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Sensitive, pregnancy-related post: When to stop Progesterone?


Hi ladies,

For those of you who got pregnant through IVF, how long did you take Progesterone?

I had an FET, which my clinic doesn’t recommend taking any Progesterone at all. However, I have a Progesterone deficiency, so I insisted.

My clinic just shrugged and said, “I don’t know since it isn’t part of our standard procedure.” My instincts are telling me to wait until the placenta is fully functioning.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, I’m sorry if this post upsets anyone. I’m just 7 weeks and I didn’t think I’d get this IVF related question answerd in the NCT forum. Thank you.

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I think most clinics say 12 weeks as that’s when the placenta takes over x

Dr. initially said 12 weeks but after scan at 8 weeks he said I could come off it slowly in weeks 9 and 10.

This probably is the best place to get a response as it's IVF specific, although you'll find there's a lot of us on the NCT from here too xxx

At My clinic it was 12 weeks as well 😁xx

12 weeks for me x

I was told to stop at 12 weeks. Didn’t do it gradually just stopped and never had any problem x

12 for mine too, hopefully if we get there x

My clinic wanted me to come off it when I had viability scan at 6 and a half weeks but I stayed on it in til 12 weeks xx

Foodie23 in reply to Leannefb

I think we have to listen to our inner voice on these things. I’m grateful I was able to get more Progesterone from my endocrinologist. A friend of mine said our clinic wouldn’t give her any more past the viability scan. Xx

I was told to stop at 10 weeks. I’m now 17 weeks pregnant.


It was 12 weeks for me too xx

It was 13 weeks for me ( suppose to be 12 weeks but when went for 12 week scan I measured 13 weeks so just stopped then) xx

For an FET cycle my clinic says 12 weeks. For a fresh cycle it’s shorter (clinic says strictly speaking not needed after BFP as the act of egg collection prompts your body to start making its own but they keep you on it until viability scan as a precaution). How strange that your clinic doesn’t think it’s needed at all. Does your FET protocol involve down regging? x

Foodie23 in reply to Lynnr54

I know, very strange. It was a natural FET, so no down regging. Thank you for giving me the comparison of FET and fresh. I’ll definitely keep taking to week 12 as the ladies have all suggested. X

I think the way it works is with a natural FET you ovulate like normal and so the follicle where the egg came from does start to produce progesterone like in a natural pregnancy. With medicated FET you either down regulate or take oestrogen to suppress ovulation so this doesn't happen and you need to take the progesterone artificially. I think your clinic could have easily explained this instead of dismissing you saying it's not procedure!!

Thank you ladies for your input. I now feel confident in my decision to wait for 12 weeks. I’m relieved to be able to check that decision off. Countless more on the road to parenthood to go.

I hope you all have smooth rest of your pregnancies and birth. Xx

Hi, so before my FET I did ovulation testing, once I got the serges 7 days after I had a blood test. This test was to check my progesterone levels. Mine were 28.5 which in normal circumstances is fine however my clinic wanted 30 and above which is why I was give the delightful little bullets. I have been told to take them either up to 12 weeks (they will reassess at the 8 week scan) or stop taking them if my pregnancy test is negative.

It maybe that when they did your bloods you has significant progesterone?!

Hope all goes well for you. Xx

Hi Foodie23, I’m also 7 weeks and got pregnant through IVF. I was advised to continue taking my progrestone pessary’s up until I ran out. I should run out in the next couple of days. Xx

I’m told to take cyclogest 400mg twice a day until OTD, then no more 🤔

I was around 11-12 weeks when I stopped x

Hi I had FET , I was advised to use progesterone for first 12 weeks, I was on 400mg every 8 hours, this may vary from person to person or clinic advice, I have just stopped it and all is fine as to be honest I was rather anxious of the outcome. I wish you all the best.

I’ve been advised to take it till 12wks but since I had it drugs left I’ve been weaning them off after 12wks. With my first pregnancy I’ve stopped at 9wks and all was well too.

If you are really concerned hey it from your gp. My clinic gave me enough to cover till about 8 weeks then they said get a gp prescription.

My friend who had troubles conceiving after a dnc had bleeding in early pregnancy and was under the epu. I asked her to ask her consultant if she should be on progesterone and he said there no evidence to it helping with early pregnancy

I was to stop taking mine as soon as I got my bfp and my anxiety was through the roof because of it but I'm currently 14 weeks pregnant with a very healthy baby. X

I had an almost natural FET and didn't get any progesterone at all! Now I'm 16weeks :)

My clinic gave me some for my fresh cycle, after down-regulation - which was a negative...

I’m in the US and my clinic has you do 1cc of progesterone in oil injected daily until 10 weeks. It’s a medicated cycle, so you never ovulate and aren’t really producing any on your own. Congrats!

Hey there! I was on suppositories after IVF for the first 10 weeks of my pregnancy, after that I was instructed to stop cold turkey, I was terrified to stop believe me, but now I have a 6 week old baby boy in my arms and all was fine! They assured me by that time the placenta was doing all the work! Best to you 💗💗💗

12 Weeks then weaned off over a week for me (FET) when the placenta takes over. Very surprised your clinic doesn't do this as standard!! I was also on oestrogen tablets for the same time. Surely you need the support as your body is unnaturally pregnant! Usually your follicle would produce these hormones but with a FET you wouldn't have this. Xx

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