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Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!

Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!

Firstly, the title holds absolutely no meaning or relevance.

So, on with the show.

I've been gone for a while and I know that's not really noticeable and very easily related to on this site, for which I am eternally grateful. We've been having a tough time of it lately, we being my mind, me my fibro and my family. We've had a lot of family troubles, from mum having a very tough time with her depression and dad having a fall in the ice to my aunty being diagnosed with breast cancer and having to have a full mastectomy that went significantly wrong. And my fibro has been making sure I am WELL aware I am ill. Boo! Also, a certain male who has made both fleeting and constant appearances in my life for the past couple of years finally pushed me to breaking point and I took control finally and removed him from my life eternally.

However, here I am :)

My writing and illustration work are both coming along leaps and bounds (if anybody would like to see some then feel free to ask for some examples, I am more then willing :)) My depression and fibro symptoms are fading into the background again. There's still something niggling at my mind but, I'm booked in for brain scans etc soon so hopefully that will be resolved and nothing will be wrong.

My 'love' *sex* life is well and truly sorted again now and I appear to be on the mend in a lot of respects :)

My parents are getting a little better too and my aunty has almost been cleared of the cancer so fortunately, they caught it before it spread. I have realised that I have three of the best friends in the universe, all of which put up with me and my exceptionally strange likes, dislikes and the way I am.

This was just a little bit of an update. If anybody needs or wants anything then I shall be here. :3

Take care and keep smiling you beautiful people :)

I also have blue hair now.

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hi berthy, sounds like you've all come through a tough time.

you seem to be quite upbeat now, that's good to hear :)

the hair - I like,

the tongue is quite distracting :-O

have you been eating smarties?

glad you're back



I am upbeat now :) but trust me it's been a long time coming >.<

Thank you :D nahh,it was a blue slushy drink :P

Simply coordinating my body with my hair :D

So am I :)

Take care, Beth x


Nice to "meet" you.


And you :)


Hi berthy. Are you a Smurf? Lol. My son used to have a blue mohican and I called him My Little Pony!!! You look lovely. Glad to hear thigs are easing for you and your family.


I shall tell you what I tell my mother every time she makes that comment, Smurf's had blue skin, not hair :P

Thank you so much :)


Hi Beth :)

I've really missed you.

I'm so sorry for the difficult things you've had to deal with recently but I'm glad things are looking up now. :) Being relieved of Fibro symptoms makes all the difference I find. :) Mine are almost completely as they were now and everyone has noticed the difference in me, regarding, how positive I am I mean.

Are you still working on the Pandora's box? How's it gone/coming along?

Right..I'm starting to feel like a bit of a.. well I can't think of the word. :P But it's about time I showed you some of my work, I'm working on my latest one at the moment.

(((Big Hugs)))

wanderingwallflower xx

P.S. I love the hair. :)


I've missed you as well lovely! We were almost on a roll with the e-mails as well :P

It is by no means your fault but thank you anyway :) I'm glad you're on the mend now though lovely :)

Oooh, I forgot about that! I shall get some of the pictures from my portfolio and send you them :) I've finished that and I am now on my FMP (final Major Project) Which is going really well but I kinda don't want to be working on it, because I know it'll signal the end of one of the best years of my life :( But, uni in September will hopefully be amazing :)

I would love that :) See what's going on in that head of yours :P

Take care beautiful. :) xxxx

Thank you ^^


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