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Anyone else heard of the stone age diet and it's positive effects??

Hi there,

I was talking to my osteopath this morning and he advised me of a friend of his who always suffered with muscle pain/spasms etc. Anyway, after lots of consultations (and we all know what that is like) she finally went to see someone who suggested that she had a muscle allergy. I have no idea what that is, but she was recommended the 'Stone Age Diet' or 'Paleo diet' and she has since been pain free.

I have googled it and, as the name suggests, it is basic as it examines the fact that a human's diet has changed dramatically but evolution has not, and our stomachs are unable to process the sorts of food we now eat, hence lots of problems.

I might give it a go and see if it works as would love to not experience pain again, at least not the everyday sort!

Anyone else tried it?

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A friend of mine is a great fan of the paleo diet. It has a lot of fibre and raw veg, which is good, but I wouldn't take it to extremes.

Caveman was obliged to eat a rough, raw and unrefined diet, often didn't get enough protein or calories and died early!

My advice would be to use your common sense - all the raw fruit and veg are good, as is restricting refined sugars and carbohydrates, but don't take it to extremes, or you will probably upset your stomach. There is no doubt that a sensible diet high in fibre, fruit and veg, with very little refined sugar is good for almost any condition, so good luck with it!

Moffy x


Be extra cautious if you have IBS as a diet like this may be triggering for an already sensitised gut.


Instead of something so radical which is pretty hard to stick to have a look at Zoe Harcombes ABC diet. She basically takes out all processed food and sugar from your diet but you can't eat fat with carbohydrate as it makes us store the fat. I'm on day 4 of phase one. My friend has done it with very good results in her pain levels.


Ok cool, thank you! I was going to do things like cut out bread, but not spelt bread as there are limits and I like bread too much! Lol! I have heard of the harcombe diet so i might look into that too. Teddy, i hope your pain levels are positively affected by the diet, be interesting to know :o) x


As a Dietitian, I can safely say, there is no diet out there to help Fibromyalgia that has any valid scientific/medical research behind it.

Eating a healthier balanced diet however, is good for all of us. But as others have warned, if you are prone to IBS be careful about sudden changes in fibre intake (particuarly insoluble fibre)

I can also safely say there is no such thing as a 'muscle allergy' unless it is someone who is actually allergic to mussels ;-)


That is what I wondered, muscle allergy did sound odd, but still it is interesting to know if there are things we can do to help ourselves. No idea about IBS not currently diagnosed at the mo, but there's still time!! Lol! I will look into it more and thank you :o)


Actually having pondered in the shower like you do, maybe the allergy does not mean what it seems to but more the reaction to certain foods which manifests itself in the muscles. An allergic reaction there rather than elsewhere. Also, there is little research on anything to do with FM particularly where diet is related, so it's all guess work, like you say. That research link that a lady posted the other day is to do with exercise, maybe someone in the field could look at diet. No matter what, FM is the gift that keeps on giving and if I can slow it down a bit or moderate it slowly I will do what I can!!


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