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council home improvement grants

Hello everybody.

Has anybody recently had a home improvement grant from their council. I desperately need a downstairs toilet as I am having a lot of difficulty getting up the stairs. I am diagnosed with Fibro, Me Thyroidism and IBS.

Does any body have any ideas or tips. I own my property so I am unsure if I would qualify and my council website is confusing.

Many thanks.xx

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From personal experience I would think you are more likely to get a stair lift, much cheaper.

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Morning Kimbles,

I would get in touch with an Occupatioal Therapist. Phone up your local social work department and ask to be referred to one, If you haven't already done so. You can be assessed for a chair lift aswell as other adaptations. The other option is googling Disability grants, this may also help you. Good luck and pls let us know how you get on.


Elizabeth:) xxx


Hi Kimbles, I'll be following this post as I have an upstairs bathroom too, which means on flare-ups I just stay upstairs which is ok if someone's in to bring me food but otherwise, not ideal x

Good luck x

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If you go on Gov.Uk site and key in Disabled Facilities Grant it give you very good information with an overvew, eligibility etc.

Just a precis:-

Just a little information for you:-

Disabled Facilities Grant

This grant is for major work to help a disabled person live more independently. You can get the grant if you're a homeowner or a tenant, and your local authority decides that the work is necessary and reasonable. The amount you can get depends on your income and savings, and goes up to £30,000 in England and £36,000 in Wales. For more information, see the government web pages about Disabled Facilities Grants.

Hope this helps.x


thanks I will look at this in my lunch hour.

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thanks rosewine. I will look at this now.x


I have not been through anything of this nature, but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



thanks Ken. I hope you and your family are enjoying your new home, the gardens look great.

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Thank you that is greatly appreciated.


I applied for one as was turned down as it was means tested.

I seem to remember that if one is in receipt of certain means tested benefits such as income related ESA then it was just a matter of applying for it.

If you check on your local council's website for disabled facilities grant then that should give you some more information.

Best wishes,



Thanks Dave. I actually work full time but do get DLA. So probably wont be entitled. In my borough they have the 'staying put' scheme.

Well I have filled in a enquiry form so fingers crossed they can help.

Thanks again for you response.


Hi, mine was means tested, husband has a private pension, the occupational therapist said that I needed walk in shower room, stairlift and wheelchair but when lady came asked did we have a pension and said that we wouldn't get it. Care in the community did give us an extra bannister, raised toilet seats and a device to help get me out of bed, free, phone council and ask to speak to someone, mine where very helpful and fixed my AIDS quickly. Best of luck.


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