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Crisis Point - 2nd ectopic pregnancy after ICS1

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Hello, I’m new to this forum but I’m no stranger to the awful journey of infertility. My husband and I have been through 4 rounds of IVF and we are lucky to have these on NHS. I’ve been pregnant twice from ICSI but both times the blastocyst did not implant in my womb. I’ve lost my right tube and lately they found my pregnancy on my pelvis during surgery. I’ve been told there is a problem with my eggs due to low fertilisation.

First round -IVF / 16 eggs, 2 fertilised, no blastocysts

Second round ICSI/ 22 eggs, 4 blastocysts. 1 ectopic and 3 FET were all negative.

Third round ICSI/ 15 eggs, nothing to transfer on day 5.

Fourth round ICSI/ 10 eggs, 1 blastocyst turned out to be ectopic again at 7 week scan.

Is someone on here able to give me some advice as to why this is happening? I can’t find anything on the internet and I’ve not been for our consultation appointment yet. I’m 34 and my husband is 42.

I’ve looked into donor but I think our main problem is that our blastocysts have both implanted in the wrong place?

I’m desperate to talk to someone who might have some ideas/advice on where to go from here. I can’t keep having laparoscopy surgery every time I get pregnant 😔😭😢

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Oh poor thing 🥺 that must be hard... sorry I have no knowledge...

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SalenaJaques in reply to fay2399

Hi, I know, there is plenty out there about people miscarrying from IVF transfers but I’m struggling to find information on why my babies are implanting in the wrong place. I took all the correct supplements and ate as healthy as I could. I go on regular walks and work full time.

This is a very sad time for us, me especially

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fay2399 in reply to SalenaJaques

Don’t feel worst happened to you.. per my experience there’s always something worse... last year first I thought I only had miscarriage then I realized is molar pregnancy and I had to do chemo for 4 months then I realized because of dr wrong decision to do second d and c I had asherman which was luckily fixed ..You never know what are the possibilities..

Things don’t happen because you didn’t do it right... life is a bitch ! So unfair!

Be strong.. I wish you reach to your dreams xxx

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SalenaJaques in reply to fay2399

Hi, sorry I wasn’t saying my experience is worse than others. I’m only looking for answers or advice on why I’ve had 1 ectopic and 1 pregnancy in unknown location that ended up on my pelvis. What you’ve been through sounds totally devastating 😔 I’ve come across molar pregnancies when I’ve been Googling like a crazy person. You’ve been through a very tough and scary time. I admire your strength. I’m feeling sad in myself at the moment as my body isn’t working correctly. Sorry again as I didn’t mean to come across like I wanted sympathy xxxxx

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fay2399 in reply to SalenaJaques

I just wanted to tell you even if you had ectopic doesnt mean you may have health issues, you were just unlucky...Maybe is 2020 which brought all this bad luck!Hope you find an answer and hopefully your next attempt would be successful Xxx

I just wanted to tell you dont feel helpless and be strong Xxx

You are still very young and I am sure you will be mother in 21 :)

This must be very hard. Have you looked into eggs quality, immunity test and ERA?

I m 38 and my husband 45. The first time when we did IVF we went for ICIS because of poor sperm quality. The result was similar to yours, lots of follicles/eggs (16/8) but low fertilization and 1 blastocyst which end up BFN. The clinic told me since its ICIS, it most likely its my eggs quality. So I worked on that.

I just did my second round - this time I have 21 follicles and 15 mature eggs but 6 fertilized , 6 day 5 embyros. After PGS, I have 2 normal embyros , prob going to put it in after new year.

What I found out is that-

1. Work on eggs quality ( read the book call It starts w egg quality) it has some great tips on supplements

2. Check your thyroid ( i have issues. N i know a few ladies who did too and failed the transfer)

3. Check your vitamins level (vit D for successful transfer)

4. See if your clinic can use Calcium ionophore to support the fertilization process next time.

5. Test it w PGS cos its not normal the fertilization rate is so low.

Though I have 2 embryos, I do intent to do tests on immunity and ERA before we transfer it. At least I know I gave it my best shot.

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SalenaJaques in reply to islwyn

Hi,Some great tips there - thank you! The embryologist did tell me on the phone it is most likely poor egg equality. I’ve downloaded the book to my kindle.

However, is this the reason two of our best blastocysts implanted in the wrong place? One was 4AA and the second was 4BB both fresh transfers.

I’m worried to go for another round (maybe using donor eggs) incase it doesn’t implant in my womb again. I don’t think I would cope with another laproscopy surgery to find where the baby implanted. I can’t believe I’ve had two ectopic pregnancies from IVF to begin with, I never knew that was even possible xx

Hi there - it’s not very well publicised but IVF can actually increase the chance of ectopics happening if your tubes don’t work x

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Danuelle in reply to islwyn

Sorry to jump on this thread. I've just had my worst cycle. I've been on 200mg ubiquinol daily and omega's, plenty of antioxidants/vitamins.Did you try DHEA? My clinic doesn't recommend it. My eggs have been rubbish so I'm willing to try anything.


