Fibro fog or what????? Head going

I cant believe i did this , i was on the internet looking for a christening gift as

I have been asked to be god mother to my grest niece any how while i was looking i came across a confirmation prayer book "" i thought i would be organised and order this for my great nephew who I THOUGHT he was making it in june any how it arrived today and i was so pleased with it.

To cut the story short he visted me today and got his school books out and started to read i was checking on him whdn i motice he had a confirmation book marker , " i asked what he was doing with a confirmation bookarket"

He replayed sure i made it in early feburary

WELL I COULD NOT SPEAK he asked me what was wrong now he is only 10


His replay was sure you took all my photoes and got me a lovely album done well that made it worse he said sure give me it and its between us way i got it

HOW DAFF did i feel , i had no memory of it when i notdered book and received it and i am 47 what am i not going to be like ???

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  • So sorry ibtead tbis twice and now i only see the spelling mishaps Opps

  • God thats worse thats it no mote blogs for me lol

  • I get like that at times. My memory goes blank totally and in some cases it has had a funny outcome. I try not to let it bother me too much though ... Although my short term memory is crappy, the think I originally forgot about comes back in the longterm memory. How odd. :)

  • dont worry about it, some of its fibro fog and i think some of it is medication. Couple of months ago i paid one credit card twice but didnt pay my other one. First i knew was when i got a £12 default charge for non payment. I was so angry i knew i had paid it. Untill mmy other card statement came and i was in credit - oops!!! We have to laugh otherwise we would cry.

  • my daughters don.t think fibro causes a brain fog, they just say I am being lazy with my brain, if they only knew, but hey ho just keep laughing and carrying on

  • i asked to see the man who told me that i had fybro 5 years ago and that i needed to ask him more about it! my G.P. SAID I WAS DEPRESSED!i have been to the clinic for 5 trips now?THEY say i am not depressed i do not know if i am coming or going???am so muddled in my brain keep forgetting things . no one cares glad i have my dogs to cuddle!!!

  • why dont people believe us that makesme feel ,depressed, and it always seemd to worse at night the pain restless nights and though tired cannot sleep

    properly though i take two amp a nd cannot even spell correctly at times, feel life does not want me to enjoy it

    hugs from carolxx

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