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Thin lining, failed FET



This is the first time I've posted as I feel like I need some positive words fron people who understand how it feels to be going through IVF.

We had 7 good quality embryos in March 2019 but unfortunately we could not do a fresh cycle due to my thin lining. We were advised to do a FET in 2 months time. Since then we've had a further 2 cycles cancelled (1 medicated, 1 natural) and this month our doctor agreed to go ahead with an FET even though my lining only got to 6mm. This was whilst using estrogen patches, progynova and viagra. I've also been taking vitamin e, raspberry leaf tea and l'arginine. The FET was a BFN and I just feel hopeless. I feel so sad and I can't stop thinking that this is it for us and we're never going to be able to have a family of our own. Our consultant has said that the only option now if for us to have a hysteroscopy but this will cost £3000 and he's said its unlikely to find anything.

My husband is really supportive but just keeps saying it will be fine but I just feel I need more of a plan than this. Has anyone else got any success stories with lining problems? I will literally try anything!!

Thanks xxx

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Hi Pebbles, I don't have experience of this myself (I'm just starting my first cycle and trying to figure everything out) but I did come across this article: so thought I'd pass it on in case it's helpful.

I have decided to go private from the start with mild ivf. I like the gentler approach and feel it's less stressful for me personally.

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so down, it's very understandable after what you've been through. Sending hugs x

Thank you for your message and passing this on. I really hope your first round of IVF goes as smoothly as possible, just make sure you take time to do things for yourself as it's quite a roller-coaster of emotions! Good Luck xxx

Hello Pebbles,

Sorry to hear you’re feeling down. Understandable after this rollercoaster! I’m surprised your consultant has said this - but I’m not a medical professional and of course don’t know (nor would understand) your full diagnosis. All I can say is that even with perfect body, blastocyst and circumstances your chance of falling pregnant is 50%. I have a gorgeous girl from my second IVF cycle (first transfer though) and had some very good quality blastocysts frozen from that batch. Now trying for a sibling and have had two failed FETs. And that’s with perfect blastocysts, a body that’s proven it can carry a pregnancy and a lining following the norms. My consultant said it’s just one of those things. 50/50 panning out badly for me twice in a row. I hope you can recover from this loss and then you’ll somehow find the stamina to try again. I think there’s other ladies here who’ve battled with their lining (Cinderella?) and can hopefully offer more support. Hang in there warrior! Xx

Thank you for getting back to me. I think our consultant just wants to rule out if there are any underlying causes of the thin lining before we proceed with any other FET's as with a lining of 6mm the chance of a BFP is very low.

I'm sorry to hear that you 2 FET's haven't gone as you'd hoped but your doctor sounds quite confident that it will happen for you. I really hope so. IVF is such a roller coaster! I'm yet to find the 'ups' but hopefully they will come :).

Good luck xxx

Hi pebbles345, sorry you are going through this I know how hard it can be. I had a similar problem 1 fresh and 2 FET cancelled due to thin lining. I never had a transfer but I had 7 embryos frozen. I found it so infuriating as they seem to know so little about thin lining and the treatments available aren't proven. I was losing hope. After my last FET was cancelled the NHS told me I had to wait 3 months to see a consultant to decide what the next attempt would be. I was so upset about having to wait 3 months it seemed like forever. But during this time like you, I took high dose vitamin e, raspberry leaf tea and l'arginine. As well as a high protein diet and beetroot juice everyday. I also started reflexology, acupuncture and did yoga every morning (specific moves to aid blood flow to the uterus). To my absolute shock I fell pregnant naturally just before I was due to go back to the consultant and I'm now 26 weeks pregnant. I don't know if anything I did made a difference and unfortunately I don't know how thick my lining was when I got pregnant but it just shows it can be done.

My clinic had a 7mm minimum for transfer only during my fresh cycle did I get close with 6mm but the two FET were 5 and 5.5mm. my clinic said they used to have a 6mm and have had success with people with less the 4mm, but the reality is they just don't know.

I know it's hard but just cause it didn't work this time doesn't mean it never will.

I've never had a hysteroscopy but I was something I looked into but I don't know if it makes any difference.

I will have my fingers crossed for you best of luck. Xx

Thank you for your message, it has really cheered me up!! I could have written the first part myself! Congratulations on your pregnancy news, that really is incredible.

I think I just need to remind myself that positive things can happen and thay doctors don't have all the answers. It's been so hard because I feel like they don't have any plan for us and we are wasting our embryos.

