my birds herbie and smokey joe

my birds herbie and smokey joe

just finishing a knitted blanket designed by Battersea Dogs Home -for their resident is of knitted square sewn together.slow process as hands prevent me doing anything fro too long.just had a thought fro next cross stitch project -my birds,considering just stitching the birds and the perch-maybe the cage bars.and I would love to stitch pics of my dogs-that's a long way off if I do and

hopefully will be able to do more once had op on my hand and dogs permitting!

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  • Morning Anbuma I love budgies, we always had one as children and though we havnt had a budgie for years we do have a scruffy looking cockateil who only knows a few words, all food related. Millet. biscuits, toast and chips.

    That reminds me. our grand daughter had a toy budgie for xmas. it repeats what you say. My son, her uncle had a great time teaching it mild swear words. she was not amused, but we were, after she was in bed we adults sat watching tv with this toy bird shouting out swear words at random intervals. usually at the most inappropriate times.

    Silly i know but it had us crying with laughter.

    My daughter say that it has now forgotten them.

    I am looking forward to seeing your latest projects. my computer is still not talking to my camera so when it is sorted i will have to try and get everything in one photo.

    Oh and my Nana couldnt say budgerigar so called hers the bu**er bird. :P

  • HI Mayrose .i have had budgies ever since i bought my first flat-as i was working at the time and i couldnt have pets so got birds i keep replacing them when i lose one.

    talking of talking to birds -several of mine sing along to the eastenders theme tune as soon as it comes on -must be catchy enough for them to sing to.maybe i should invest in such a toy they might speak more.

  • Hi again, I am afraid that you are fighting a losing battle. :)

    I you have two or more birds they copy each other instead of a human voice.

    We once had a cockateil that always clicked out the rythm of the star treck series and all these years later whenever i hear it i think or him.

  • Oh they are cute, I love budgies but I have enough trouble with my dog without adding birds to the mix. We were in the pet store the other day and I saw the cutest bird and was nearly swayed into buying one :)

  • They are really beautiful, I love birds. I have two cockatiels and they are really tame.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • ken i have always wanted lovebirds but making do with budgies.

    tiredalot-very appropriate username -describes how I(we)feel all the time.they dont take much looking after -making sure they have food and water and cleaning the cage twice a week.

    such strong winds -so not brave enough to venture out with Tv either so guess its housework where i can

  • I do not blame you not going out with the dogs today. The wind and rain in Derby is awful. I was expecting visitors this evening but they have cancelled because of the weather.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • hi ken eventually gave in to Buster who wanted to go for his walk-winds had dropped a little by then but didnt go far.most damage here was stuff being blown around the garden-saw on the news that scotland got hit badly with damage to properties and trees uprooted.

    took Annie for her afternoon walk alone cos Buster didnt want to go.this got cut short cos another dog came running on the field and went straight for her.Annie wasnt on her lead but she was at my side and as soon as i saw this other dog i grabbed her harness and it still came at her.i kept hold of her harness yet she managed to pull me over and pin this dog down tho she never bit it-it was her that was screaming and shaken.i heard this woman calling the dog from down the street but she never came near -only standing at the end of the path and she never saw what had happened made no attempt to get her dog.she then walked off and i heard her get into a car without a backward glance or any apology.this isnt the first time this dog has run onto the field.i was going to continue the walk and then realising Annie was shaken i turned around and walked down the street where this dog had come from only to see the back end of her car disappearing .got home and called the police.police came round about 90 minutes later and took details and then went off to find her.they came back about 2 hours later and said she had warned this woman to keep her dog under control and on a lead when getting into the car.the police told me she said that both dogs were off lead.,i replied i rarely let Annie off her lead and they dont go out my gate unless they are on leads even if it is just getting into a car.

  • Sorry to read that and I hope that Annie is okay? Some dog owners are just so inconsiderate, she could have at least apologised to you. Hopefully she will control her dog since the police have spoken to her.

  • thanks Ken.she is.havent found any puncture wounds on apology wouldnt have gone amiss.if it were mine i would have apologised but as you say some people have no consideration.i can imagine shes one of these people who dont accept their dogs at fault.

  • They are lovely. I love their names. I used to breed budgies in an outdoor aviary (which started as just 1 in doors in a cage) but had to give up when we moved. We have just rescued 3 battery hens from the hen welfare trust and named them Fiona, Holly and linda. We got them on 22 December 14 and they were very skinny, scared and very bald. They are starting to settle now and realise that they are chickens by scratching the earth and preening. They are just starting to get their feathers back and they look all spikey with fluffy bits. Its really nice to see them acting like they should as they have not had this in their short lives. Im making a rod for my own back really as we are also getting a puppy in 2 weeks time. I cant wait. I have missed having animals around me and it makes me feel guilty getting them but I am lucky that my OH is willing to clean out pens and walk dogs. Gentle hugs to all Joolz.x

  • hi Joolz.i wouldn't feel guilty I think having a pup is wonderful.i look at it as an addition to the Annie was 4 months old when I adopted her from the local rescue kennels and on hindsight I should have got her a cage/crate cos she destroyed the house whenever left alone.i did buy her a playpen which had soft walls which didn't keep her in.i remember going out one day and came home to find the coat rack and my coats on the floor.she must have pulled at my coat until it came off the wall.then there was the time I came home to find the contents of my bathroom litter bin all over the lounge floor.she must have made loads of trips upstairs and down again.i wouldnt be without my dogs ,they are my family and best not sure if id ever get a puppy again but maybe an older dog as they often get overlooked in kennels.

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