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Update on me Suzi Xx

Hey again all thought I'd introduce myself again as it has been a long time since I was last on.

I'm Suzi short for Suzanne I live in Handforth near Wilmslow i live with fibromyalgia cfs addisons and rls i also live with my son who is 13 until recently about 7 months we lived with my now ex partner my son's dad we were together for 14 yrs but I didn't love him plus he was never supportive towards me and my illnesses but as they say every cloud has a silver lining cause 5 months ago I met my now partner lee it was love at first sight I really don't know how I've lived without him all this time he's amazing and beautiful inside and out and him and my son get on amazingly which is brilliant but we are now having problems with my ex he's being a complete ass and has completely changed since I left he's making things so difficult and he's using our son to play his stupid games its disgusting and I hate it I have been in a flare up with my fibro for about a week now only didn't really want to believe it but now I can't not as I'm in so much pain feels like I'm living in a (NIGHTMARE)

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Aww sorry to hear that hunny . I te this to deal with things. I try to emagine myself floating on a cloud covered in white light all around me . I do thus as I am drifting off to sleep sometimes the white light hits my painful areas for more concentrated time.

Me and my boyfriend have just separated were still friends but he has moved out. It's been hard and feel better now he has moved out. I guess some people find it harder than others to deal with . Allways talk to your kids and even when they arnt behaving . I just lasts good my kids I love em. Eventually they come out ok , splits are hard on kids . It doesn't help when one parent is bitter x x take care hope you feel much better real soon x


Aww thanks for the kind words hope u feel better real soon too and u can message me anytime cause we all need support jjojay Xx


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