No sleeps!

Another night of no sleep and the wonderous dawn chorus is starting. I'm thinking of throwing in the towel and declaring myself a nocturnal animal! Hardly seeing my wife and son at the moment. Just can't shift this back to front sleeping pattern at the moment. Have tried forcing myself to stay awake all day and I still don't sleep at night. Tried strong sleeping tablets and they have no effect atall. Fibro has allways affected my sleep but not to this extent before. Trying not to get stressed about it and hope it just Rights itself at some point!

Hope you lot slept well!


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  • Mornin Patrick, it's the pits isn't It? I think the sleeplessness is one of the worst visiting rights that fibro claims y'know, mine has settled recently but I can go days without sleeping in any regular pattern and I get so grumpy!

    No advice my love other than try stay relaxed about It, pretend you're controlling IT instead of IT controlling you, are your meds due for a review maybe?

    Sympathy and empathy for you, hope you get some zzzzs soon x

  • Thank you! I have come off a lot of the stronger painkillers since Christmas. Never thought of it before but perhaps it's my brain waking up again!

    Hope it's as sunny with you as it is here in Hampshire.

    Patrick xxx

  • Yes, lovely bright sun but misty earlier on, do you ever use relaxation tapes or hypnotherapy? Although they don't make me sleep, they do have a calming effect. Was a qualified and registered hypno long ago and still use but like everything it's not the be all and end all.

    Have a good day lovely

    Wendy x

  • Hi Wendy,

    I'm a big fan of relaxation tapes and meditation, I also practice Mindfulness which I find very calming. It's not a case of being stressed or in the right state of mind, I simply don't feel sleepy!

    I don't know anything about hypnotherapy at all. Apart from my Aunt, a heavy smoker, managed to quit completely using it.

    Hope you enjoy the day too

    Patrick x

  • Trouble is when we get like that, the brain just doesn't have an off switch does it? Do you still feel weary tho? Don't think tired, or sleepy really covers it does It? My limbs feel like lead and the fog descends but sleepy? No, I do understand what you mean.

    Back to the gift that keeps right on giving....everything but blessed sleep. Have a good day lovely x

  • I don't know how I'm feeling most of the time, cream crackered really! I have spurts of energy which allways leads me to overdoing it and paying for it the next day!

    I'm often fine then around 6pm it hits me like a brick wall and I have to sleep or collapse. I try to get dinner ready during the day so if this happens at least the other two can eat! Lol

    Hope the days going well for you Wendy x

  • One of the problems is the unpredictability isnt it, and when you need to nap, you just gotta do it, no arguing eh?Yes thank you, not a bad day, was awake around 4 am but that's quite usual for me, have the respiratory nurse coming to assess for ambulatory oxygen this pm, not looking forward to the blood gases or the six minute test, but hey ho, needs must.

    How's your day been so far Patrick?

  • Hi Wendy, sorry only just picked up your message have been keeping busy all day to stay awake then watched a Vietnam war film with my son for his History homework. How did your assessment and test go? Not to stressful I hope.

    Lights out at twelve and hope for sleep! 😊

  • Hi my friend

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this, and I am so truyl sorry that you are missing out on your family life. I agree with you about trying not to get too stressed about it as could make the issue worse, (if it could get any worse for you?). I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken, managed to make breakfast for everyone this morning and see a grumpy teenager off to school. Left to my own devices the odd sleep pattern wouldn't concern me too much. But trying to be a good example for him is difficult though and to be there for my wife. They are both wonderful and appreciate I'm ill, I just want to try my best, if that makes sense!

    Cheers Patrick

  • Good luck my friend

  • Morning Patrick I know the feeling, mine has come back. This sleep pattern driving me crazy. I hope you have managed some sleep by now.

  • No sleep now. Going to try and keep awake today and hopefully sleep tonight!

  • Hope it works.

  • Thanks, so do I! lol what's your pattern at the moment?

  • Was doing quite well, sleeping a full 4hours which is ok for me, then dozing on and off. Now every hour on the hour.

  • That's the problem it's always changing so hard to plan anything.

  • Hi Patrick,

    Sorry to hear that your sleeping patterns are out of whack and causing you to have no family life at the moment.

    I too suffer with this as a lot of us do,no picnic great sure, I'm glad you have a positive approach LOL like we have a choice, very frustrating but we try.

    Hoping you got some sleep by now take care of you, Gentle hugs going your way.



  • Many thanks Barb, no sleep but just going with the flow!

    Patrick x

  • Hi Patrick you are in good company. I know I hated nights as a nurse now Im up most of night anyway πŸ˜‚

    I'm awake since 4:30ish. Dawn chorus in the hills of Donegal are in full flow! I'm near the derg in back end of forestry land. Mist in valley so can't see anything any da minute. cuppan tae mo ghra? πŸ˜‚

  • Don't mention tae, I've just persuaded my other half to switch from cows milk to an oat based substitute. Being typically Irish she drinks buckets of the stuff, I can hardly lift her giant mug ( no her cup not me! Lol)

    It's bright sunshine over here in Hampshire this morning! I think it's sunshine it's this bright yellow stuff!

