twisted knee

my left knee has been quite painful fro a few weeks now and I cant sit for very long without getting up to move about.over the last couple of days began to get twinges of pain in my right knee as well.this evening I went to get up from sofa and the pain in my r knee was quite excruciating.i rolled up my trousers and my knee was well twisted..

walking my dogs this morning I was unable to hold their leads in my hands which were ice cold and painful with ,a stinging sensation in my fingers.they are also quite sore and skin is red.


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  • Hi anbuma , I am glad you knee improved for you to be able to walk your dogs.... As for your hands unless its the height of summer my hands get ice cold and sting with the pain of the cold when holding the handles on my scooter once they start to warm up when I am back home they go bright red and throb until they have settled down to room temperature..... Unless its very very hot I always wear gloves when going out now

    VG x

  • same here,I got caught out in this nicer weather and didn't wear my gloves.15 minutes later my hands were in agony so I've learnt that I'd much rather look silly in gloves than have the pain!

  • hello VG and Amanda

    do you both have raynauds?i have had this since about 1995.i have been told that hand symptoms(and face rash) could be lupus.

  • I have never asked... I just assumed my freezing hands and feet were just me.... All I know is when I was more able with my hands I made lovely pastry as my hands were cold I made pies for friends and family as they all said my pastry was great...

    I am sitting here tapping away on my iPad its nice and sunny and my hands and feet are cold... I worked with a lady with raynauds and her hands went a really strange bloodless colour when her hands were cold ... Mine dont look like that they are just cold most of the time....

    VG x

  • Oh try and take it easy folks.Your health comes first.My knees and shoulders dislocate all the time,pain is dreadful.xx

  • So glad I found u folks to talk

  • Please go get your knees checked Abuma my knees have hurt since e I did a pain clinic course where they got me. To do excercise ,ever since I have had serious pain in both knees .xx

  • Get exactly the same thing, and strangely my one foot is always cold!

    Get it checked though - we put everything down to one thing instead of exploring other possibilities.

    p.s. VG - Waiting for you to have a good day so you can make us some pastry.


  • I twisted my knee last year just before I was due to go see Il Divo at the Royal Albert Hall...It was a complete nightmare. I couldnt move, we couldnt eat as I couldnt walk to a restaurant, at the Royal Albert Hall we had a box, I spent the whole show sat on the step crying in pain.

    My toes are purple, cold, painful, throb, go numb, but painfully numb. Vascular surgeon said I have excellent arteries, its just the little blood vessels that supply my toes are blocked. I dont know if this has a name? Is it Raynauds?

    I hope your knee gets better soon xx

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