I am going to try and change my diet and eat more protein and perhaps that might make a difference. I have tried acupuncture but I didn't really enjoy it but reflexology could be better. We just need a bit of luck :) xxx

Thank you, I'm glad it's helped. When I first read your post I did have to double check that it wasn't an old post of mine lol. I just took the approach to try anything that wouldn't hurt. Sometimes a bit of luck is all we need. Xx

Hi Waterfall, your comment is really interesting. Can you please tell me more about the yoga poses? How are they called? What kind of yoga is that (so i search providers near me)

Hi Lilly

I took part in a regular yoga class but also followed YouTube videos at home. There are loads of ones if you search fertility yoga. There is one by yogayin for thin lining but I also liked ones by vicky Taylor and Brett Larkin. The poses are anything that stretched the abdomen to increase blood flow there. Things like cat/cows,cobra, legs up a wall and supported bridge. YouTube was great as I could put it on if I had 10 minutes at home.

I hope this helps. Wishing you the best of luck. Xx

It’s so frustrating when your body doesn’t behave.

My lining was the only thing that really played ball, but I don’t know why.

Have you thought about maybe having some acupuncture? I had it for some rounds and also had some reflexology too.

Acupuncture can help to increase blood flow around the body and this may assist increasing yours slightly?


I’m so so sorry to hear this, you’re going through so much. I haven’t got any experience with this but really hope you get some suggestions to help You out. Good luck lovely xxxx

Hi, I’ve had some Lining issues, and I have recently had a laparoscopy and hysterocopy completed.... im still awaiting my hysterocopy results 7 weeks later. I was in clomid which month one my lining was 7, however every month after was only 4-5. So it was agreed to take me off it as I’m having an adverse effect on my lining. I’ve now started letrozole, month one of folicule tracking & my lining was 7, I’ve been given progesterone pessaries to help my lining which I’ve taken for 7 days.

I asked my clinic for pessaries as I’d read this can help with lining issues & they agreed after I miscarried on my first month of clomid.

The nurse said at my scan that I’m never going to have a really thick lining due to being classed as “slim “, not sure if this has any meaning.


Hi there, not sure if this helps but I've just recently completed 4th FET (the previous ones being unsuccessful). I'm currently just over 9 weeks pregnant! My story? My Fertility clinic does a mock cycle to check how body responds to meds and found that my lining was only around 5 so they upped the Progynova quite considerably and at next scan it had gone up to 8.5 which was fab. Stayed on that dose of Progynova for the real cycle and then on day of transfer they check the lining and it had gone down to 6.5! I was really upset and asked why it would have gone down and apparently with the introduction of Progesterone that can cause this. I really thought it wouldn't work and was really quite upset after the transfer and so anxious during the 2WW. I couldn't believe we got a BFP. In between the mock cycle and real cycle I had accupressure massage to increse blood flow to uterus and did some yoga poses designed to increase blood flow too. I guess the point I'm making is that I did everything I possibly could and even although my lining was only 6.5 on day of transfer we still got a BFP and just had 9 week scan and all is OK. I hope that gives you some hope 😊 x

Hey Pebbles. While MY fet unfortunately ended in a miscarriage I did some things to help my lining and I think it helped the embryo stick (last us before transfer it was 8.33). Anyways one thing I did was accupuncture. I am lucky that we have a medical school of accupuncture locally and the students do free accupuncture under guidance of their professor. She also prescribed me herbs.

I know this isn't possible for everyone so the other thing I did was castor oil packs. Basically the day your period ends you wet gauze with castor oil and place those on your uterus (you can do liver too) and then put a heating pack on top so your body absorbs the Castor oil. Check out YouTube for a better explanation!! I believe you do this up until ovulation but just double check when you do your research. Hope that helps you ♥️

Oh the other thing my accupunctureist told me was to eat warm food, roasted vegetables (beets 🤮 and yams) stay away from Cold food and uncooked vegetables

My lining was originally 7mm but increased to 9mm after lots and lots of viagra, estrogen gel, estrogen “shot” in my uterus, estrogen tablets. I took them for three weeks and it really helped. I would ask your clinic to up the dose and keep you on it for longer, and ask about this “injection” in the uterus (same procedure as transfer) xx

I could have literally wrote this post. Had first ivf in January and transferred 2top class embryos but my lining was only 6.5 and a bfn. Second round was freeze all as my lining was again thin, I was referred to NHS for a hysterscopy and had it this morning, no scarring or anything abnormal but he was shocked that my lining was so thin and ‘pale’. I have got to have a mock cycle with additional estrogen to see if it thickens and if not consider Surrogate... which has totally devastated me

Hi, I'm so sorry to hear that you are also going through this. It really is the most horrible thing, all the uncertainty and doctors not seeming to have any suggestions. I mean what does a pale lining even mean?! I got told I had a pale tongue during acupuncture and that might be the reason I am struggling!

