How do you react to alcohol??

I find that alcohol (even just 1 glass of wine) makes me feel "really bad" and so have become teetotal (I used to be able to drink a bottle of wine no problem in my 20's) my husband has a glass of beer/lager when he comes in from work to "unwind" and makes "fun" of me because I don't drink. I also "feel guilty" if I am out at a social event when only drinking orange juice (I usually make the excuse that I am driving) Does anyone else feel like this? xx

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  • Yes, absolutely! At uni, i used to be able to drink all night, and I wasn't too bad in the morning, but now, I'm basically limited to one drink, and I have to chose that very carefully - wine is a no-go, dark spirits are the same, so I usually end up with something like Archers or an ale (with a fairly low percentage alcohol).

    I'm lucky, as my boyfriend has always had a very low tolerance to alcohol, and so keeps his intake to a low level too, but we both get accused of 'letting the side down' at times - we've learned to ignore them! Tell your hubby to give a bit more support!

    Sara xx

  • I also find that I cannot drink as much anymore, but I think this is done to constantly feeling so exhausted and the medication I take which helps me with pain and also to relax. Even though, my body feels worn out, my head is still spinning at 1400 rpm!

    Sharon x

  • I find that drinking alcohol makes my symptons much worse. My hands and fingers swell up and I get more bloated than normal, I get breathless also which I find very strange. It takes me at least 2 to 3 days afterwards to start feeling better. I used to be able to keep up with all my friends on a night out but I know if I do I will be so ill afterwards.

  • i do not touch it have not for years as i end up in bed really ill for about a week

  • Very occasionally I will have a drink but only when at home as even with just a few sips my legs turn to lead weights and I can't move, sometimes the arms go that way to. It goes off again in a reasonable time but then there is the fact that there will be no sleep that night for the pain and this as we know leads to days of trying to manage the symptoms again.

    As my friends say I am a cheap date :-)

  • I'm not able to tolerate any alchohol - it makes me feel alarmingly unwell.

  • thankyou all -- so relieved to hear that I am not the only one with "alcohol intolerance!" Bring on the orange juice :)

  • Hi phlebo123. I quit drinking last year in march my 39th bday, I was very open with all my friends and family and they all completly understand and to be honest, we all have enough going on without alcholo making things worse, be proud about being teetotal especially in this day an age, when its becoming more additive for alot of people, and remember phlebo123 it takes a strong person to make the changes we all have to for the sake of our health smiles and hugs xx

  • I a thurs fri in sat I enjoyed 2 drinks but now I only drink on a sat as if I drink I can only take Mornin meds no nite time so nx day I don't feel as well cause I miss note meds but it's ok so I can enjoy a drink best wishes Michelle

  • hi i never was much of a drinker coz of my ex husband behavior.but im now teetotal and dont drink at all.

    cant afford to drink or go out and if do dont touch the stuff it makes me too drunk too quick and leaves me next day feeling like ive been hit by a truck but thats most days how i feel anyhow.

  • Hi, I don't drink, but does it count when I go out once every few months and have a lot of vodka and coke and I'm fine and get no hang over, i don't touch anything else attal as it makes me hot and pukey, but not allowed alcohol on my meds so no vodka and coke fri night, shame !!!!il watch while my friends drink

    Nicki xxxx

  • hi yes i too have a bad reaction if i drink it makes me feel more tired, and just a drop feels like i have have had lots to drink tc soma x

  • I join you all I no longer partake not at all I suppose I havent for about 5 years it makes me very ill and the pain much worse and it doesn't mix with the tablets either so it is a no no do I mind no cannot say as I do I still have a laugh and enjoy myself! So we raise a glass of cranberry juice with lemonade and I salute you all x gins

  • I'm also a proud teetotaler and haven't drunk for about 18 months. I don't really miss it, and it just doesn't mix well with this condition or the medication for me. I sometimes feel that I'd love to go on a big drunken night out as I used to do, but to be honest it's brilliant watching others drink too much and make absolute idiots of themselves instead of me!!!! It's not a big loss, if you keep an ear open to the news and developments on alcohol, everything is pointing to it being a real negative, especially in young people. I say "each to their own" but it's just not for me nowadays. I love my soft drinks, and if I'm feeling really special then I'll have them in a wine glass :) love to all. Bikerchick xx

  • I don't drink very much, but I find the occasional G&T makes me feel rather good.