Sorry you’ve had a tough journeyI’ve had 2 ectopics and ultimately lost both tubes - the second one was an IVF transfer. Ectopics arent caused by blastocyst quality - they are caused by your tube either not working or there being a blockage. Since a blockage would be visible on ultrasound then the logical answer would be your tubes aren’t working properly?

How were your ectopics treated? Did they save both tubes? Were your ectopics in the same tube or different ones?

In the end whilst they offered to try and save my tube I declined as I didn’t want to waste any more good blastocysts - my IVF was successful on our 5th and final round once both tubes were gone x

Hi, the first one was in the right tube. They removed the tube during surgery. The second ectopic was not in the tube and the surgeon said the tube and ovary looked perfectly healthy. He found the pregnancy on my pelvis. He couldn’t tell me much and has told me to wait until I speak to the clinic.

I did think that this is nothing to do with blastocyst quality; it must be something to do with my body or lining?

I can’t believe this has happened to me again. I went for the 7 week scan and they couldn’t find the pregnancy. I had no bleeding like the last ectopic (in my tube) I only had a few cramps.

When my bloods came back they were 5800 so they said they had to do laproscopy again to look for the pregnancy.

I have one remaining tube

Unfortunately I wouldnt rely on the surgeons feedback about your remaining tube - he can only visually say whether it looks healthy - he can’t say whether it actually works? I had the same after I lost my first tube and was told my remaining tube was “perfect” - it might have looked it but it just didn’t work and there is no test for that Ectopics don’t have anything to do with your lining either - it’s purely down to whether your tube works or not x

Ah ok. So chances are the pregnancy did try to get into my other tube and perhaps ended up on my pelvis? That’s good to know about your experience. I’m so sorry you’ve been through a tough time too. I’ve seen online that they can actually clip your tube. I’m actually thinking now that it maybe would have been better for the remaining tube to have been removed? In your experience and knowledge would that mean a better chance of embryo implanting? Xx

For me I knew that removal of my tubes was better for me and increase chance of IVF working? Most people I know who had their tube “repaired” still went on to have an ectopic and I just didn’t want to keep going through it. I also had both tubes removed as close to the uterus as possible as sometimes when they clip them or remove them they leave a stump behind in which you can still get an ectopic in. I had a successful transfer with twins on my next transfer and am 28 weeks now x

Congratulations!! That’s great news. I hope you are keeping well.

It definitely sounds like there is something wrong with my other tube too. They found the pregnancy on the left side of my pelvis.

Thanks for the information - much appreciated xx

Hi there, sorry to hear about your tough journey. Its so hard on the body and the soul. Can I ask why the embryologist thinks it's your eggs and not sperm? Have you been told they aren't mature? Only reason I ask is because we have male factor issue and when I've discussed it with the senior embryologist she said it's really hard to say when it comes to fertilisation whether it's egg or sperm quality....not very helpful I know. However my consultant thinks it could be lower fertilisation due to frozen sperm. I really hope you get some answers! People seem to swear by the "it starts with the egg" book....might be worth a look. Wishing you all the best. Xxx

Hi, Low fertilisation they said, even with ICSI.

I will read this book xx

I was going to ask the same question. Have they checked the sperm and looked into DNA fragmentation? For years I was told my two ectopics (one IVF, one natural) were due to my egg quality even though my numbers were good and no one questioned my husbands sperm. After about 4 cycles I finally insisted on getting the sperm thoroughly checked and low and behold my husband had severe DNA fragmentation even though his numbers and motility were within range. Everyone then said the reason for our ectopics may well have been due to sperm quality. The embryo apparently, if it has faulty chromosomes, may signal it to embed in the wrong place. I am no expert and for us we waited so long for the sperm to be checked that now my eggs are too old even though we have moved to donor sperm. Based on my experiences it's worth checking out the sperm!

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SalenaJaques in reply to DW39

Hi, thank you for this suggestion. I think because my husband has children from a past relationship and they used ICSI for 3 of my cycles, they feel it is an egg issue xx

That’s such a shame to have to go through that I’ve had two natural ectopics and the thought of going through Ivf to be told twice it’s ectopics is just heartbreaking I really hope your ok 😭xx

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SalenaJaques in reply to Cmc2020

Thank you for understanding, I feel mentally and physically drained. One round of IVF is tough enough and that the devastation that comes with a negative pregnancy test is distressing enough. I’m sorry you’ve been through two natural ectopics. How are you getting on with IVF? I’m trying to be strong and look at positives in my life. I hate myself for becoming sad and holding back tears whenever my close friends or family announce their pregnancies. I’m so pleased for them but just gutted for my husband and I.


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Cmc2020 in reply to SalenaJaques

I was lucky for it to happen first time but I had to have both my tubes removed at the time I didn’t even want to be here that’s how low I felt but if you keep going and if u can take anymore I’m sure it will happen for you even though the now it feels impossible if it’s a issue with eggs can you not do a egg donor ? And also go somewhere else for your transfer just for an other chance at a different clinic I’ve never heard of two ectopics during Ivf it’s not very common to have one never mind two ! If u need to talk hun message me anytime take care xxx

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