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can anybody please help me I have had fibro for 2 years now although it was there long before. I have just been told that I am fit for work,

I cannot remember a time when I wasnt in pain,just had a medical and what the assesser siad in the report is so un true I need help to get and out of bed,bath help to dress,cant make a meal( no stregth) there are stopping my incapacity and say I am not entilted to esa Has anybody else has this happen t them I dont know which way to turn can sombody please help

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You should put in an appeal and gather as much info from your doctors as you can. Also phone the DWP and request a copy of the assessment result, see if there are any anomalies.


Thank you Beckh there was the report of what was said at the interview but its all full of untruths and a lt has been missed out. I have phone and put in a appeal but have been told to claim jobseekers


Hi jar1

I am so sorry to read that you have been put in this situation, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

I also think that you should appeal. I have pasted the FibroAction website link below, and I really hope that you find it useful:

Good luck and please keep us all up to date with how you get on.

Take care



Hi there jar1 :)

Yes, I'm afraid that there are many of us that have experienced this.

You can appeal the decision to see if they will overturn it if they say no then appeal to go to tribunal.

Contact the DWP and request a copy of your report

Then contact an advocacy service such as the Citizens Advice Bureau:

The Citizens Advice service helps people resolve their legal, money and other problems by providing free, independent and confidential advice, both online and in-person at a network of local bureaux across the UK.

.......................Taken from this page: on the benefits and support section of our mother site, where you will also find a wealth of other information :)

They will look at your report and help you put in your appeal for reconsideration of their decision and also go on to the appeal tribunal if the DWP don't change their mind.

You can also get further information from or

I hope this information is useful for you, please let us know how you get on and don't be afraid to ask any questions.

:) xxxsianxxx :)


The Author and Zeb 73 thank you so much for this info at the moment I have apply for a Mandatory Reconsideration which I am told will take any thing up to 4 weeks.But in the mean time I will gather as much info that I can about my health records. My last payment is due on the 4th April but have been told to apply for jobseekers and then somene said I cant apply because until the 4th April I still get Incapacity Benefit ( mine hasnt been changed yet)


Have you contacted the CAB to help with the mandatory reconsideration, they'll also know what forms etc you will need to fill in or they can fill them in for you :)

Also contact DWP to get that report :O and ask what you should be claiming for -- just for clarification purposes :) The CAB will help to alleviate some of the stress of it all for you they help to gather information too and I can't advise you enough to contact them :)

Sorry if I sound like a stuck record, just holler if you need anything I'll be dotting about and will help if I can :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Thank you so much I feel like shite most days but this has really made me feel worthless and a liar. and I will be going to the cab om monday xxx


Hey the DWP have a knack of making us feel worse than we already are. We're here for advice and support and a good place to vent the steam that comes along with it.

Keep strong and remember you're not alone xxx

:) xxxsianxxx :)


omg zeb 73 I am now in floods was feeling so alone THANK YOU xxxx


Gentle hugs Sue xxx


{{{jar1}}} fluffie hugs :)


Yes this happened to me too. The stress it caused me was intolerable. ATOS medical report was a complete work of fiction.I am still suffering with the pain that was caused when forced to do the physical tests and am currently having lignocaine injections in right shoulder because of having to raise and rotate my right arm. I was also taken off long term incapacity benefit and treated like a fraud. Thankfully ATOS will be out and I dont give ATOS either.They have no idea about humanity and pick on weak and disabled people who cannot defend themselves.I appealed and a catalogue of mistakes disasters and cock ups occurred. Now CAB are helping me. I would like to suggest them. You really need representation. Appeal and if they say no.Just reapply again.I will not give up. So please dont you. They are not qualified to test people really. Proof is my injury.


Yes although i dont have fibro i hav many other health issues i was told the same so i cannot stress enough how u need to appeal i did they have to pay u while u wait for tribunal whichcan take up to a year but u may well win get your cab involved as they are a great help good luck x x


Thank you all for your support.

I just keep reading the report and cannot belive how he twisted my words

example me on a good day I can wipe the side down

report says she can do housework,tidy up,vacuum use washing machine, WONDER WOMEN

All your support has put me in a different (postive) frame of mind ty ty ty xxxx


If you can... complain to your M.P.

Descriptor....... A.....wful.T.....otal O.....rganisation.of S....hits. Acronym.

Descriptors......They are not fit for purpose.

Descriptors...... They work on commission.

Descriptors.......They are spinelesss

Descriptors.....They are not qualified

Descriptors....... They can lie and ignore doctors advice and letters.

We have to do these things. This surely does not mean that you are well enough to work with your illness. They make assumptions make things up and then ask for evidence that is hard to produce and they know it. How do you prove that you can only wipe down a surface? They have lost the plot. Take a photo? Phone a friend? They make my blood boil. A rheumotologist should have assessed you. They also think they are disability analysts. well thats a complete joke. I would like to see the evidence.Fight them! make it your purpose to expose them as they are.

I am in lots of pain now as stress causes my condition to become much worse.Please have courage. You will now be put through purgatory with brown envelopes and trying to prove the most ridiculous lies they have made up. Be strong. If you lose your appeal you will certainly feel worse. Apply again. The system is corrupt and the government know it. Disability lawyers where are you?


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