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Just a bit fun :) Quiz: Best & worst foods for belly fat Plus slideshows, an article and a post from the past


OK this weeks quiz is about foods and drinks that do or don't cause belly fat !?!

Weight loss is proving difficult for many of us whether it's because we cannot exercise or because certain medications cause weight gain, or in my case both!! and belly fat offends me as I still can't shift it :o

How much do you know? What's your score? I scored 73% 11/15 right


Hey! well, we're always talking about it so I thought let's have a peek into it, the world of food and us

Are you depressed and would like to know how to boost your mood, perk you up a bit or would you like to know how you could further reduce your stress:)

This article from the research section of fibroaction.org discusses Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Food


A couple of slideshows about foods and drinks that affect our mood and foods and drinks which help to reduce stress :)



And for those of you who often wonder about whether feeling hunger makes you feel worse here's a post from the past discussing just that :)


Of course none of this should override the advice of your GP I am also not a medical professional just sharing some info with my fibro friends :) Looking forward to your responses

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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My you have been a busy bee, It` gonna take a while to get through theese :P

I am ashamed of myself only 33% :(

:( it's a toughie I guessed most of mine so must have been lucky :o The first Q tripped me up :o

Have go again later that's what I like about these quizzes......... just for fun :)

And your school report reads 'B well done' hehehehehe! xxxx

Just written your school report and it read, 'D+ must try harder' hehehehehe!

Sorry xxxx

I'm giving you detention for messing about in class :P :P :P

Yes miss! Sorry miss! hehehehehe! xxxxx

I know The first time I had it in one piece to submit and was tweeking the title and 'POOF' lost into the abyss LOL so it's taken twice as long as one hoped :D

Hope you enjoy, some interesting little facts amongst it all xxx :P

As I don`t eat takaways or fatty food and I don`t drink fizzy drinks or alcahol i suppose I never thought about the calories that are in them. I can`t eat wholemeal bead the smell makes me heave, but do eat half and half and love my seeded bread.fish and chicken, sue

I used to eat wholemeal all the time but I can't stand the smell of it either I wonder why that is? I know you are hypersensitive like me, our noses possibly don't like a certain type of smell maybe :o

Food for thought................... sorry couldn't resist :P xx

I liked wholemeal bread until I had a blockage in my gullet. Some food stayed down some didn`t and the whole meal bread was the only choice in hospital and it didn`t stay down. Put me off for life. :O :)

One of the odd things that I get is that if I cook some thing . no problem but if some one else cooks the same thing it smell awful. :O

Yeah :) my problem with that one is bad when it happens as OH cooks my meals :o

Food often doesn't taste like it should either :o

weird! LOL

Oooh, I feel for you. that's horrid. I thought of you the other day. The cold coffee thing, how about one of those insulated travel mugs. I had to replace mine recently and I had a lightbulb moment - getting rarer these days - use it as a matter of course, not just outside, they keep the drink warm enough so it's not yucky after an hour or so. Still not perfect but I find it helps. Hugs x

Ah! Mr Badger how are you? :)

Hiya. Better than some, not as good as others, ta. Was bouncier a couple of hours ago. Now insomnia but tired :( Up and down, I'm afraid you know only too well. Like the quiz, and I agree it's good for prompting debate. Over on a facebook group I'm in they've just closed the group and barred a troll. Similar to some of what's been happening here. So we now have a Billy Goat Gruff in our army. We'll get those cats yet.

Smile of the day - I successfully resuscitated a bumble bee. She was inactive so I did the obvious, warmed her up in my hands and put her on a warm surface in the sun. As soon as she was ready she flew off. Bless. :)

Hoe's you? xx

Hi zeb73

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? Thank you so much for sharing this with us all, it is brilliant. Not too mention that I did well this time!

Take care

Ken x

aha! well done :)

There are a number of interesting little things in amongst this post I thought it would be good because everyone keeps talking about it don't they?

Thanks Zeb it was oops for me only 50% hehe good job it is not an exam! Thanks though it was very interesting :D :D :D big cheesey grin


heheheheeh :D :D :D

Glad you found it interesting :)

.............. I was left wondering how come I have belly fat but my problem now is how to shift it because when that's gone I can start removing it from elsewhere :o LOLOLOL

Fluffies en route :)

Your school report reads 'C satisfactory' hehehehehe!

Sorry x x x x

OoH! another bout of detention for Ken for messing about in class :D :P :D

:) xxxsianxxx :)

Yes miss! Sorry miss!

That was all really interesting and I did well in the Quiz too, Thanks :)

Your school report reads 'B+ streaks ahead of the rest'. hehehehehe! xxxx

I got 80% Ken. How do you rate that - oh, and without cheating. Curses I tripped on a really obvious one but I cant remember what it was as laptop's been having a flare - ok I threw it out the window.

There was a good prog on tv last night "secret eaters". Some of that was so obvious it must have hurt. There was a lady really kidding herself. "oh, yes I eat healthy" She had a jacket spud, great you think, but with beans AND cheese AND 3x coleslaw AND FRIED mushrooms. Oh, AND lashings of real butter, it came to 1500 cal just for that "light" main course. What the hell was she missing?

Well A- You are top of the class, you also beat my score by 10! And I was quite pleased as I do really badly at these sort of quizzes!

Awww. Teacher has a pet badger :P

zeb also gave me 2 detentions for being naughty in class! cool.

Make that a third :P :P :P


Yes Miss, sorry miss, I am always on detention! hehehehehe! xxxxx

i scored 80% 12/15 :) now to tell the truth i re took it, 1st time i only scored 24% only 4/15!! how bad's that!lol :)xx

Sorry bluebell10, by my grading system you get a B- that puts you in fourth place unless I have missed anybody? Mr Fenbadger came top! Uuuhhh! Ken x

really ken,not too bad then lol. wow! mr fernbadger! you must have eaten a book on erm... fat damaging :p :) x

hehehehehe! fat damaging! hehehehehhe! xxxxx

So where did you come Ken or was it you with the cream cakes?

hehehe xgins Morning

I scored 90% for once! My highest ever quiz score. xxx oh yes! I also had a cake!

what hehehehehehehe? i couldn't think of a name for it :)) xx

Well it's appropriate isn't it bluebell - fat damaging says what it is :D

hehehehehhe :)

fluffy cuddles for you hunny :) xx

Is that another detention? x x x x

hehe yes zeb very :D cuddles to you too :) xx

Have I got another detention? xxxx

oh yes definately lol xx

You said fat damaging and fenbadger in same sentence x x x x

oooh, im sure fenbadger wouln't feel offended... would he? no of course not, yes you have got detention hehehehe xx

You're now suspended from class young man

............................for taking the fun out of 'just for fun' :o

A letter shall be sent to your parents recommending you visit the fun academy :P :P :P

:) xxxsianxxx :) No gold star for ken this week naughty young man! LOLOLOL

yes sian i agree wth you he's very naughty! LOL :) xx

Thankyou bluebell :)

I have no choice he's been in detention 3 times I think he liked naughtiness of that too much ;) heheheheeh :D

Do'h! x x x x x

I feel like you are taking us back to School (I wasn't good at School)

Sorry about that gins :(

Ken started to mark things not me :o so that's why he's suspended!!!

I title the quizzes 'just for fun' :) xx

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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