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Can someone tell me what I'm suppossed to eat???

Ok I've seen a nutritionist a few times and now I'm totally and utterly confused and very fed up and cross. I've lost 3.5 stone with slimming world but felt something just wasn't right,instead of feeling jubilant I felt so low. So I thought I would delve a bit deeper with a nutritionist. So she writes me out a new eating plan then when I saw her a second time she totally changed her mind and put me on a high protein diet to lift my mood. The only thing that has done is make me put on 6 pounds in three weeks. I'm also back on full fat yoghurt etc. no bread or cereal. No processed foods ( that bit I get totally). Milk has been changed to coconut milk. Also started on new supplements,the first lot made me go to the loo all day and I really really felt yuck. Tried reducing to one tablet a day and that didnt help. Getti g my money back on those. I've also had a kinesiology session with her to see if I was allergic to any of the supplements which showed I wasn't which was proved wro ng by my intolerance to the first set of supplements.

Talki g to a lady on another support group I'm part of for fibro she is now pain free due to eating a very bland diet,no dairy,gluten free. I'm just wondering what have I spent all my money on with this nutritionist and am also so fed up that the only way to be rid of the pain is to basically eat the most boring diet. Ahhhh well so be it, anyone else tried this way of eati g and has it worked for you?

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im on the most boring diet too every single day .havent lost much weight.but congrats to you and im still in pain.good luck x


Been gluten wheat lactose and all additive free for 2 weeks... I must say It wasn't very hard but expensive... Went to my gp today had ibs flare up for6 weeks now he says if I had been intolerant to these things I wouldn't have been free from ibs for 10 years it suddenly flared up out of the blue and it, hasn't helped the ibs one little bit. He basically told me to eat normal food small portions and has referred me to a specialist... He also said dairy was important for bones when you get to 40 plus and calcium tablets are as much use as a chocolate teapot.

I know I put on a stone with dosulepin don't like it but being fatter is better than no sleep

VG xx


I eat a normal diet but with no additives at all - no preservatives, no artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives or sweeteners. I make everything from scratch using all fresh produce. The only foods I have cut out completely are bread because it makes me feel bloated and cheese because it gives me migraines.

Other than that I eat all fresh vegetables and fruit, mostly chicken with occasional red meat and oily fish, salmon, tuna, white fish and prawns. I eat brown rice, wholemeal pasta and spaghetti too. I don't find that this diet bloats me and it has helped me manage my pain better and feel generally better too. The rice and pasta etc don't bloat me which is great. All sauces I make myself from pure ingredients.

This diet works for me and my family like it too which is a bonus! :) I have even managed to stop taking Amitriptyline because my symptoms were not so bad and on the whole I feel much better these days with my Fibro. :D


hi i dont think its what you eat that is making you feel low i think its just part of fibro???

i have just viewed the black dog video on youtube which someone posted yesterday its amazing. my gp said yesterday i have depression at the bottom of my heart i knewit.

i am not going to have the anti depreesants she prescribed i am going to join a gym so i can use a pool. i have also got a free app on my phone called my fitness pal its ace & give me something to focus on ive lost 3.5lb in one not a believer in these people who charge lots of money to tell you what to eat. find a new focus take your mind off other things see how you feel. hope you find something xxxxxxx


Hi I've had fibro for about five years, but only got diagnosed in January of this year. I was immediately put on loads of meds etc and not given any help and my fibro got worse. A couple of months ago I had gastroenteritis (never had it and never want it again)... the upshot was that obviously I couldn't eat anything for a week, and when I did start again it was all natural very bland food. Obviously I've not kept strictly to this but I have found that natural live yogurt (like yeo valley which I know is expensive), small fruits like berries but also bananas and increasing my fibre has really helped. I've also got out anything with soya emulsifiers and now take coenzymeQ10. This has really helped me and my fibro symptoms have been reduced dramatically. I am now taking no meds and only take the occasional painkiller. I'm also finding that my concentration is improving and things like spelling/memory are a lot better. Hope this helps. xxx


