Depression and fibro does this go hand in hand. Had depression before fibro diagnosed 2 years ago.Messed up with meds was on Duloxetine

Duloxetine was working for me but not 100%. Changed to Repoxetine could not take. Awake all the time. Spent last 2 weeks crying and now doc cannot get in touch with psych as no hols and put me on fluoxetine. Dizzy and just sitting about stopped crying but feel so tired.

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  • Oh I do feel for you. Unfortunately depressive episodes is something most of us have to battle with alongside fm. Hopefully this will pass sooner than later. Fatigue is also part of it, and if you can sleep it's probably the best thing for you right now, and then get hold of your doctor asap.

    Hopefully you can rest, if you need support in the meantime, there is usually someone around on here. Take care. xx

  • I hate these episodes and the fatigue is just awful I cannot get motivated at all still in bed my husband is a treasure and I am so lucky to have him but I worry about that as he has prostate cancer although it is under control hopefully. I shall go to see the GP tomorrow or tuesday.

    Thanks for your supportxx

  • Well no wonder you're struggling. These things can be scary, and 'Treasures' are not easy to find! :) If you can, let me know how you get on at the doctors.

    Fingers X. xx Tulip

  • I relate completely to how you are feeling, and I understand completely your worries for your husband as mine has just had needle biopses on his prostate. He is my lifeline and my soulmate, and I feel exhausted most of the time and in pain and I feel guilty that I cannot support him as well as I should. I am always putting off seeing the doctor because I feel my husband's needs are greater. I think that you though should go to your GP and say how you are

  • Hi geewii

    Spoke to gp this week. She was right got to

    Stick with it will improve. I think meds kicking in

    and sunshine helping.

    Hope you husband gets help soon know how

    that makes you anxious.

    Its a vicious circle but we have to keep trying.

    Thanks for words of support I send same to you.

    Gentle Hugs


  • Morning Hope you managed some sleep and feel a little better this morning? Please remember to make a docs app this week and also try a little pampering you deserve a kittke looking after xgins

  • Thanks for your concern. Yes I am going to GP this week the Fluoxetine side effects not settling down after 10 days and not much better cant get rid of headache and socializing and motivation lost for 2 weeks now. What a moaner the sun is out that is something. Will report on GP. Thanks I try to have pampering as suggested.xmerlinmac

  • I hope you've had some sleep or rest at least, and that it has helped. If you're still feeling dizzy think about speaking with the weekend doctors? Definitely see your gp this week.

    Take care x

  • Yes managed a few hours kept still so that was good. Going to GP tomorrow or Tuesday my face is swelling a bit I think due to Fluoxetine so tired and very antisocial. Wish it wasnt so hard to motivate yourself its difficult telling people about it. The dizzy thing is better but got headache still thanks for caring xx

  • Let us know how you get on.

  • Hi suffolklass just had breakfast with sun on me lovely. Going to speak to GP over phone she igood like that. I think I just have to wait to see the psych on 13th he is away on holiday thats why GP put me on fluoxetine as could not take the Repoxetine too many side effects. Dont know about you but I dont take medication well have too many side effects seem to be extremely sensitive. Fingers crossed headache a lot better this am. Thanks for support Merlinmac xxx

  • Sometimes it takes a few days for med's to settle in, hopefully that's the case for you and that it's easing as you go. I'm fairly lucky and don't have drastic problems with med'n.

    Sun is good, I'm waiting for table and chairs to be delivered so I can sit out and enjoy it.

    Take care and fingers crossed.

  • I hope table comes soon and you enjoy it. Will keep taking drugs and hope for better day. Enjoy the sun dont get burnt merlinmac

  • Silly person in Homebase told me delivery today, they actually booked it for next Saturday!!! So pleased I phoned to check time.

  • Hi just reporting did not go to GP spoke to her on the phone. She want me to continue as I am referred me for CBT and spoke to my psychiatrist and he is trying to get to see me before the 13th. Just got to struggle on with this fatigue and fog and pain as fluoxetine will not have kicked in yet. What can I do? Thanks for your concern and support.merlinmac x

  • You're on the right way up. Depression really is horrible and it can be difficult to hang on, you have a lot going on at home and cbt will help you to manage. Rest when you can if you need to. Try not to worry about the fog because it'll make it worse, turn it into a joke if you can, my kids think it's hilarious. Even if you have to wait for the 13th, hopefully not, but it is getting closer. I do hope things improve for you and your husband too.

  • Hi Merlinmac ive just been put on duloxetine im taking 60mg what dose was you on xxxx

  • Hi chambers yes I was on 60mg at first then it went up been put back to 60mg when coming off but the gp and psych need to get in touch with each other. I am very sensitive to medication and get bad side effects. I was ok on this but venlafaxine was the best for me. Hope this helps have a good day merlinmac xx

  • Hi Merlinmac thank you for replying im on 60mg i sleep well at moment so i hope it stays that way pain seems beta but it could be warm weather cus that sometimes helps hope you have had a good day speak again thank you xxx

  • Hi I've tried Duloxetine but it hurt my stomach so badly I had to come off them. I'm currently on amitriptyline 25mg and co-dydramol. It took about 3 months before I really noticed the change but so far I've been lucky with this combination as its helping me with the pain, depression and sleep (something I never seem to get enough of). Maybe you can find out about these meds if you haven't tried them already.

    Big gentle Hugs xx

  • Hi curlyloxx

    Thanks for info. Cannot take amitriptyline as get

    pacing probs cant keep still it was terrible. Fluoxeyine kicking in.

    I see the psychiatrist next week so will keep going

    weather helping hope it makes you feel better as well.

    Thanks and hugs


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