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Oxalate will it or not

Well my husband grows runner beans which is suppose to

Be the highest in oxalate

For people who don't know oxalate is according to a doctor

In a national paper the substance that she believed caused her

The pain in fibro, the substance that is in a lot of food

That we eat.

Well as I have stated my husband grows runner beans, so

With a big helping to night, I love runner beans, it will be

Interesting to know if my pain grows worse, of course I don't

Know how much oxalate I need to eat. I have eaten a lot

Of food containing it today but maybe I need to eat lots

For days or even months

Or how long before the food gets into my system, or if

It effects different people in different ways.

I will let you all know I also eat lots of blue Berry which

Is full,of oxalates

I hope it will not have any effect as this oxalate is in such a

Lot of good food,

But if if does have the more pain effect then may be I will

Join all those people who are following the diet, but what

About my beans tea coffee coke chocolate oh it would

Be worth it to be pain free

I think ts nonsense myself but you never know,


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As there is yet no cure for fibro,I think it is worth trying this diet to see if it helps and if it doesn't help then no harm is done. yet nobody ever seems to challenge all these horrible drugs we are supposed to take which have horrific side effects! half of us are just walking zombies much of the time or not walking but in bed, so

I think we should try everything that may help which is not a drug! xxx have a good evening all xxx


Oh I agree with you I just can't see how will,work, if I find that

I feel worse then I to will try the diet well,it's not a diet it's just

Being careful with foods that have oxalate in it.

Medication is the pits and I think some times it is as bad as

The pain over the years I have tried lots of things that have

Supposed to work so,I,am a bit of a unbeliever,

But that does not mean that I will not give it a go


I read the article from the G/P with great interest,not just about the restricting certain fruit and veg but that a English G/P has Fibromyalgia!! I am not mad after all!! It's certainly worth a go,good luck xx


As you say, it's got to be worth a try, but after trying many 'wonder diets' I am doubtful about this. It may well be that the GP in question has just had a spontaneous remission, and her symptoms may return.

What I do know is that a healthy varied diet will help in the management of almost all diseases. Because of a tendency to put on weight I follow a well-known eating plan which I obviously can't mention, but it involves many foods which can be eaten freely. (I really hope this hasn't given anyone a clue!) ;0)

This helps me to stay nice and slim and has the double benefit of being well-balanced and nutritious.

I also concentrate quite heavily on foods which are known to have an anti-inflammatory tendency, such as fish, and wait for it .... green beans, blueberries and spinach ... all high in oxalates.

I certainly don't feel any worse for eating these foods, but have noticed that the nightshade family - peppers. tomatoes, new potatoes - do seem to affect me for the worse if I eat a lot of them.

My advice would be to stick to a very healthy balanced diet, low in saturated fat, salt and sugar, and to avoid any food which you notice has upset you.

Hope you find an improvement soon ... luv ... Moffy xx


Hi Moffy

Was just thinking my friend eats lots of blueberries as part of following an anti inflammatory diet. (Wasnt going to say - cause I got told off for it last time) My friend had the spinach, blueberries, tart cherries etc and she did get worse before she got better.



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