    Wine doesn't agree with me at all, tho' which is a pity, because I do like it!

    My friend, who is a doctor, says that it's the tonic water which makes me feel better, not the gin, but he's wrong - I've tried drinking just tonic water, which is very nice, but it doesn't have the soothing effect of a drop of gin!

    I find that if I'm in company and people rag me about being a 'lightweight', I just tap my nose, and tell them that alcohol interferes with my psychic abilities, and that if I drink too much I shall no longer be able to read their minds. That usually shuts 'em up!

    Luv to all ... Moffy xx

  • Brilliant! :D xx

  • I'm a lightweight where alcohol is concerned. I will have an occasional drink at a pub with a friend (I don't drive any more because my eyes are packing in). Mostly I get some beer or cider or wine at tha supermarket and will have something a couple of times a week with a meal. that's about it.

    Cheers, Midori

  • Hello all,

    Phlebo123 I like you used to enjoy a lovely glass or bottle of Rose wine, it was my favourite relaxing drink. I found that one night after drinking the same amount as before, I was violently sick. I found out that the alcohol reacted with all my meds and so from that day since I have become teetotal. I do miss a drink, not all the time, but when the sun is shining I think back to how nice it would be. The only time I'm ever near alcohol is at holy communion and then it is a very tiny sip. I hope that your all not suffering too much.

    Gentle hugs to all


  • Hi,

    I could never drink too much and if I did have a drink it would have to be a little bit watered down by nearly a pint of squash, but I have noticed this past 6 months especially, that even if I dont take my meds that day, ( and suffer more next day), I really firstly dont feel like drinking at all and secondly just not able for it at all. I'd a hangover last Sunday, and dreadful painful joints etc, due to fibro mostly, and due to two watered down drinks of cider, I'm a bit annoyed because I was always a bit proud of myself that I did'nt drink much, at all, but to say now I'm finding it extremely difficult to drink well watered down cider, is a wee bit annoying, but I guess it's just another allergy. I only drank water and well watered down squashes for the past 3/4 months, and we bought diet coke last weekend and I tasted it and it tasted awful, and I said oh no, that's another thing I cant drink anymore. I personally think it's because of fibro mostly that you go off stuff and cant eat or drink it again, foods or drinks obv., wonder why?

  • I pretty much stopped the drinking as my meds increased, however I do have a little 'treat' at times. Had a few glasses of rose last night as I had had a bad week and don't seem to have suffered any more for it. Today is no better as it should have been my 28th wedding anniversary plus my body is paying for its little 'outing' this week so might even indulge a little tonight too. I did seem to sleep a bit better so that in itself seems like a good excuse lol

  • hi i am not surprised frink makesyou ffeel ill i am on so many tablets i would not dare to drinkand to be honesy ai am not really bothered about it as i dont have to drink i am alwaysthe designated driver lol but i al;ways have a clear head so thats good ove to you diddle xxx

  • I can still have a couple of glasses of wine and feel fine. I don't drink that often but when I do, I can manage two and not feel any effects at all. I have the odd vodka with blackcurrant at home on a Saturday night and thankfully that's ok as it relaxes me. :)

  • Just one drink makes me feel sickly and unwell, it bothers me because if i go out and everyone else is merry i dont feel like being out at all and i feel like a party pooper :-(

  • When younger I was like everyone else out drinking most weekends - maybe weeknights too. I have mellowed with age lol and now I dont drink at all, havent since I started taking all my meds, but I dont really mind as it never was something I would sit at home and do anyway.

    A friend of mine has been ill recently and they are starting to recover - but in doing so they are drinking alot more - I am finding it hard to understand to be honest!!

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