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my dla visit


so the doctor turned up at 11-45 male

he asked me

what I suffer with even though he had a list the dla had given hi and only 4 of what I had written down were on his list

what happens fro when I go to bed

do I wake up do I go to the loo what tie I get up what do I do what help I get do I do house work cooing preparing shopping etc. even thoe I had this all written down how far I can walk I had to take 5 steps with y stick told hi I was in pain so he told me that was enough, asked me to lift arm until the pain bend un till pain what medication was I taken and what side affects I had did I drive etc. interview finished he then told me some interesting information

firstly he does 5 of these interviews a month he is a gp

a person in London who is none medical will have my original dla forms his forms any from gp and consultants he will then make a decision and I will hear in 4 - 6 weeks.

he then sat out in his car for about 10 minutes im sure he was watching me during the interview I had to take medication as I was in pain and I sat and stood through out the interview because of the pain will let you all know when I hear anything.

he was very nice and said he didn't understand why it goes to a none gp person but he said they sit in a nice office and they make the decision . he also said there is no medication that really cures fms just helps

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Glad you are through it. He sounds reasonably ok I am glad now we wait and see what happens next.

Best of Luck xgins

Good to hear he was nice. It's madness that a non medical person makes the choices.



i said that don't make sense the doctor agreed. he said its the new way of doing things. but I not goanna say I wasn't panicking as I was I had a sleepless night and I in a lot of pain im just glad for now its over I wait for the next stage now which will prop be appeals going by most of everyone refusals

Sounds like he was a reasonable human many of them seem to be less than pleasant judging by what people have reported. Try not to worry too much. I know that is easier said than done as I am one of the world's worst worriers. At least it is over. Be gentle with yourself and try to keep positive. Hugs Saskia XX


Please don't assume you will have to go to appeal. I won my DLA award a few months ago after a visit from a Doctor who sounds very much like yours was.

Let us know.


When I had a doctor come out to my home she told me that in her opinion I was not fit for work and told me that if I was put into a work group I should appeal and I would win. When I got a copy of the report which she submitted she wrote that I WAS fit for work and had more mobility than I made out. How she came to that conclusion I will never know as she didn't ask me to stand up and I couldn't put my hands above my head when asked. I got a call from a benefits decision maker and following explaining the above to him he reversed the decision and I am now in a support group.

I have to admit that the whole process is quite upsetting but I guess everyone's case is different. Just don't give up, keep on until you get the result you deserve.

Hope it goes well for you x

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