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Having a really rough time with fibro. It's maybes my fault as as usual I've overdone it but for two weeks I've been really struggling more than I ever have before!

My question is; Does anyone else have big sores that have just appeared? Mine started with one on my scalp and now I have half a dozen in random places on my body....I even have one on my tongue!!! They start as a red circle then it itches, it then looks almost like a big chicken pox but its really deep. It them scabs over bit they don't heal. I remember this happened last year sometime and I've still got two ugly purple scars on my leg from them even though I didn't itch them.....any ideas anyone please? Xx

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I'd advise you to go see your doctor Charlii. It's possible they could be a side effect of medication. One in particular states that when tested on animals it caused sores, even though there hadn't been any human incidences. It's always best to get such things checked out by a professional

Em x


That's awful Charlii - yes, Em's right, off to the GP!

Sores like this are NOT a symptom of fibro, and could be anything from a severe skin infection to a drug reaction.

Please get it looked at asap!

Love from Moffy x


I don't know what I suffer from its not sores exactly but twice a year when the weather finally turns warm into summer and then in winter when it goes back cold I get heat lumps that appear for no reason they get bigger until I scratch them then they bleed and stop itching and I get none then till the weather turns ... we have finally got the spring summer weather change here and I came out in heat lumps yesterday .... I have scratched them in my sleep , they have burst will now dry up leave a small scar and I,ll be fine until October when winter comes.... Weird but it happens twice a year every year it's like my body can't regulate the temperature change.... It been happening since I got diagnosed with fibro ...

Yours lumpily

VG x


Hi charlii i had these sores and still get them and they were due to my problems with thyroid. I did think when i first got them that i had lupus. I know you said you have over done it but do you feel different this time ie more exhausted my docter kept telling me it was fibro but i knew it wasnt i went to see a dermotologist with these sores i took pictures of them and took them with me he took my blood and found the thyroid problem. when i went to docters he told me i had ring worm which was rubbish. You should go to the docters and ask to see a dermotologist xx


But my meds haven't changed so I can't see how the side effects would suddenly start last year. I am at my worst now, so exhausted all the time and in pain. X


Hi Charlii,

I get them too, they come up like a hard lump break open and then take ages to heal. The initial scab is a green/brown colour and they do not heal until whatever is underneath is drawn out. I used a dressing called Duoderm when they break draws out the infection (well what looks like infection as mine have a white area in the middle). Oh and they are painful too. Once the middle has completely gone and the tissue is red it then scabs over and heals.

Is this sound the same as what you are describing? If so, maybe you could try it, ask the GP to prescribe it (I get mine on prescription now). As the others have said seeing the GP for advice and maybe a dermatologist referral maybe worth considering and you could ask if the dressing would help will you are there maybe.

I would be interested to hear back from you



Off to the doc's, Charlii - you're independent and you always leave it too long and become really ill! Please let us know how you get on!

Moffy x


That sounds exactly why your body has erupted .. You are run down worn out and In pain... Everytime I anything wrong with me other than fibro even a simple cold I come out in spots like a teenager as soon as it goes my skin clears up... I would go,to your GP and see what he can do / advise....

VG x


I have sores on my scalp which are sometimes itchy and are like blood spots(?) around a hair follicle and they scab over they are only on the right side of my scalp and i have had them before.i also have dark patches on my bottom which bleed and scab over from washing.( I cannot get into bath to bathe or shower)so wash at the sink.also get spots on my legs which bleed and scab over.

scalp condition could be a lupus symptom..


They are nothing like any of you have described, but thank you for taking the time to reply, it's very much appreciated.

Moffy, I will get round to going to the docs I promise! X


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