    Thinking I'm going to have to fly back to Donegal this summer for the first time and the rest of the gang come over in the Land Rovers. Don't want to but think the journey would be too much even with the opiates. So into Derry I guess it is then travel down.

    We're on the coast over there and my father in law phones over weather reports because we know we're getting it next!

    My wife's a nurse too! She works in ICU. Did her training in Belfast then moved to London. Hoping she can get a job in Letterkenny hospital in a few years so we can come back. What about you?

    Patrick x

  • I know just how frustrating this is and I'm sorry this is happening to you, too!! I hate when this happens and I have to be somewhere for 8 am! What do I do?? Do I try to drive? Am I going to be safe to drive? or do I cancel? Yes, you cancel! Centcal! Are you kidding me?

  • It's a difficult one. Driving whilst tired counts as reckless driving now. Don't know what Meds your on but there are a lot of new laws and driving with them too. I don't work anymore and drive very little. The thought of being anywhere at eight in the morning fills me with dread! Lol

    Take care

    Patrick x

  • Morni g Patrick. I've had no sleep pattern for 21 years niw. Just got to get used to it Keep trying to stay awake. This condition is a friendship killef but try and keep positive. Good luck

  • Thanks Sue, I know what you mean about the friendship killer, fortunately I've made a few friends across the pond in the different time zones! Lol

  • So sorry to hear that you are in this upside down sleep pattern. I wish I knew the answer to help you, sadly I don't. I did sleep last night, but the dreams were very stressful, so I still don't feel rested. Take care.

  • I think that's one of our key issues. When we do sleep we don't get the deep R.E.M. Sleep that's needed so we don't feel fresh and rested after a night.

    Hope you have an easy day.

    Patrick x

  • Hey Patrick.

    Never read so much as I have recently! Cannot sleep at all and so bored of laying in bed getting annoyed at the lack of sleep!! Pondering whether to ask for sleeping tablets but seem that they have no affect?! Fab! Are you a bookworm πŸ€“πŸ› (apparently no worm icons lol so imagine needed πŸ˜‚) xx

  • Hiya!

    Yes I am! I love reading novels and have a huge collection of history and nature books too. I'm reading a great book about Ghengis Khan and his dynasty at the moment which is really gripping. I'm going to turn off the tablet and its distractions and read for a bit in a minute! I have been on different types of sleeping tablets over the years and none have really helped. I have a very high tolerance for them, my wife is an ICU nurse and says the ones I have at the moment would knock a horse out! Lol My personal opinion is that they are only good for a three to five day course to get you back into a healthy sleeping pattern. But to be honest best avoided if you can. There are gentler homeopathic options like Valerian you might want to give a go or some say lavender oil on your pillow helps.

    I think I just need to be bopped on the head with a mallet! Lol

    Cattapillars are worm like enough for me!! πŸ˜‚

    Hope you sleep tonight

    Patrick x

  • Hahaa I'll bop you on the head if you bop me? Book sounds really interesting though, and I might have to look into lavender drops.... I think sleeping tablets are tricks anyway! They only work if you really believe in it!

    Feel quite full of energy at the moment, so wondering how long that will last! How are you?

    Danielle πŸ›πŸ› xx

  • Agghhhhh the worms are multiplying! Run away! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Still not a wink last night but my body is telling me it's going to crash soon! xxx

  • Snap! Wondering if I'm turning nocturnal?! Worms and owls ahhhhh! πŸ›πŸ¦‰ xx

  • Oh yes! I live by a nature reserve and have the Owls competing with each other at the moment! Lol

    I saw you comment about magnesium on another post, magnesium oil is probably the best non prescribed tool I have. I use it on my legs for nerve pain and on my neck and shoulders which often lock up. I think the massaging in helps too. I get mine from Holland and Barrett. I usually wait until the buy one get one for a penny then stock up. If you can't get to the shop they have a good website and delivery is free as well. Don't forget their rewards points scheme as well if you do use them.

    Magnesium flakes and soak in the bath for an hour is also very good, though insometimes struggle getting out even with partners help on bad days. I take an oral magnesium supplement as well. I get Restless Leg Syndrome as well and magnesium helps that too. But the best way of absorbing is apparently through the skin.

    I crashed and slept for four hours today but feeling sleepy now so fingers crossed. Hope you manage to put your book down and sleep tonight too.

