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Progesterone first trimester

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Hello all, looking for anyone who may have experience of any of these things. TTC 3.5 years.

Mmc 18mth ago, surgery on cervix to support IVF egg transfer but fell naturally that month (march) which resulted in chemical, now pregnant again ( just 4 weeks and praying not another chemical). Just so happy we are managing to get pregnant as struggled for so long. But.

I am on coq10, dhea, melatonin, prenatal vit, omegas, vit c, as per fertility clinic. No idea which ones I stop, does anyone on here? Particularly the dhea, coq10, melatonin?

GP not 100% and fertility clinic have not called back yet but as natural pregnancy I am not sure how they will advise if at all?

Also recommended progesterone as back up so started this last night, 2 per day. Has anyone got and hints/tips/warnings on this? The line is faint, states 1-2 weeks on a clearblue but guessing need to check this regularly if taking progesterone as will that stop me bleeding if the egg is not viable?

Sorry, super confused at the moment!!

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Hi Kellyanned,

First of all congrats! I can’t advise on all of those but I was told to stop coq10 when I had my egg transfer. I would assume it’s the same for dhea and melatonin as they are also for egg quality. Prenatal vit should have everything you need in it and I don’t think it hurts to take the extra progesterone but maybe you could ask your fertility clinic for a blood test to confirm if you need to carry on with it?

Progesterone does normally prevent your period starting but it won’t stop a miscarriage if it’s going to happen for other reasons if that makes sense!x

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Kellyanned in reply to KiboXX

Thanks so much! Tried to speak to fertility clinic but as pregnant they said to go to gp. They have said stop the ones above you have though. Gp doesn't feel it is her expertise but she is fab so will speak to her tomorrow on the progesterone, she will find someone to help me!

I had asked about progesterone myself after the chemical (through gp who wrote to (and got response) from fertility clinic who said the dose would do no harm and could subscribe but that was about it. It initially came up from my acupuncturist as my temp always dips after day 21. Not seen her since pre lockdown now though.

I just want to throw everything i can at it to make it stick but then reality has kicked in and got more questions and no one to get answers from.

Really appreciate you taking the time, thank you!

I think I would be tempted to stop all but the prenatal vit but no actual knowledge. I was always told to stop DHEA after egg collection so I presume if pregnant that should be stopped. Hopefully you'll get a referral to early pregnancy and they can keep a close eye on you or even bloods at your GP. The progesterone didnt stop me from miscarrying so that may not be the case however there is always the risk of loss without any bleeding/signs etc. Best of luck.xx

thanks. Was worried after the mmc that would not pick up the loss if on progesterone. Not got anyone to ask so thank you!

Did get hold of clinic, they said stop dhea, melatonin and max 200mg coq10 a day but mine are 300gm so just stopping.

Thank you and hope I get referred and I am speaking to my gp tomorrow.

Hi Kellyanned. Well, that's good news that you have managed to get pregnant. My thoughts are that you only really need the Folic Acid and Vitamin D - or a good quality pregnancy multivitamin that will have them in - unless you are depleted in a particular vitamin/mineral. Perhaps get your progesterone level checked with a blood test, to see whether you need it?? I really hope this is it for you both this time and all continues to go well to a full term pregnancy. Thinking of you. Diane

Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope this one sticks too but after trying for so long the fact we can even get pregnant is incredible. Terrifying as had the losses but still hope which had all but gone.

Off to see gp tomorrow, clinic have basically said you are pregnant off you go so hoping she can help me get to be able to speak to someone so I can understand a bit more.

Think I can ask her about monitoring progesterone then too.

Thanks again

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to Kellyanned

Hi. Hope all goes/went well with your GP. Diane

It did, she is fantastic, booked me in with midwife even though super early to help me talk about the whole thing (as some complications) and monitor me.

Didn't expect that so very reassuring.

Thank you!

