work web site.

  • a mod??

  • registerewd with the website.just spent half the morning printing off the 84 page guide re ESA

  • You won't regret it. I got the same questionnaire from the cab yesterday and they don't explain what it is they way you need to understand the questions at all. If you have read this web site guide I'm sure you know what I mean. I really hope it helps.

  • You will find the guides really helpful. Make sure you read the Atos notes on what they look for and DWP notes too. They sound straightforward questions, but they can trap you easily. You have to answer them in a specific way, but they do not tell you that. Crafty b*ggers.

    IMPORTANT - remember always put in every question, if you cannot do something, Reliably, safely and repeatedly, say so!!!! If you cannot, then this counts as being unable to do the activity.

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