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Lots of pain and worried :( Ectopic pregnancy?

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Hi everyone, after getting my BFP and being shocked and happy I have had pain for the last week. It hurts alot when I have a wee and the pain is low down around my right ovary. I thought it had settled down but came back with vengance last night. I am really worried the Emby may not have implanted in the right place and may be ectopic. I am only 2weeks and 1 day since transfer of 5 day blast. I have been to my clinic for a scan and my ovary is enlarged but no one is able to explain why I should be in this much pain. I have never had an ectopic before but I am worried as I feel I have some of the symptoms. I am also very bloated and this never really goes down. Any advice is very welcome xx

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I'd pop up to a & e Hun. Better to get checked out and they can give you a scan. If you have got an ectopic then early detection is very important. I really hope it isn't and will pray that it all works out for you. xxx

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bluewanderlust in reply to _MrsC

Thanks we are leaving now. The problem is I think it is to early to detect on a scan and thats the problem :(

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Oh dear. Well I think it's good to be checked anyway. They should surely be able to identify whether the pregnancy is in the uterus though. Wishing you the best! xxx

I am sorry you're in pain and it must be terrifying being pregnant with this pain. My knowledge is limited but I think ectopic pregnancy the pain is more on the left side ( I have always had horrendous pain that side- medics always ruled out pregnancy-mine turned out to be caused by endometriosis) Have you got the number of your clinic for in cases of emergency to contact? Failing that id phone 111 to get some medical advice- I wouldn't feel guilty that's what they are there for. Some people phone for far less important reasons. They might be able to get you an appointment at early pregnancy unit. It may be because of the IVF your ovary is enlarged and can cause a significant amount of pain- I had an enlarged ovary on clomid- it was agony. But do get proper advice-its understandable especially when you've been through so much to get pregnant- I would be exactly the same. God help the medics when I am haha! Good luck xoxo

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I have had two ectopic pregnancies, one in each fallopian tube. One made it to 11 weeks, it was horrible when I saw it on the scan, it had no room to grow in the tube so was crushed into itself and deformed. The second ectopic was discovered at 9 weeks, this one was devestating seeing on the scan, as it still had room, was perfectly formed, you could see all of its perfect toe buds.. its so hard. From experience, the pain is on the side where the embryo attaches itself. Both ectopics ruptured and were emergencies because they were left too late before we found out. Now I have no fallopian tubes left :'(

silvervixen omg how heartbreaking 😢

I am so very sorry to hear about this, and very sorry for your loses :(xxx

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Thanks so much for advice, hoping it is just a water infection, have got antibiotics but got to go back to monitor for ectopic xx

I just wanted to wish you all the best and keeping everything crossed for you xxx

It seems right to get checked out especially if it's persistent pain. Very much hoping your wrong and all is well. Please let us know how you get on as we'll all be worrying xxx

Hoping all is ok xx🤞❤💋

Good luck. Hope it's nothing sinister xx

Please keep us posted. Hope everything is ok. xx

Firstly thank you everyone for getting back to me with all the advice, you ladies are truly amazing. Just got back from hospital, bloods and urine samples taken. I have got nitrates in my urine so praying it is just a UTI. They are being very thorough and will be test my hcg levels in blood today, and I have to go back in 48 hours for bloods to check levels again and have a scan. Am trying to stay positive and will keep you posted xxx

Fingers and toes and everything crossed for good news for you. xoxo I'm glad that they took you seriously- I found A +E to be very thorough when I had to go with chronic pain ( they took urine sample and blood tests and regularly checked my blood pressure and pulse) I found them to be more sympathetic and much more proactive than my GP who dismissed my pain.. Luckily my consultant took me seriously and acted. Its wonderful when we see that our health service can work well. xoxo

Yes they were really good today, I went to a different hospital to last week and it was a totally different experience. I have got some meds for the infection and hope this little one is snuggled in the right place xxx

Strange how it varies.

I hope the infection clears up and rest as much as possible drink plenty of fluids.it isn't much fun for you it's not what you needed right now. Babies can be surprising and much tougher than people realise. I had heavy bleeding early in my first pregnancy and told it was a threatened miscarriage- but he was fine and now is 18

! Hope you feel better soon xoxo

Truly hope the course of meds help and that your results come back nice and strong so that you can begin to enjoy your pregnancy 🤞 xx

Aw bluewanderlust! Did your scan not show anything? I've had 2 ectopics, and the first one I was in a lot of pain on my right side, and it felt like someone was stabbing me up the bum with really sharp pains. I collapsed at work and got rushed to hospital where a scan and bloods revealed the ectopic in my tube. I was about 6 weeks then.

My other ectopics was in my left side but didn't know till after when getting scanned after doc suspected another one and showed it in my left tube breaking down.

I really hope you haven't got to go through this and if the scan showed nothing suspect in your tubes then this is good.

If the pain does get worse please go back to hospital. Ectopics can be dangerous if left. But I really hope the pain is just a corpus Lutum of your ovary that helps provide progesterone xx

Sorry just seen you update after posting my previous post! Hope all goes well in the next few days xx

Baby thanks so much for your reply. I am really early on, only 2 weeks since transfer so not sure if they can see anything on the scan yet, what do you think?xx I am going back on Tuesday for more bloods and scan. Have got a UTI and got meds so am hoping it is just that and it has got out of control a bit over the last week xx

And I am so sorry you had ectopics too, it is truly devastating :( xxx

God, can't imagine the stress & anxiety! I'm sure it will be ok but maybe give your clinic a wee ring for reassurance. It's not been long since egg collection and I got a bit lecture about OHSS at transfer so i guess it's still in the cards!!xx

Perhaps you had more eggs taken from that ovary? You need to drink plenty of fluids.

I had an ectopic but didn't get a BFP so it wasn't discovered till my IVF follow up at that point I was 7 weeks 6 days. I started bleeding heavily from the day before my test date and bled continuously which I assumed was a side effect from the ivf drugs. My EC had been brutal and I even ended up in A&E the day before ET. I think it was doomed from the start.

If you've had a scan I would assume they would have been able to tell but go check 8t out to put your mind at rest. It's probably a good sign that you're not bleeding.

Fingers crossed all is well.

Hi Laulau thanks so much for replying. It strange as I actually had 4 eggs that side and 6 on the other, so if anything you would think the left one would hurt more. I haven't had a scan to confirm location yet, am having one tomorrow but they said it is probably still too early to tell. I am so sorry for your loss and that you went through a hard time :( xxx

Hope all is okay Blue and that it is just a Uti. Look after yourself. I'm glad the hospital is doing a thorough job. Xx

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