    Patrick xxx

  • Hey Patrick,

    Wow thank you that's amazing!! Will invest this weekend and let you know! How do you know when the penny sales are happening? Cxx

  • Hiya,

    Sign up for free on the website and it gives info. I also have got to know two members of staff really well at local branch and they look up on computer when next offer is on. Haven't seen it for sale in any other shop but you can get it online elsewhere. Apparently you can make your own really easily and cheaply but I've not bothered as always got mine in sale. Just get some and try it. I really hope it helps you as much as me and it's natural! xxx

  • Patrick I totally understand and I think a lot of us suffer with lot sleeping .I think you know how little sleep I get but every night I set my phone alarm and try and get up with it ,one thing you can try is on the first night you don't go to bed untill you are dog tired even if that is 5-am but you have to get up with your normal alarm and keep off devices two hours before going to bed and through the the night ( I try but don't always succeed with this ) Don't throw the towel in ,mine has steadily got worse too xx

  • Hi Honora, I know you really struggle with sleeping too. I think it's a core problem with our condition. They use lack of sleep to disoriente people when using aggressive interrogation techniques. We have to deal with that on a daily basis on top of our illness! I was awake all last night and have had a very active and physical day for me so I'm hoping to sleep tonight. All I have at the moment is a raging headache and no desire to sleep! I'm going to turn this off now and read for half an hour before trying to sleep.

    Hope your ok and get some sleep too😊 xxx

  • I agree Patrick it is a bit like torture and you know if you ever mention to anyone that you haven't slept they don't really understand ,except our spouses they know .I have made myself busy today in the hope that I will get some sleep ,I'm going out with a friend at 10am .Night Patrick may angels guide you to your sleep .xxπŸ˜‡

  • Thank you Honora but not a wink of sleep came last night! I have a feeling I'm going to crash this morning at some point. Hope you slept and great your getting out with a friend today😊 xxx

  • Hi Patrick ,no sleep leg really hurting ankle aching ,I should have sorted it earlier but I'm exhausted kept hoping it would stop ..Enjoyed my trip got some stuff for the babies for their holiday and got the fairy door I wanted so I started painting this afternoon .Im too tired to even relax .I will have to speak to those angels tonight .Love and hugs and a hope that we both sleep tonight and anyone else on here who needs good sleep 😴 x

  • HI Honora, sorry to hear about your leg and ankle, hope it eases up for you. Glad you enjoyed your trip into the big bad world!πŸ˜‚ I'm venturing out to the bank, chemists and shop tomorrow! I crashed and slept for about four hours today until the cat jumped on me demanding to be let out! Lol in bed at mo, legs firing off a bit from standing this afternoon but I think I'm going to sleep! Yay! Hope you manage too as well. Life is always easier when your not running on an empty sleep tank! xxx

  • You are so right there Patrick we need sleep, I'm at the point of being exhausted so much I can't relax . We have been making chilli to freeze for our Friday night meal for 16 peeps .I'm so tired going to bed in a mo . Sleep well my friend xx

  • Wow! I only did about eight portions and I'm shattered! Big night on Friday then. Hope you sleep as well. Xxx

  • David helpedme it's all done Now thank goodness .Night xx

  • It's the bane of fibro, just when you settle down all snuggly and your eyes are drooping, BANG wideawake club!!!

    I get up after two hours, make a hot drink, watch a bit of boring news and then wind down again. It usually works, but on the nights it doesn't I find a good book or even doing mind puzzles help.

    To stop my butterfly mind flitting about I take a journey from home to somewhere nice, thinking about every junction on the motorway, the scenery, the road names as we go pass and the look of the house. Actually it has worked well for me, particularly planning from one town to another along different routes.

    Just an idea, but may work for you too.

  • Yes it's a technique I use as part of practicing Mindfulness. My special place is the largest of the three islands off of Galway on the West Coast of Ireland. It's called Innis Boffin, meaning island of cattle! At the far end is a Neolithic stone fort with three sides, the forth is a 150 feet vertical drop down to the sea. I close my eyes and imagine the smell from the sea, the feel of the wind on my face, the sound of the waves and gulls and the taste of salt, visualising the stark black stone against the lush green and the blue grey of the Atlantic stretching for thousands of miles.

    I was taught it twenty odd years ago when I did a lot of Public Speaking as a way to calm the nerves and centre yourself beforehand. It's like a comfortable glove I can just slip into quickly now when in pain, stressed or cross! Imagining all the senses doesn't give your brain a chance to think of anything else, just like your motorway trip.

    I'm in bed now aiming for lights off at midnight, haven't slept today or atall last night so hoping to zonk out! Lol

    Sweet dreams😊

  • The birds always look happy.

    Not so great for us.

  • No i do not. Just been prescribed some. Scared.

  • Is that sleeping tablets you've been prescribed? You can always take half of one if your not sure. Doctors are reluctant to prescribe them so yours must have thought they were needed. Happy to chat if you want as I've taken quite a few different ones over the years. Most are designed to only last about four hours and help you get to sleep.

    Patrick x

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