Have you tried estrogen injections? This is not something we've tried yet but I'm going to ask my consultant about. I am not ready to even think about surrogacy yet.

The whole process is just exhausting.

I am really trying to stay positive as there are some positive stories out there for couples who conceive with a thin lining. I think it's a matter of just trying lots of different things and then a bit of luck is needed!

Please let me know if you want to chat, I can honestly say I know how it feels xx

Thank you so much. Xx

Hi dear

Saw your messages just now

It's really sad to even think about what all we go through in ivf cycle so unpredictable ....I am in the same situation with lining of 7.9 mm on day 13 the ,

My clinic said if it doesn't cross 9mm by 16 the day of my cycle ,they will cancelled this cycle so till now I had two cycle cancelled due to thin 7.9 mm uterine lining with trilaminal pattern and I guess it's gonna be third time now

Finger cross

Pebbles345 in reply to Sayusayme


Thanks for your message.

I dream of having a lining reaching 7.9!! I can barely get to 6! I'm surprised that your doctor won't transfer until 9mm. How long have you been going through the process? Have they increased the estrogen? Viagra?

My consultant has now said that I can't do any exercise and I need to put on some weight as that's meant to help. I'm so desperate that I'll try anything!

Really hoping that you have some good results soon xx

Sayusayme in reply to Pebbles345

Hey dear

All my cycle I was put on Viagra,ecosprine,estrogen tablet and gel twice with vitaminE ,folic acid and vitamin D...

Now if my cycle cancels then I don't know what to do😥😥😥😥

Surrogacy 😭😭😭😭😭😭???

Am so clueless

Good grief, I clinic are keen to see 9mm but I never get there. My clinic always say so long as over >7mm with a trilaminar quality is more important! Best of luck for your next scan.xx

I could only dream of 7.9 I’m surprised they won’t transfer on 7.9 if structure looks good. Mine are transferring if I get over 6... but I’m nervous about that to be honest... currently lay with my legs up against the wall to get blood flowing.... the things we do x

Hi Pebble, sorry to hear about ur struggle and I really hope over time it changed. I’m struggling with the same problem. 2 FETs failed. Lining not going above 6mm.

I wanted to know how it finally for you? Anything that can help me?

CLDxxx in reply to Baggit

Hi Baggit.

Sorry you’re having problems with your lining. It’s so upsetting when they cancel. Mine is a pain also. I’ve changed from a medicated FET to natural and it did improve along with some natural remedies.

I’ve put some things I’ve tried below, you’ve probably heard of them but just in case;

Raspberry LEAF tea

Castor oil packs or heat on the abdomen

Pomegranate juice - undiluted

Brazil nuts

Vitamin E

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more info 😘xxx

Baggit in reply to CLDxxx

Thanks CLDxxx! I had a medicated cycle then I moved to a more natural which was better for me mentally but things dint change much. I did many of the things you mentioned below.

Were you able to solve your lining issues with this?

CLDxxx in reply to Baggit

They referred me for a hysteroscopy but in the meantime as I knew I’d have a scan with my gynaecologist, I did a mini trial where I tried the oil packs and tea and it did improve! It was lingering at 5.8mm on my day 12 scan previously but went to 7.4 on day 10 when I did the trial.

Also, I take 75mg of aspirin- partly blood pressure related but it does help with blood flow too so might be worth checking about that? Xx

Baggit in reply to CLDxxx

Yea I have tried aspirin and oil packs but it dint help me. Great to hear it worked for you ! Fingers crossed one cycle will show its magic :)

CLDxxx in reply to Baggit

Ah so frustrating! Sorry lovely. I wonder whether you need a hysteroscopy to get it checked out? Xx

Baggit in reply to CLDxxx

It is! Already had one. Everything is normal, except that the lining looked thin.

CLDxxx in reply to Baggit

Ohhh 🤦🏻‍♀️ Id say drink gallons of the tea and some people sit with heat packs on throughout the day too xx

Pebbles345 in reply to Baggit


I'm sorry to hear that you are in the same thin lining boat!

I am actually just about to start a fresh cycle tomorrow after 7 months of lifestyle changes to I will let you know!

There has been some tiny improvements so far when I've had scans but nothing that I would describe as fantastic!

I've tried so many things to helps so fingers crossed this time round might be better for us!

I'll be sure to keep you posted xx

Baggit in reply to Pebbles345

Good luck! Wishing you all the good baby vibes. Hope to hear positive updates from you.

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