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to Kellyanned

Brilliant! I thought that would be the case. Diane

Hi. Congratulations ( and sorry about your previous loss)

When I conceived my daughter ( after a 7 year struggle) I stopped all the supplements & took a pregnancy multi vitamin that contained folic as you’ll need to take that until 12 weeks.

Ie progesterone support- I took that till I was 12 weeks. During a previous loss I had to really fight to get the Gp to issue it- reluctantly she ran it passed my fertility dr whose assistant rejected it but my fertility dr had the final say & agreed I could take it till 12 weeks ( like I said I lost that pregnancy but took it from my next BFP my daughter!) mine was a natural conception ( after my 3rd lap to treat endo)

Ie pregnancy tests the sensitivity varies & needs to be first urine of the day ( in the very early weeks) I wouldn’t count the urine tests for pregnancy progress that reliable- would be better to ask GP to run 2 HCG blood tests to endure levels are raising sufficiently. xxx.

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Kellyanned in reply to

thanks so much Jess and so glad you got a happy ending.

It was my acupuncturist who said I dip post day 21 when they test and i need to work on progesterone levels. Not seen her in months though.

The research seems to say no harm in trying it but my gp had to go to fertility clinic for advice.

Now fertility clinic says you don't need us you are pregnant so the person who prescribed it won't talk to be about it which is a nightmare.

Then again every doctor said my previous cervix ops could not have anything to do with me not getting pregnant yet the only time I did was after a failed hsg. They did a mock transfer that failed in Feb so did op to dilate it in March and boom was pregnant 3 weeks later. That was a chemical, not nice but weirdly a relief we caught. Now 2 months later we are here and want to do all I can in my power to help it stick. 40 months of trying makes you a bit crazy as I am sure you know!!

Nature will always win if egg quality but if it's my body letting me down then am more than happy to trick it!

My gp is fab so hoping she will be able to help as been with me through these last few years of trying. Will talk all my crazy head out with her tomorrow.

Your story has reassured me though so thank you so much!

Yes you want to stop all but your prenatal/folic acid and vitamin D if you are taking that. The GP will likely just tell you to take a pregnancy test (Which you have gone) and they really just offer you the dating scan at 12 weeks. Continuing to repeat pregnancy tests isn’t going to tell you if it’s a viable pregnancy that is continuing on - I know this from friend’s experiences- so don’t waste your money repeating tests if you have had a couple of positive tests. A couple of things you could do is to ask the fertility clinic you used if they will do a hcg blood test for you, you repeat that after a period of tome (days to a week) and look to see your number is doubling every 48-72 hours. Ultrasound direct also do this if your fertility clinic won’t. You then can pay to have a private scan from 6 weeks onwards at places like Ultrasound Direct, Numiscan and Window to the womb. Congrats!!

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Kellyanned in reply to MontsJ

Spoke to gp, stopped others bar pre natal. Staying on progesterone. Booked me on with midwife next week so will ask about hcg then. She said i am a complicated case (previous issues) so would rather them know about me early.

Did a private scan on first pregnancy where found no heartbeat at 9 weeks.

Things happen. Just need to keep hoping this one sticks to term.

Thank you!

Hi Kellyanned, I just wondered where you sourced your DHEA and melatonin from? Spent hours trying to figure out where to get online. Guessing I'll have to order from USA

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Kellyanned in reply to PixieB26

Hello! Biovea, it was recommended by my fertility clinic...based in the uk but it does come from the states.

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PixieB26 in reply to Kellyanned

Hi Kelly thanks!! that's the site I'm on, they don't seem to have their own brand though, but a bunch of different brands. Hard to work out which one is micronised

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Kellyanned in reply to PixieB26

Will have a look when home and let you know the one they recommended me x

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Kellyanned in reply to PixieB26

so sorry just realised I didn't respond later!

Eurovital 25mg are the ones I used. No idea on micronised though sorry!

Thanks so much Kelly!

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