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Anxiety or Fibro?:(

My dr thinks I have physical anxiety, however I'm doubtful that my symptoms are down to it and so I got a second opinion and have been referred to see a rheumatologist.

I'm so scared and I'm constantly sleeping and lying down, I feel terrible.

My symptoms are

Shaky vision( also when eyes are closed)

Stuff body (keep arching my back)

Constant headache that's more of a dull pain

Brain fog,, forgetting PIN number etc and going blank in conversatin( I thought I was getting altzeimers)

Aches in lower back and legs

Cramp in legs on and off

Massively fatigued, so tired:(

Dizzy and head movements are causing slight delay in my vision

I also have and under active thyroid

And chostochondritis

I feel as though my symptoms are stacking up and are pointing in the direction of fibro

I've had MRI and cy angiogram to rule out ms or any other things.

I'm taking cetalopram and propanalol to help me emotionally but I can't help but think and in tern feel like my life is ruined!!

I've always written and played songs on the guitar and love singing.. I can't even sing a verse without my head spinning and then feeling exhausted:(

My kids are running riot and I can't enjoy them right now.

Tbh I feel lost and scared.

Could this be anxiety or is this fibro?


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It could be both, I have anxiety and fibro. The anxiety came along first. Get a second opinion with a doctor who has time to listen to you and help you with the right care. Gentle hugs xx

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Hi Willow83

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering so much at this time, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I am in agreement with smartcarkaz, as it could easily be both? There are no golden rules that you can have one thing and not the other?

Your medications could also be playing a part in this? Have you read all of the side effects on your enclosed leaflets? It may be something else to discuss with your GP? It is known that Fibro can lead to depression and anxiety, (not the other way around), and I have pasted a link to the NHS Choices symptoms page, whereby it lists symptoms that Fibro can cause:

I personally think that it could help you immensely if you keep discussing all of your symptoms with your GP and your Rheumatologist (when you get an appointment). As keeping your medical specialists informed could lead them to taking action to help you, and they know where you are with your Fibro at this time?

I want to wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you!!

I'm hoping that if it's a flare up I'm experiencing that it will soon subside.

I've had a tough year health wise and it's all getting on top of me at the moment, but I'm just trying to take one day at a time and hope for the best.

I'm glad I joined these groups so I can talk to people who are going through this.

:) x

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Hi again

I can genuinely understand that all of this would get on top of you, and that it is difficult to see any resolution and relief to any of this. However, a flare up is exactly what it says? A flare up, and it does not last. So hopefully there will be much better days ahead for you.

Please take care and fingers crossed that you feel a bit better soon.

Ken x


Ken have clicked on the link found it very informative,just wnt to get things backon track with this awfull pain

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Hi megb1950

I am so delighted that you found the link useful, I think sometimes we can overlook symptoms that could be Fibro related? Mind you, I did this the other way around. I have chronic rib pain and thought it was Fibro. However, after tests and scans the rib pain turned out to be Costochondritis, so we all live and learn.

I sincerely hope that you start to feel better soon.

Ken x


Thanks ken x


Im having almost all the same symptoms as you.

Mine started when I broke my hip giving birth to my only child then the dizziness started vertifo feeling brain fog SEVERE EXHAUSTION!! I cant believe how exhausted I am I thought it was my thyroid playing up as Ive also got an underactive thyroid the only thing that helps the pain is tramadol! Thats it I feel like my lifes over to trying to find things to take my mind off of pain but nothing there anything that helps you?



I feel I know you so well you have just described me and how I often feel in the morning, Yes I have anxiety and Fibro plus rather a lot of other things It would be brilliant if it were easy but I am afraid it is not.

You have reached the stage when you must concentrate 1. Your children 2. yourself other things then fall in line when your listis complete look aagain is there any one or thing you can remove like dusting or floor cleaning. You just have to prioritise your life so you dont waste any of your precious energy. See Spoon theory-

Please remember that we all have fibro but we are not Doctors you will need to talk to yours about medcines physio in fact all things medical. We all give advice from our own experiance as fibro sufferers but always check with your Doctor!!

Do welcome please join in we run regular cjhats and trips quizzes all sorts. Most importantly try to keep smiling it does help!!




Thanks everyone for all your useful advise!

I'm glad I have found a place where I can learn and hopefully begin to feel at ease with what's going on.

Can I just ask how long your flare ups last?

I had one six months ago that lasted 6 weeks, this one has been ongoing for the last 3 weeks.



Also ken, I too have chostochondritis.. It's hurting so much I can't hug my boys without putting my arm between us. I was given a pain relieving gel to help which does a little.

Is there anything you do/use which helps? X


I was given Naproxen which is a very stong anti inflammatory for my rib and coccyx area. It works for me most of the time.

I think flare ups can last for as long as they like especially if you do not pace yourself or get sufficient rest. Easier said than done however?

Take care

Ken x


Sweetheart it sounds like Fibro, and it can cause you to stress and have anxiety. I'd try going to a pain clinic, as they can better access your pain and find a medicine that works for you. Hope this helps and you start feeling better very soon!!! xxx Mitzi



All your symptoms can also be down to your underactive thyroid even if you are on medication. Have you posted over on the thyroid forums too? MP x


I have been treated by my dr for anxiety. I think that axiety is caused by either fibro or Me ( I have ME). I think that all the symptoms combined and the pain cause us to feel tense which then leads to the anxiety.


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