I'm going to stay off nuts that's for sure have been eating loads of them which hasn't helped my weight at all. I'm just amazed at how quickly the weight has gone on just with eating nuts and going to full fat yoghurt,that's all I'm eating that's different from slimming world. No chocolate at all. Going to stay with a bland diet and see if it helps at all. I wanted to see a nutritionist so. Would have someone to guide me but I will probably do a good enough job on my own without forking out the extra money. So much info out there but that's what gets confusing. However I'm not understanding the nutritionist either! I go to the gym twice a week so I hope that will stop me putting on too much weight. It was such an achievement and I just don't want to end up back where I was,I love being slim again.


Not sure if this is at all helpful, but I have suffered with IBS for over 40 years. Took all the horrid fibre stuff to help with constipation etc and other medication. Then when I hit the menopause my weight ballooned and I had such terrible symptoms with IBS. In desperation I started cutting out the well known usual triggers. When I got to wheat and went on a very strict wheat & gluten free diet, my weight stabilised and my symptoms all but disappeared. That was about 12 years ago. I still follow a mainly gluten & wheat free diet and my IBS is so much better. I do cheat occassionally, like a nice piece of cake or my beloved licourice! But that really is my choice. But as to helping with the pain of Fibro. Not a jot! I too eat a lot of natural yoghurt & fruit. Went really overboard for bananas at one stage, but can't seem to eat them at the moment. They are a good sorce of potassium tho'. So, in short, don't think it's any one thing that is good or bad for you. It depends on what your body tells you. Personally I think wine & chocolate are VERY uplifting! Others may say otherwise. Be so nice to have a definate answer that would help us all. Or failing that one simple medication that suits all. But like the vagaries of Fibro, we are all different. However, I am always open to any new ideas and game to try anything. Just keep an open mind. Last point. Why is it that all these 'special diets' etc are so expensive? As soon as the manufacturers take some thing OUT the price trebles! XX


I'm following a set diet now, which works well if I stick to it. I replace dairy with soya or lactose free. Grains I only have oats or rice. Potato is now sweet potato.

I've cut out caffeine, artificial sweetners, moulds (so mushroom quorn, yeaast, cheese).

I don't have nightshades (have a look at the lectin story, which does google)

I'm conscious of trying to stay alkaline (have a look at acid / alkaline foods. There are lists on google)

I drink plenty of fresh water, no alcohol (well not much)

I only have meat once a week (ish) having mostly fish meals now. Egg is avoided, but I do pouch one occasionally.

Banana is avoided which surprised me. Melon and raspberry is highly recommended

I can copy my diet sheet if you like. I got it from the Rosedale clinic in Reading . His treatment has been amazing.

I found for years that food was sooooo confusing. I kept chopping and changing. It's a real blessing to know what's safe now (even if I do give in occasionally )I've been stuck for a while with craving carbs. Recently found out that the problem is bad oils ! Canola, corn oil, rapeseed oil, .... They're all addictive and highly toxic

MSG and aspartame are again highly addictive and toxic.

You crave what you can't have....

I'm beginning to find cravings can be kept down with good old celery and fresh hummus.

I haven't had an IBS attack for about a year now. I've lost a stone in weight but still need to lose another.

I've taken up qi gong. I follow the 18 movements of shibashi, which I found for free. Look up there's a good little video on there which is free.

Good luck finding what works for you xxx


After 20+ years of fibro and a lot of other permanent illnesses I gave up trying to eat for eat illness as advised. My present situation is to put a few more calories into tmy diet to account for weight loss caused by COPD & Emphysema. But I cannot add calories or I would balloon. So now I just eat normally but sensibly. If hubby is doing a roast I have half the amount of what they are having, and they heap theirs up lol when it's a roast. And I replce the potatoes with parsnips(I just had to go and ask hubby what they were called). I think just watching your portions is enough and make sure you eat fruit and veg too xxxxx


Stepper could you copy that diet sheet for me? That sounds very interesting. I could send you my email address through pm?


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