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Not sure if I have an ectopic or chemical pregnancy... very worried

Hi everyone,

yesterday I was 11dp3dt and started spotting. So I went and bought a FIrst Response Early Result pregnancy test and it came back positive.

The spotting continued (brown spotting) and I started to get a lot of pain in my right side which then goes into my tummy :-(

I did another pregnancy test this morning at 4 am as it is my official test day and the test came back a faint positive. So it's not looking good.

The brown spotting is only when I wipe (sorry for TMI) but the pain in my right side is constant. Today I would be 4 weeks 1 day pregnant.

The clinic told me to come in tomorrow for a blood test. When I started this IVF I was told that my risk of a ectopic pregnancy is very high due to scarring and adhesions around my fallopian tubes and the partly blocked tubes... hoping it's only a chemical.

This was our second IVF with ICSI and the last one on the NHS and also the last one with my own eggs due to a very low AMH/egg count.

If we want to try again then we will have to go overseas for donor egg treatment.

But beforehand I want my tubes removed to increase the chance of it working and to limit the risk of an ectopic pregnancy.

Please wish me luck everyone. Thanks xx

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Hi, so sorry to hear this. Please don't think the worst just yet. A faint positive is still a positive. Have you contacted the clinic? Maybe they will want to a blood test to check.

I had both my fallopian tubes removed before this cycle as I was also at risk of ectopic. I'm in the 2ww of my 3rd cycle.

One of the main signs of ectopic is shoulder tip pain. If you don't have this then it probably isn't ectopic.

Stay positive.

Take care and good luck xxx

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Hi DSan, yes I contacted the clinic and they will do a blood test tomorrow.I got told that signs of an ectopic are also dark spotting and cramps/pain on one side. By the time you have shoulder tip pain you need surgery as it causes internal bleeding. So I prefer to get checked straight away before its too late.. will see what they say tomorrow xx

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Good luck and keep us posted. I do hope all is well.

Fingers crossed xx

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Hi Ines2885. Oh dear, what a worry for you! I am hoping that the pain you are getting could even still be down to egg collection and the trauma of puncturing your vaginal wall. Also, brown blood is old blood, so once again could just be down to healing of “puncture” wounds. Pain can be down to your ovaries still being a little active. Usually, with an ectopic pregnancy the blood is dark or bright red in colour. I’m pleased that your clinic is having you in to do a blood test to confirm your pregnancy, and then it will be repeated to check on the development. All you can do is to rest for the moment when you can, and do keep using your progesterone pessaries/gel if it has been prescribed for you. Pessaries if given vaginally can also cause irritation. Keeping everything crossed for you Ines, and I do hope that all continues to plan. Diane

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Hi Diane, thank you. Well due to only having had 5 eggs collected I really had hardly any pain at all after egg collection. Maybe for a day but that was it. I am always using the pessaries rectally as my clinic said its fine that way. The blood has also been dark and bright red too. It changes throughout the day. But it's not heavy. The pain is only on my right side and also goes down my leg. I have dizzy spells and feel quite confused. But I am just glad to be seen tomorrow. xx

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to

Hi So sorry to hear that you have so much pain. Yes, it's fine which ever way you have your pessaries. Oh I do hope it all works out OK for you, and I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Diane

Hello Ines2885,

I'm sorry you're having all this worry especially when you have managed to get that elusive positive test. Hopefully this is nothing more than bleeding in early pregnancy which seems to happen a lot. I also got a BFP after a round of IVF and have experienced pains in my side too so hopefully that's all just normal! It could also be that because you have two embryos transferred that there's an issue with one and not the other.

Good luck for your blood test. I really hope it goes well.

Take care x

Sorry about all this worry & stress but I hope it works out well for you. Good luck tomorrow xx

Fingers so crossed for you.x

Praying it's nothing serious and onwards to a healthy pregnancy😘

Sending you lots of good wishes. X

Good luck for tomorrow. Xx

Good luck huni xx

How did you get on today?

Hi ladies,

thank you so much everyone for all your well wishes. I went back to the clinic for my blood test and shockingly it came back positive!!! The level is very low at HCG 30 but this is still classed as pregnant. I will have to continue with my medication until Saturday and go back to the clinic for a repeat blood test to see if the levels are going up. Really hoping they will double between now and Saturday!

experienced a lot of heavy bleeding and cramping today but it calmed down as soon as I put myself onto bed rest. I had some cinnamon this morning in my porridge and also had a cinnamon latte at Costa when I thought it was all over. I did read now that cinnamon can cause bleeding and uterine contractions so I will not have anymore of that. Hoping I haven't caused anymore harm now :-(

I will also make sure to not have anymore coffee. This was the first one in 3 months. The nurse said that just the one coffee wouldn't have done any harm but I am a bit worried about the cinnamon. Just now I am 4 weeks 2 days pregnant and hoping I will still be pregnant on Saturday. My fiance is excited and hopeful for Saturday. I am trying to be hopeful too but also don't want to get too excited just in case.

Thank you everyone xx

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Fingers crossed for you and for the Saturday results to have increased.

What did they think about the pain?

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They didn't say anything about the pain, they just told me to come back on Saturday. My cramping has stopped now though. Maybe I overdid it today with the cinnamon and walking my dog through the park. No idea what caused it. But they told me to take it easy and just see what the results will be on Saturday as it could go either way. I noticed that as soon as I lie down not doing anything the bleeding calms right down. I am only spotting then. Need to stay in bed and hope it will stop completely xx

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Definitely get some's a stressful time x

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How did yesterday go?


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Hi there

It went well so far. My HCG levels have more than tripled. They went from 30 up to 100. But they need to keep a close eye on me as they are still concerned about a possible ectopic pregnancy. I still have pain on my lower right side and a lot if lower back pain. So will get another blood test tomorrow morning. Xx

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Glad they are monitoring you and that the levels have increased :-)

Might be worth asking them if they think the pain could also be endo related with your body changing?

Keep us updated x

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Thank you :-) actually that's what I was wondering just now as well. That the pain might be due to my Endometriosis and everything stretching and changing. I really hope that that's the case and that the little bean has implanted somewhere safe. Will update again after tomorrow's blood test. X

Hi Ines2885, I'm glad things are beginning to look a bit more positive. Yes cinammon causes blood thinning so it's not a good idea to have too much. Definitely take bed rest.

Everything crossed for you for Saturday


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