Friday seeming like sunday

hi everyone.,hope everyone isn't "snowed in",had none here tho very cold and sunny yesterday.why do I wake and think every day is sunday and have to look at the tv guide to check what day it is?had bloods ,xray and seen dermatologist all on the same day(wednesday)and took dogs out for twenty minutes as couldn't give them a walk before I went.-so tired after all that slept all along 2 week wait for results.hope they show up something and give me some long awaited answers,seeing my own gp re swelling on 5th which hasn't gone down at all .have to apply lotions and wear bandages on legs for skin rashes.

hope to discuss with gp headpain and bone growth -now in forehead,brow bone and cheek bone as well as nose.face is well swollen -as long as he doesn't say its fibro!!which is his answer for everything.

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  • Golly, you're smarter than me, I couldn't tell which day of the week it is by looking at a TV guide, I'd be even more muddled ! :o

  • hi foggy.thats if I remember to turn it over to the next day the night before-or turn tv on,

  • I have to check the day and date by the on-screen tv guide too!

    one week had 3 wednesdays :D

  • so glad im not alone.ive missed gp appointments cos I didn't know what day it was.

  • Hi anbuma

    I am keeping my fingers crossed for your test results, I hope that you get some answers. I also hope that the snow clears, I really don't like the snow.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thank you ken.thought last night id have an early night which didnt pay off -woke at 3am,just woke again 7am -with both dogs on my bed.feeling awful pain,nauseous and worst pressure on stomach.still have concerns it so many long-term signs and comments from gps,other members (and my dogs' concern ) and organisations tell me so.

    have you had much snow?none here-today again wet and windy,on opening curtains.

  • Not had much snow at all and every time a layer settles it rains and washes it away. Hope that you manage to get some quality sleep but when you are not well it is difficult to do.

  • checked my appointments on the surgery's website and they have booked another "bloods"appointment at end of feb.have they found something or is it routine?why wait a month if they have found something?

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