Foggy or what!

Foggy or what!

How's this for fibro fog?

For several days I have been aware of a faint, but rather unpleasant smell in my flat.

I did all the usual things, cleaned the bins, did all the laundry, put soda and bleach down the drains, sniffed my own armpits - you know how it is.

Well, this morning the smell was getting really strong, and I thought, oh, heck, what if someone calls? :O

While I was pondering what to do next, I thought that I would peel the spuds for dinner. I opened the saucepan cupboard and the pong nearly knocked me over. Somehow, I had managed to put a dirty saucepan back in the cupboard, and it contained four-day-old broccoli and a dribble of cooking water --- YEUKK!

Several gallons of hot water and some lemon Cif later, things are returning to normal chez moi, but I'm still wondering how I did such a stupid thing!

Moffy x

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  • I,m not wondering at all...... Your mind has been full of other things


    VG :D

  • True! Smiles enigmatically :)

    Moffy x

  • Ha ha glad you found the problem.....I'm wondering about you checking the bins and your armpits, do they smell similar or do you have broccoli scented doederant....;)

  • You really don't want to know ...

    Lets just say we keep the volunteers hut door open :)

  • How mean! You know I take a bath annually - even if i don't need it! :)

    Moffy x

  • * Deodorant!

  • I feel truly happy it know I am not the only one who does things like this. Puts clothes peg firmly in her nose and squirts the Febreze everywhere.



  • Oh goody - a fellow fibro-twit! :)

    Moffy x

  • That's better than squirting fe breeze up your nose and throwing clothes pegs around the house :)

  • Glad it wasn't me causing the smell..............

    Foggy x

  • Heehee - they don't call me 'skunk' for nothing! :D

    Moffy x

  • Surely not ???? That has other connotations 8)

    Foggy x

  • This must be catching.

    I put potatoes on for my OH dinner. Went upstairs, came down, put my own dinner in the oven (OH is in late so I was eating first) potatoes were for him to bring dinner to work tomorrow, Anyway had a chat with my son when he came in to tell me all about his very last day in college/uni, fed the dogs, went to get my dinner from the oven, nearly an hour later and wondered why there was a pot on the hob? Oooops! Lucky OH is understanding:) and I had used the last of the potatoes,,,he's home now putting his pot noodles in his bag for work tomorrow, a 13 hour shift!

  • Potatoes are in the bin!

  • so many times I have put my oven on or put a fry pan onto heat up and gone away to do something and then wonder what the burning smell is.had a house fire in 2007 cos put oven on and a chicken in to cook thinking it will be ready by the time I get back from walking my dog.i came home to smoke pouring out thru the walls and flames licking up to the turned out where I left the chip pan on the top I hadn't turned that ring off the night before -only turning the oven off at the main switch.needless to say I went out and bought a deep fryer.

    The fireman said the chicken was perfectly cooked .had a month of staying at a hotel.

  • I used to love cooking but we're not really friends anymore. I have moist count with the amounts of things I have ruined because I forgot I'm cooking them. Needless to say freezer filled with food and I'm very lucky to have a hubby who enjoys cooking :-)

  • By moist I actually meant lost.... Fat finger typo errors strike again

  • Ha ha, so easy to do. I've done similar things. It can be a bit unsettling, well it is for me I start to think I've got early onset dementia. A few months ago I couldn't find one of my pyrex bowls. Went to use the microwave found it in there with sweetcorn and peas and water (I was going to use for an accompaniment to tea a while ago) the bowl and inside of the microwave were covered in mould. I can no longer moan at my husband for leaving things lying around in the kitchen. Albeit I have an excuse. Lol.

    Becky. X

  • Monday i diced a red pepper ..put the pips and stork in a dish and diced pepper in the bin ..........

  • I do sympathise! My husband found some chickem breasts, that I shoudl have put in the fridge, in the kitchen cupboard after several days - he found them by the pong, of course! I don't think I'm ever going to hear the end of that one - every time I've lost something he asks if it's in the cupboard with the chicken!

  • My oh won't let me anywhere near the cooker anymore he says I'm a nightmare where cooking is concerned and where the freezer is concerned, I was digging around in the freezer a few months ago I had to take some things out to get to what he wanted, I thought I had put everything back in but a couple of weeks later there was a disgusting smell, turns out I'd knocked a pack of mince down beside the freezer it was gross It was maggot infested yuck, the time befoe I left out a tub of expensive icecream my tub of icecream boo hoo, so needless to say I'm no longer allowed to dig in the freezer. Sithy :-)

  • fibro-brain is a wonderful thing,, as long as you have a sense of humour!! I have found odd things in odd places,, found the sugar tin in the fridge this week and poured diet coke on my cornflakes! my son gave me a helpful idea,, he said BEFORE I go in the kitchen to cook I should have a vague notion of how long it should take to cook whatever i'm intending to do,, then set an alarm for ten to fifteen minutes after that time,, that way if I can go back and check I have "turned off the kitchen" ,,it actually works quite well,, when I remember to set the alarm! lol,,x

  • Thanks for the lighthearted banter. Is lifting me no end.


  • Awhhh, Garda - I'm sorry if you're feeling down.

    To be honest that's why quite a few of us enjoy bit of tomfoolery - it makes us feel a lot better. Some people in the past have criticised us for being 'silly' - but it's not a compulsory read, and if only one person feels lifted then it's worthwhile!

    I hope you'll continue to feel cheered and that life improves all round for you! :)

    Moffy x

  • I once put milk on the shoe rack, and my shoes in the fridge. And that was before fibro ...

  • I often put my purse in the fridge - talk about 'frozen assets'! :D

    Moffy x

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